April 13, 2020

The one where Easter was in the distance, a puzzle eater and my !&%$ tennis arm

I hope everyone had as pleasant an Easter as possible. Generally, we have the girls here and my FIL and MIL too. 
I spoke to everyone yesterday on the phone, but yeah, it's not the same. 

I did see Linds on Saturday; I had a little bit of Easter stuff for her and her sister so I met her in front of her building. 
We talked for about 10 minutes but it was so freaking hot so I left. 
No hugs. 
That's the hardest part for me; we are a touchy-feeling family. 
But not in the perverted way. 
Easter bags in lieu of Easter baskets. 
I spent most of the day on the phone either talking or texting and trying to finish a 750 piece puzzle. If I got paid to complete puzzles, we'd be living in your back yard in a tent. Who wants us? 

Also, Max loves sitting UNDER my chair while I'm puzzling. My boobs sometimes knock pieces on the floor and a few times I found him nibbling them. The pieces, not my boobs. 
I know for sure one piece was nibbled beyond recognition and I'm hoping that's it. 
But, every time I get into a puzzling quandary, I wonder:
"Am I looking for the nibbled beyond recognition piece right now?"

This was the only puzzle I had in the house made for adults and it's a challenge for me; further cementing the fact that I might not be an adult. 
Linds went to Target the other day for her supplies and I asked her to look for a puzzle for me and I'd exchange her Easter stuff for the puzzle. 
She said they had TWO in the store and she got me the biggest one; 1000 pieces. 

ME: "I can only do one that is 750 pieces."
Linds: "Well, just don't finish it then."

I don't know where they get it from. 

I really don't want to complain because of all that is going on and most people have real, solid problems and health issues. But, my arm is killing me. 
The tennis elbow came back a few weeks ago with a vengeance. 
I have one of the brace thingys that is supposed to help and I've been doing some exercises/stretches that I found online, but it's not helping. Sleeping is a b*tch. 

I even noted to Linds on the phone that I would be willing to try some medicinal Maryjane or even topical Maryjane. It hurts from my fingers to my shoulder and guess what? I use my right arm for everything. 
My left arm/hand? It's almost useless. It can't do anything for me. So. there. That's my complaint and I'll keep moving on with my great life of not living in a tent in your back yard and being healthy otherwise. 



  1. The boobs comment left me laughing so hard, I think I pulled a muscle.
    I had tennis elbow last year and let me tell you, I literally feel your pain.
    My pain is in my ankle currently, so it's waving at your elbow pain.

    Medicinal Mary Jane WILL help you, just saying. Why not come up to Illinois when this is all over and I will help you with that.
    Also, Medicinal Mary Jane would make an EXCELLENT blog name.

    1. HAHA. We could come up with some really good blog names.
      Things my boobs have knocked over.
      Medicinal Mary Jane's adventures.

  2. I have occasional flare ups of tennis elbow in my dominant arm occasionally. I find that sleeping in the slim, elbow brace thing helps immensely. Which one are you using? I have two and one works way better than the other.

    As for the 1,000 piece puzzle - it's only 250 more pieces and I have faith in you.

    1. I appreciate your assistance with the arm brace-I'm working on it. XO

  3. Sorry about the pain. Ack. Made me laugh about the puzzle and don't finish it then, that's funny. Do you like online tablet puzzles at all? I really love them. Though they aren't the same as real-life puzzles, I still enjoy the digital ones. Easy to clean up and I can blow through a bunch of them in a week, picking my own puzzle count. I love that! Stay safe and be well.

    1. I've thought about doing the iPad puzzles, but I agree, not the same.
      I'll keep working on the physical ones; hopefully I'll be back to running around OUTSIDE of the house and I won't have as much time on my hands.

  4. Oh my gosh - you make me laugh. I am trying to think of the last thing my boobs knocked to the floor or even moved across a table an inch . . . nope, I got nothing. As in -I basically still wear a training bra/got nothing.

    You are welcome in my backyard anytime. We even have a tent - we would just have to collapse it whenever family volleyball is about to start up. Just think you could TP Mary Ann's house in the dark of night. Oh, wait. I forgot TP shortage.

    So so sorry about your tennis elbow. That bites the big one. I had that last year and it was a bitch. I could not brush my hair. The pain is relentless. Again, tent in my backyard and you could score some Mary Jane from my Lad, grumble, grumble. And more importantly some PT from my Coach.

    Coach was all about the exercises. He also scraped it with some kind of massage stuff and a plastic tool that I think when he worked on it at home was actually a pampered chef brownie knife. It took a long time to get better. Pretty sure he had other ideas when it came to the massage cream, but now that we are old we are obliged stuck with old people behaviors.

    I too cracked up at the 'Then don't finish it' comment. Bah!

    I am trying to be sad for you that it was too hot to stand and talk outside. Trying. :) I am sorry about you missing your hugs. Hopefully it will be a distant memory in the next few months. Maybe?

    1. The thought of annoying Mary Ann is tempting enough.
      How did you get rid of your tennis elbow pain? The exercises worked??

  5. Ooh sorry about the elbow. Glad you made the most you could of Easter. I miss going out and about on a whim as we once could.

    1. *sigh* Going out on a whim....seems like a big deal now, doesn't it?

  6. Those Easter bags are really pretty! Sorry about your elbow, but I am in awe of your puzzle skills. We did one that was 300 pieces and I felt very accomplished. 750!

    1. Thank you Nicole.
      300 pieces might be more of my scene. :)

  7. Apparently jigsaw puzzles are in HUGE demand right now and can be hard to find in stores. Just like toilet paper! I don't have the patience to do jigsaw puzzles, so someone else can have my share. I hope your arm feels better soon although I know that kind of injury can be a bitch to heal.

    1. They are in big demand, so thank you for not being a puzzle hoarder.

  8. That boob statement made me laugh out loud here at work, which I needed very much on this particular stressful day! I keep thinking I should buy a puzzle too instead of doing them on my computer!

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your tennis elbow. Since I have persistent back pain I can sympathize. We had to make due with FaceTime to get our family togwther for Easter. Good luck on your new puzzle.

  10. We have also "boob-ed" the puzzle pieces to the floor. Our dogs don't care much about the pieces, but a few years back, I puzzled with my son and son-in-law in San Francisco, and there were several missing pieces...they moved a few months later, and lo and behold, those pieces were hidden in the cracks of the dog's bed. That bad Labrador had been sneaky! It was pretty hilarious when my son texted me, "Guess what I found in Lilly's bed...?" Oh dear. Sorry about your tennis elbow. It's kind of scary to think that all of our ailments and distresses would be so much harder to have treated now, everything else takes a back seat...what a world. Again, I envy your nice weather, it's so chilly here! I am thankful we at least have a yard and can get outside, we'll have a spectacular garden this year...

  11. I have tennis elbow too. I guess with the gyms being closed maybe mine will have time to heal? I've rested it and it's ok for a while but it always comes back. I'm working on a 1000 pc puzzle also but it's taking me forever because I just put a few pieces together here and there.

  12. Your blog doesn't update in my blogroll for some stupid reason, and I just remembered to check your site. MY TENNIS ELBOW IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE TOO AND I ALSO CAN'T SLEEP BECAUSE OF IT it's stupid that I'm excited about this, but it's nice that somebody gets it. I have a shoulder impingement from a few years back too, and it seems like one part hurts less just for the other to hurt more right now, and I'm not even hauling books around, so WHYYYYYY? Easter was nice but weird - we have Angus with us, which we shouldn't, and we couldn't see my parents, which we should. I knock on my parents' door and back up two metres and they come have a chat on the front step, but we are also a touchy-feely family (mostly not the perverted kind) and I hate not hugging them.

  13. I am not a puzzle person. Every year at the Cape we work on one because there is no tv there and no wifi (I know, how very 1940s of us.) The one we worked on this past summer was only three colors and all the pieces were the exact same shape. After a couple of days we THREW THAT DAMN PUZZLE AWAY! Sorry about your pains. All of my joints are constantly sore - not painful but sore. This aging thing is full of fun little surprises!


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