December 19, 2012

Just because something feels good doesn't mean you should do it.

All the wishes in the world can't make things go back the way they were.
My heart breaks.
My eyes well up.
I pray my healing.
I pray for change.
I know I am not alone. I've not watched TV or read the news. I.just.can't.

Thank you to whoever invented satellite radio and pandora.
And thank you to my family. They are a lovely distraction.

The girls and I had a trip planned to Disney world with our friends PJ, Heather and Superboy. I've never felt like I could spend the money at Christmastime to have a visit to Disney at Christmas. I feel all sorts of lucky; mostly because I am. {the Coach is not a Disney type of guy, so it is better if we let him stay at home and work/coach/dog sit. Well mostly work to pay for our trip}
We left early Sunday morning, hit Magic Kingdom during the day and then saw the sights of Mickey's very Merry Christmas at night.
The Christmas parade was great; magical. The crowds at night?
The crowds during the day were pleasant.
I'll stop with all the words now and just 'show' you.

 Superboy was not sure about the characters....but he wasn't scared either. It was a nice birthday lunch for PJ{47}. 
Usually when we all celebrate our birthdays together there is a lot of food, laughs and cocktails it was food, laughs and characters!
 My favorite depressed donkey. Oh, Bother....
When Tigger approached us at lunch PJ made the faux pas of saying: "Hey look it's tiger." There was a collective gasp all around. We corrected him: "It's TIGGER!"  This is what happens when you get to become a parent at've already forgotten your childhood characters. 
 I've never waited so long to see a duck and a rodent in a dress before. 
 Can you tell I was coming down with a buzz lightyear headache?
 Our second day we visited Disney Hollywood studios.
 I stalked my girls while they waited to ride the Rock N roller coaster. 
 I had a wonderful weekend with my girls and our friends. It was a great distraction to real life.

We witnessed countless children melting down, lots of exposed cellulite and more tattoos than I've ever wanted to see. Welcome to America!

If you are wondering about my title for todays post, the girls and I were having a deep conversation on the drive to Orlando....I couldn't tell you what we were discussing. {I really don't remember} But my point to them was this: Just because something feels good doesn't mean you should do it. 
After I said it, all three of us had a good laugh. 

I hope you find something equally silly to laugh at.


  1. i love that picture of your girls in the middle of main street!!! so fun that you go to do this!!! and now i fully understand your facebook photo & comment :) the last time we went to the zoo it was much the same- parents sceaming & threatening, kids crying instead of having fun. {and the best was this morning! as i was walking into walgreens a mom & her two kids were coming out... with swim noodles! and the mom yelled at one of her little ducks and said "you need to start carrying that correctly so it doesn't hit me!" it just made me wonder... IS there a correct way to carry one of those? }

  2. Dawn, you mean they don't teach noodle etiquette anymore in school?

  3. You have the best relationship with your girls. It makes me smile. So glad you had the chance to do this little trip!

  4. I feel the same way about the words; too many words already.
    I'm glad that you went ahead with your trip to Disney and enjoyed being with family and friends. We can give thanks for the life we've been given, learn what we can and take one breath at a time. Sometimes just breathing is difficult, but at least it means we're alive. Hugs to you and your family!

  5. Glad you got away for a respite. Eeyore was always my favorite. Like you I have listened to music, watched old movies and shied away from the constant coverage. I want to shout, "Get out of Newtown right this minute and leave those people alone!"

  6. So glad you got away and love the photos of you all having fun. We need to remember to have fun, especially with so much grief swallowing up the rest of everything.

  7. xxoo you and your girls - hha

  8. You are so blessed to have such a sweet relationship with your daughters. Great photos and SMILES!

  9. always a surprise to see people in shorts and...Christmas trees! do we live on the same planet? My planet is cold as can be!
    I know what I want for Christmas: Pooh. I want his costume. Every morning I could be POOH instead of me! What a job!

  10. What a fabulous trip you all had, Suz.... Making memories is what it is all about... Sounds like a good trip to take before Christmas....

    Great set of pictures of you and your beautiful girls ---OH---great pictures of ALL of you!!!!


  11. What great fun! I've never been to Disney World, but have been to Disneyland many times.

    Have a wonderful holiday season! Blessings!

  12. HGTV had a special one year about the Christmas decorating of Disney. It was fascinating to see the massive undertaking that was very well planned and coordinated.
    Did I ever tell you my husband proposed at Disney in Orlando?

  13. I can't think of a better time for a wonderful trip like this. Your photos are great.

  14. Bless your heart, I'm glad you got out with your daughters (who by the way are beautiful) like their mother!

  15. Shorts?! I am soooo jealous!

  16. Hard, almost impossible to comprehend, the news, the sadness, the sheer horror - but Disney - now that looked wonderful!

  17. I think it's okay to be happy when there is so much sadness in the world.

    It seems to honor the sadness more than the grieving.

    I think I might be perverse though.

    This has been incredibly hard to comprehend.

    I about lost it at an Elementary school program last week.

    I'm glad you found some merry and bright!

  18. I've missed you so! So glad you got to get away and enjoy the Magic for a little bit. Seeing pics always makes me want to go to WDW. Siiiiigh. I love shorts in favorite way to enjoy Florida. : ) You descriptions of the 'sights' at WDW cracks me up...after our first trip to 'the world' we came away saying that "Disney isn't a place for little kids". I think came up with that one after witnessing about a zillion melt downs. I am so glad you got to get away. This holiday has been particularly grim and un-merry. So sad.

  19. Ohhhhhh! I want to go back to Disney soooooo badly! Only two of my girls have ever gone. Alas, the expense. Someday.

    Love all of the pictures.

    I can't watch the news either. Too much.


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