December 27, 2019

Lots of party & Christmas to talk about, but first it's her birthday!!

Today our little nugget turns 24. I can hardly believe it!! Whenever my girls talk about how old they are, they usually say Gross. 
I suppose they want to be children forever, but that's not how it works, that's not how any of this works.
I'd love to go through Lindsay's whole birth story detail by detail, and let you in on all the joy and fun, but, that's not the kind of blog I have.
But, had I known her birthday would end up so close to Jesus's birthday, I'd probably have claimed a headache.
But then again, I would not have my super sweet, funny, intelligent love muffin that I have.
So, she has to practically share her birthday with Jesus, I'll take it. They're both good sharers.

Linds was the easiest, calmest baby. Well, that is until I left her home alone with dad on the rare occasion the first year. She liked me, she really, really liked me. 
But eventually, she liked us both. Even her sister who wasn't that into her little sister. {I'm proud to say, they adore each other now, it only took 22 years or so}

{She's a pretty cool chick with her own sense of style; who else can get away with slick shades and a snoopy robe?}

{She loves her Padre' and 90's music} 

{She loves her sister and making spreadsheets}

{She loves her boyfriend in New Zealand and she loves the country of New Zealand too}

 {She doesn't hate a camera}

{She was such a cute and easy toddler, she could have been a professional toddler model or at least a professional toddler}

{She's always loved getting into her food, luckily, she has slightly better manners now, but still loves food}

{She's is a huge part of my heart, has a lot of my sassiness and quick wit; our family is blessed to have her}
Happy 24 Lindsburger!*cheers* to a fantastic year to come.


  1. Happy 24th to your beautiful daughter!

  2. Awww- love those baby pics! Professional toddler- ha. With an inconsiderate college kid driving us nuts at tge moment, I am thinking professional toddler would be easier to manage. ;) She is a beautiful toung woman. New Zealand!? Wait, does she live there currently, or does he live here? How have I missed this. My birthday is in a few days. My brother's bday is today- he arrived BEFORE I turned a year- barely. My guess is Lindsay never got a combo Christmas/bday gift from you. Happiest of bdays to her!

  3. Oh, how I love these pictures. She was a beautiful baby and now she's a beautiful young woman. All the best to Linds and happy birthday!

  4. Ernie~Linds lives here, her BF lives in NZ. They travel back and forth for visits. She's going back again in January for a month.
    Happy early birthday to you! Your Mom was a busy bee. :0
    Nope, never do we do combo gifts; we make sure her day IS very special because she is very special.

    Christine~Thank you!

    Mildred~ Thank you!!

  5. Oh, to be 24 again! Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday, Linds! The photos are absolutely marvelous.

  7. What a charming birthday tribute to your younger daughter. She has grown into a lovely woman.

  8. Beautiful eyes. Happy Birthday Linds.


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