March 19, 2014

We had a wicked good time in a city that most people avoid in the winter.

So, why would we visit Boston in March?

Is it because the city is full of history?
Is it because all the inhabitants speak with a wicked funny accent?
I could listen to that accent

go pok da caaa.
take da dog out for a wok.
wicked good.
wicked good pissah.

Could it be because of the wicked old grave sites? (John Hancock, Sam Adams, Paul Revere)
BTW: I generally avoid graveyards knowing full well that some spirit will come home with me in my crossbody bag. Have no fear, this time the spirit was a 40something woman who loves to give orders and is meticulous with organizing her underwear drawer, so we're all good.

 Is it because of the gorgeous skyline?

Is it because Lolo has never seen real snow?

Is it because we were shopping for a second home in the Beacon Hill neighborhood? (We only need about 150 of you go in on a townhouse with us)

Is it because this guy is so full of information and entertaining, that we even dared to stay within his 'spit zone' for 90 minutes?

Is it because Sam Adams has a brewery here that gives free tours AND tastings?

Is it because this is home to Cheers? (BTW: not everybody knows our name, and it kinda p*ssed me off in a wicked way)

Is it because I look really good in green (you can hit me now) and St. Patty's day is all about the green?

Ok, actually, these warm-blooded-comfortable-in 80*+degree  Floridians traveled to COLD-as-heck-Boston in March was to see one girl march in the St. Patty's parade. Ok, one girl with about 99 of her band mates.

And guess what. I really didn't get to *see* her. 
The coach snapped this photo over the herds of bodies in front of us. We yelled. We screamed. 
Lindsay didn't even know we where there….it was like being in Cheers all over again. 
Well, she knew we were there *somewhere*.

 It was an adventure. We will be back to visit Boston another time. 
Most likely in the fall or spring of any given year….you know, when it's not so cold that I can actually feel my face. 

It'll be wicked good. 


  1. My biggest memory of Boston is riding in a taxi as a kid. Those taxi drivers are CRAZY. I bet it was wicked cold this time of year!

  2. i love your pictures!! and your boston slang. pretty good!!! i did have to educate christine on her use of "wicked".... geez!!! well at least you got linds in one shot, even if you didn't SEE her. at least you weren't running after the parade {ask christine about that. or don't. she might cry again.} glad you made it home! i hope your face is thawing out!!! {oh! did you see the make way for ducklings statue while you were by cheers?!}

    1. No, I didn't see that statue. We actually didn't eat at Cheers…it was too busy AND loud. We found a nice place a few blocks away that was just delightful!

  3. WHAT ~ you were an hour away and didn't even drop by the farm to say hello !!!
    Well at least now you know how cold it is here .lol

    1. oops ~forgot to say " You must have been wicked cold " twas a wee bit chilly St Paddys day in the big B. :))

  4. I always wanted to visit there in Autumn. Looks like you guys had a great time. I do love their accent; wonder if they would think I sound funny!!!

  5. Those are great reasons to leave the sunshine for Boston. Glad you all had such a good time.

  6. sounds like a lot of fun was had. :)

  7. I hope you said "Hi!" to my uncle Clyde while you were there!!

  8. That is sooooo sweet and so neat. We would have "known your name" - - - we watched those shows so much we can almost quote the lines before the actors!!! What a great opportunity for the "kids". It appears you got to get in some good sight-seeing time, too.

  9. Sounds like a great visit and an interesting city. Right now I'd have to pass though, all I want to do is be someplace warm. ;-)

  10. Oh, it looks as if you had FUN! I'm so glad.
    Will Lolo share the brand name of her jeans? I realize that I'm WAAAAAAAY too old to wear the same brand as a young lady of her age, but they fit her perfectly! I am always seeking the ideal (under $100) pair of jeans, so this is part of my "research project"...

  11. What an adventure...Boston on St. Patty's day. You are so BRAVE! Looks like you guys had fun despite the wicked cold.

  12. Looks like you packed lots of fun stuff into this trip! I would'a died in that cold...not my thing! But love that you got to be there for your girl and enjoy some time away too! :)

  13. oh you crack me up! i love their accent too. we've not been there yet but i'm sure when we do go we will hit up the sam adams tour. is there any better time to go to boston than st pat's day? and omg, the spit zone...we were on a ghost tour in pittsburgh...we all started out so close to the guy, then quickly realized he was a spitter and the circle around him kept getting bigger and bigger boys and i were cracking up...

  14. I love Boston! Been there, only it was "wicked" hot and I never sweat so much in my life! But it is beautiful. In fact, my sister lives there.
    Glad you had a great time!

  15. Love. Boston.

    Love you sharing your visit there.

    And you do look wicked good in green!

    Thanks for letting us tag along!

  16. Looks like you had a wonderful trip NORTH... At least you didn't encounter lots of ice --which is what we had when we were trying to hike in Ohio last week... That twisted knee I now have is a result from a fall on that ice... Gads!!!!!

    Glad your sweet gal got to see some snow... Sorry though that you had to strap her in bed.... ha ha

    We saw a HOOKER Falls this week in North Carolina....

  17. I can not believe you went to Boston in the freezing cold. How did you feel about it? Did you think you would die? I thought you were going to tell me that the baby was going to go to college there.

    If you moved there you would die.
    Don't move.
    Love, Becky

  18. I have a brother that lives just outside of Boston...and I've never been there. :(


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