March 28, 2014

Just me and my old people

I was laying on the floor, one arm slung across my wet face, my heart pounding, all my parts were sweating profusely when I heard:

I hope you're having a great day!

This happens to me all the time now.


Because I joined an old people gym.

Ok, that is not the official name of it, but it is what I call it.

Surely you don't need me to explain why I call it that do you?

Hint: I might be the youngest person there.

And I like it.
Scratch that, I LOVE it.

The old people are so nice.
I like my old people.

And by old people, I mean people {30 yrs} older than me.

It's a very small privately owned gym....and the people there are not trying to be pretty.
They are trying to be healthy.

A few weeks ago I walked into the gym and as usual every person there said HELLO.
I proceeded to get on the arc trainer; a nice 'older' lady was already huffing/working on one next to me.

About 15 minutes later she got off her arc trainer, grabbed her cane and moved to another machine.

Her cane…..and she wan't moving very fast either. But she was moving nonetheless.

Well, if that doesn't make me want to keep moving….I don't know what does.

I love my old people.

They say nice things to you while you are laying on the floor dripping with sweat.

Old people are great.

I'm not so worried about getting there myself….and really, it could be next week for me.
Time is a'ticking!

Happy weekend my peeps. If you need me, I'll be hanging with my old people.

If you found this post to be silly at all, just remember: 
I'm a 46 year old whippersnapper who's been nipping the sassafras!! 


  1. so now i know why you can't miss your saturday workout.... all of your,old peeps will worry about you!!!! where is she? what happened to that cute little bee? you don't think she broke a hip, do you?


  2. I've looked for a gym close to home and there simply aren't any, not even old people gyms. I would need to drive about 40-50 miles round trip in order to work out at a gym. Hardly seems fair, but that's how rural areas can be to live in. I'm glad you are enjoying yours. xox

  3. LOL I am sure your old people love you too !

  4. ha, i was thinking you joined curves :) i went there when we lived in georgia and for about a year after moving here and it was full of older people...they are sweet and it's great that they are moving! i decided i needed a little more challenging so i bought p90x and just work out at i'm doing p90x3...i prefer working out at home and dislike the "pretty" gyms! have a great weekend :)

  5. I freaking LOVE it! I would love to join a gym like that. I am so scared to go to the gym. I need to go so badly...but I am afraid.
    Old people make my day. I love them. I want to hug them.

  6. Well Honey Chile, the "Old People" is ME.... I am not quite 30 years older than thee---but I'm almost there, being almost 72.... SO----I guess I'm one of those 'friendly' old people at your gym...Gotta love us OLD PEOPLE, don't you???? ha


  7. I love seeing old people at the gym. Not only are they friendly, but they're also so inspiring!

  8. I love it! I go to the city gym that also houses the senior center so during the day when I'm walking, it's "me and the old people" so I'm used to it. I love that you're moving and committed to being healthy. I think that when I watch the old people on machines, walking or doing water aerobics too. Happy Friday! (I think I'm becoming a bad blog bad! Right now I'm waiting on the cat at the vet. Something may be!)

  9. love that - not trying to be prettty - trying to be healthy. amen!!!

  10. I'm glad you like old people, because old people like you (I speak from personal experience). If you get tired of working up a sweat in the gym, Betsy and I would be delighted to have you join us on an old people hike.

  11. HAHA You have inspired me!! I will stop worrying about joining a gym.. I will just wait about two more years, and then join an old people gym. I love old people too!

  12. Sounds like the perfect place to get a good workout in. I think it's fantastic when people try to stay active for as long as possible! It would definitely motivate me.:-) Have a great weekend!

  13. Exercise= aside from feeling great: use it or lose it :)

  14. I'm at the point now that all I care about is feeling good, not looking good.

  15. Honey, the old people at my gym are faster and better than I am. I started going when I started sitting with a little lady. She was actually faster than I am. I need to drop about 40 pounds and then I may be able to keep up. I'm working on it. I love the taped boobs. I'm laughing. I definitely sometimes feel like mine are gonna hit me in the face. I need a reduction. I know TMI! My doc agrees but the 20% insurance still bites my butt! Old people (I'm one!) love the young chicks. I'm 53 and I love being around the 30 year olds. Anyway, my mind says I'm 30:)

  16. Good for you! You are smart to start now, and I'll bet those older people LOVE having a young lady like yourself in their gym. They need young friends to help keep their outlook young.
    When I saw that machine (arctrainer-medieval-instrument-of-torture?), I thought, NO WAY. Kind of the way you felt about yoga, yes? Aren't we funny? We obviously like different forms of exercise, but the important thing is that we do SOMEthing. Any exercise is good - count me in!

  17. Yep, as long as you're moving, you're not dead! :)

  18. Go girl!!
    Years ago I belonged to a fancy place...(because I had a free year's membership,) and I would ride the stupid bike on level 6 while all the hard-cores were on level 12+....I felt like a loser. Then one day I went to workout and I had forgotten my shoes....I didn't have time to go home so I went into the "women's area" in the locker room. As I plugged along on level 6, I was a rock star as all the old ladies around me were on level 1. Sure makes one feel good :)

  19. LOL, I love old people too. Hell, I'm almost "old people." Sounds like a great gym to be a part of. Enjoy.

  20. Good for you with the exercising. Our church has an aerobic/stretching class for "older" people. Their teacher is 30 to 40 years younger than them. She absolutely loves her seniors. She said it is one of the happiest times of her week.

  21. I'm an old people, and I can sweat with the best of them young whippersnappers.
    Seriously, I'm inspired by the older (than me) folks who ride in endurance races. They limp around on the ground, but they're hell on wheels when they get on a horse.

  22. I would love to have an old people gym. I hated going to the gym with all the spandex clad superwomen who never sweat a drop. And yup, Gary is right, move it or lose it!

  23. This would be the gym for me! I had my hair cut today and I got to looking around.....we all had gray/blue hair!


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