April 20, 2020

Captains Log: Day 28 or 399? Garden vlog, puzzle upgrade and a plethora of smokers.

Friday morning I did a little garden vlog. Hold onto your seats, it's riveting.

Excuse the noise; pool equipment, pool fountain, and air conditioner because Florida.


We had a nice, quiet and productive weekend.
Saturday we got our first delivery (insta-cart) from Costco; it went well.
The funny thing is they won't deliver to our house, but they will deliver to our rental condo.
(zip code snobs)
So, I set up the delivery time and we chilled and waited: (our big outing for the weekend) our delivery guy was right on time.

The Coach was watching a fishing show (also riveting) on TV when I said I was ready to go home with our goods.

He said, "what do you need to get home for?"

I replied slightly embarrassed: "I have a new puzzle."

Good lord. Send help ASAP. 

We got everything on our list aside from


Can you guess what we couldn't get? 


Speaking of puzzles, because apparently, I can't NOT speak of them. The new one that Linds stumbled upon in Target while getting her essentials is THE. BOMB.COM.

The one I had been struggling with for many weeks, and finally finished, well, it turns out it might have been from the bargain bin at Wally World.

The one Linds picked up?'s top freaking shelf. Like Nordstroms top shelf.
Wait, does top shelf mean liquor? Well, then it's way better than Albertsons Vodka; that sort of top-shelf.

I didn't even know there was a hierarchy in the land of puzzles, but I'm here to tell you, there is one.

The pieces feel different; like they're made from the remnants of a baby bird's feathers that have been mixed with the recycling goods from the Taj Mahal.

Wait. That sounds kind of gross. WHO AM I? 

I'm just a girl. Standing in front of a puzzle. Hoping it will help me to solve it. 

*ahem, almost a quote from Notting Hill which I watched a few weeks ago and It's one movie Ernie
can quote*

Such a good RomCom.


On Sunday I pressure washed the pool lanai and outside furniture while the Coach put together his newest smoker.

Not only is he a Goldilocks with his chairs/office, but he's also Goldilocks with his smokers.

He has the HUGE tow-behind one that requires a big azz truck and a small smoker/box but needed a medium-sized one too.

{Small and Medium side by side; the new one looks like a time machine. I suppose it IS a time machine for meat.}

He doesn't complain about my shoes/plants/garden/skincare addictions, so, would I ever complain about his smoker issue?

So, it's Monday. Let me check my calendar and see what's happening this week.

Well, it looks like I'm TOTALLY open if anyone wants to get together.

Or not.

Have a good one my people.


  1. Ha - I thought the same thing - looks like that smoker can fly. Yeah for the Notting Hill shout out. Oh, how I love that movie. The roommate kills me every time.

    Glad you got the grocery delivery. So wait, did you have a puzzle on the grocery order that didn't come? I am on my A game here this morning. Your new puzzle sounds divine. Literally. Suz to her puzzles is like me to my Von Maur (in normal times-probably not a fair comparison because your attention to puzzles is not happening during normal times). If Coach was to ask me during normal times, why do you need to leave early for dancing/why are you just gonna stay up there and then pick her up? The embarrassing answer that I try to hide with a simple 'I need to return a few things at Von Maur' when the truth is . . . I want to shop. That was my take away from the whole, what do you need to get home for? question. A stretch? Perhaps, but oh it is fun to think of normal times and the things I would normally look forward to.

    Love your vlog. If my kids tire of their e-learning I can have them tune in to learn a thing or two about butterflies. A butterfly bubbler? You are quite impressive the way you cater to your butterflies. Again, the yard looks amazing! (exclamation point totally warranted)

    1. No, it was TP. Still can't get a good supply of TP here. :)
      Thank you for the compliments!

  2. i needed this laughter this morning!!! glad you got to go to the TP? i meant to ask... did the renters even get to come? i need one of those puzzles!!! the pieces sound amazing. do the feathers stick out and get in the way of pieces fitting together? notting hill is my fav!!! totally not surprised about the smokers...I MISS YOU!

  3. The one thing...Toilet paper?

    1. Winner winner TP dinner. Wait, not for dinner.

  4. I'm going to guess either finger nail polish remover, leave in hair conditioner, and/or your favorite dish soap. No? Just me?

    It's funny that Instacart won't deliver to your house. I realized the other day that a local wine store offers deliveries...but not to my house - but will to my office. I thought hard about it but decided that the mail room would not take kindly to me sending the wine there.

    1. LOL-so, now I know what's on your list. :)
      NO TP!!

  5. I think you can add jigsaw puzzles to your list of addictions!

  6. I love your garden! We don't have instacart here - but how I wish we did!

    1. Thank you. The instacart is fairly new; used for many stores. Seems like a decent deal if you don't want to go IN the store yourself.

  7. I have two secrets- I don't like jigsaw puzzles. I have literal ADD and cannot concentrate long enough.
    And two- I've never seen Notting Hill. If Ernie reads this, she will laugh.
    Is the Universe trying to get me to watch this movie? Because I am seeing it everywhere over the past six weeks.

    Also, my brother and your husband need to talk. He is the smoker king of Columbus, Ohio. He has more smokers than Ernie has kids. ;)

  8. Yes, TP was my guess too. We can't get a good supply of TP yet here too but my husband keeps picking up 4-packs of the really, really cheap stuff that last for maybe 2-3 uh...occurrences. I finally bought a puzzle the other day and can't wait to get to it this weekend. It's been a very long time and I am curious to see if I still have the patience for it.

  9. Puzzles are fun. I used to do the real ones but moved to digital on the tablet but that was because when I was at Crackerjacks (Dr who did my back cracks), they had a real puzzle set up for guests to do and I just loved the quiet of sitting there. So fun. This was forever ago but it sparked me to find digital puzzles. Happy Monday and boogie boogie. Off to see your video now.


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