March 03, 2014

Coming out of the closet.

Well, we've talked about it for years and years and yearrrrrs. Ok, perhaps YOU and I didn't talk about it for years and years, but the Coach and I have talked about it for years and years.

Our master closet was embarrassing. You know, kinda like the cobblers kids with no shoes….Mr. Cabinet maker with crappy cabinets.

After a few roof leaks, water damage to the wall/carpet, a broken drawer-face…well, we were
See the lovely half carpet, half concrete and pretty drawer?
 Because of the set up of our bathroom/closet, it was hard to get a good pic of it all. 
 I was a huge fan of all the drawers, but my closet designer (Coach) wanted more hanging space and assured me that I would still have the same amount of drawer space. He knew if I wasn't happy, he might lose his life as I tend to get violent when it involves improper organizing. 

Step one was to build a temporary closet in the living room….because my husband doesn't believe in being normal. (I suggested we lay all our clothes on the guest bed for the interim-he gave me a pity chuckle) 
Lolo, builder extraordinaire. 
Having a closet in the living room was more convenient than I thought it would be! 
 The new closet was built out of raw maple….and *we installed cork flooring. 
When I say 'we' I mean Herman who has installed cabinets for the Coach for 15 years. 
The rip-out, installation of flooring & wood took 3 days.
Next up….our painter arrived and was here for 2 1/2 days.
The photos don't do it justice, why don't you all come over and have a glass of wine while admiring the closet?
The coach has his side….and I have mine. Of course, I can move my stuff into his side if a great shopping opportunity presents itself. 
Are you as excited as I am that I have room for MORE shoes??

This was of course a great opportunity for us to take inventory and truly purge the things we won't ever wear again.
And if you're wondering, yes the Coach is alive and well…I DO have enough drawer space.
But really….does one ever have enough drawer space??



  1. looks great! i'm jealous of your handy hubby!

  2. I love your new closet! Believe it or not, our master closet has the same half-carpet, half-cement look.....thanks to Harriet!!!!

  3. Closet evny! That's a real thing, right? This looks fabulous. Of course, I have a set of dishes in my closet so my problems are beyond shirts and shoe storage. :)

  4. Looks great!!! And so neat!

  5. Gorgeous, Suz.... They did a fabulous job of your closet --and I'm so glad that you and Coach finally decided to come "OUT" of the closet!!!! It must have been hard living in there for many years!!!! har har har


  6. Your new closet looks wonderful. I'm glad you have enough drawer space and that Coach is still alive. I only hope the closet is expandable.

  7. it! Smart idea building a temp closet in the LR. I never would have thought of something like that. I'd be putting everything in boxes and thinking lots of bad words during the process. I'm sure this made things a lot easier. Nice work! : )

  8. It's gorgeous; your Coach does very fine work, indeed!
    My favorite part?
    1. The gorgeous wood he used for the cabinets - so pretty that I would have been tempted to leave them paintless.
    2. The fact that most of his shirts (the ones we can see) are SHORT-SLEEVED! Hahahaha! Living in Florida must be awesome.
    Well done! This is also good advertising for your business!

  9. Suz...the reason for purging is not to make room for even more. Love the new closet.

  10. Haha, just like sex and the city! My goodness it looks AWESOME and it would be fun to go hang out in there with that wine, THANKS... nah, I like the pool better :)

  11. It is so beautiful. I am very, very happy for you Suz. I adore Herman. Can you ask him if he wants to come to Pennsylvania for a visit?

  12. Looks like enough room but I don't thin you have enough flip-flops!
    Seriously though....awesome closet!

  13. If I had a closet like that, I wouldn't come out - I'd stay in. ;-) It is fantastic!!

  14. Oh, to have a cabinet maker for a husband. That's just fabulous!

  15. oh it turned out great! i even like his makeshift closet lol...i hate my closet in this house...had a super closet in my georgia house...i miss my georgia house :(

  16. WOW You are a movie star aren't ~
    I saw that closet once on an episode of the rich and famous ~ giggle.
    I should put up picture of the little cubbies we have for closets,
    ( and I do mean little cubbie holes) in this 130 year old farm house ! lol
    We need to stop talking about it and make us a few too .

    1. oops that was suppose to say "you are a movie stare ~ aren't you ! " huh well are ya :))

  17. Good work done to keep the things!!

  18. Wow! I'm soooo jealous! Lol. My closet is practically a cupboard! Looks great, good for you guys!

  19. If I ever go back in the Closet, it's going to be yours. Your Friend, remember me(?), m.


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