December 03, 2012

Monday Scmonday

Happy Monday to you all.
What? You don't think Monday is a happy day?
Me neither, but I try to fake it till I make it. Happy that is. 
I've got some good stuff to share and I've been holding back.
Why you ask?
I am a funny bird. I have a hard time sharing good stuff when I know there is always some bad stuff happening to others.
I know, I know....there is ALWAYS bad stuff happening somewhere. IT is inevitable. 
My blog friend C has had a really hard time the last few years. Health and financial issues. 
If you are a praying person, could you please send up a prayer or two in her name? She desperately needs some good health sent her way. It's getting harder and harder for her to be in her happy place. 
Also, she could use a hand or ten to help with financial woes as well....if you can spare a buck or two it would be much appreciated. 
A good cause is a good cause. Plus, she is sad that I won't give her my boxers. 
The dogs, not my shorts. 

And, back to the good things to share.
Someone is trying to make me feel the Christmas spirit. And I'm not talking about anyone prying me with alcohol. I've been known to have been bitten by the Christmas Crabbies. And I don't even spend that much time at the beach. Damn crabs.  
I was surprised on Saturday morning with a Secret Santa bag of goodies. 24 to be exact. 
I'll give you the deets later. 
Oh, and I could be Magnum P.I. minus the 'thick' mustache...cause I figured out who it was quickly.

Also....I might be the owner of the best darn piece of domestic equipment on the planet. 

I got a robot to vacuum my house. I wrote a post on it. A personal review of sorts and then I thought: Perhaps ONLY I care about something this wonderful??? 
Do you want to know? Do you care? 
Let me know so I don't waste the time of anyone. 

Lets recap:
Prayers for my friend Chris.
I'm trying to rid myself of Christmas crabs. 
Anyone care about domestic ingenuity that has changed my life?

Ok. carryon.
I have to pretty myself up and get to work. And that is taking longer and longer....



  1. Do your dogs leave the robot alone? I'm afraid mine would be very inquisitive and make a toy of it. Just curious...

  2. I had a Roomba - it worked great until the warranty was up (6 mths) and then it died but what a great concept! It even went under the beds :>)

    I will surely say a prayer for good health for your friend. Sucks to be sick and to have to worry about whether you can pay for treatment to get well.

  3. Prayers for your friend.

    Just reading the comment above mine....Harriet, too, goes under our beds (without ducking her head!) Oh, do I ever need help with floor cleaning!

  4. Considering we are the owners of a very neurotic border collie, I think the robot vacuum will never be cleaning my floors. It would be just another thing for her to herd, chase, mess with...

  5. I am still stuck on boxers....people might wear their dogs?!

  6. I really need for CH to invest in a robot...either that or a real person to come and clean the house.

  7. Hi Suz, I think that the Robot Company should let you be in charge of their advertisement. I do remember your post.... Glad you still like it!!!!

    Prayers for your friend, Chris.


  8. If it interests you, it interests us. Tell on!
    Good news does not make good people feel bad; it makes people happy for their friends who have good news, so tell on.
    Thank you for sharing the prayer request for Chris. I am praying that her health and financial circumstances will improve, and that she will feel held by God's great love.
    You are awesome, Suz.

  9. Way back when I had a roomba - it wasn't the greatest thing in the world please share about your neato...I want to know!

  10. I would love to hear about your robot vacuum. It might just be worth it to see what my dog would do when it started moving.

    My prayers are with your friend.

    Hugs, Susan

  11. Hugs and prayers for C...I will go visit there next.
    Hugs to you because Christmas and crabs just don't go togehter...well unless you have a mean cocktail sauce.
    AND I had one of those amazing Robot babie and now she won't charge!! I miss her :(

  12. I would like a robot who looks like George Clooney to do my cleaning. Is that what you have?

  13. That robot vacuum sounds pretty neat. I wonder if I could find a robot lawn mower and robot weed-puller?

  14. rosie must be jealous, magnum...
    prayers? yes.

  15. I think I need a kitchen counter robot! ha!

    I went to see your friend. Gosh. What a horrible pile of icky she's wading through.

  16. I have the Christmas spirit, but I can't have the Christmas decorations until I clean my house from top to bottom--that will have to wait until the weekend.

    I will pop over to C's.


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