April 28, 2020

Can you tell me how to get, how to get out of Funky Town?

Can you hear the opening song to Sesame Street and NOT smile?
No. You can't.

The Coach and I were able to see the sunset via the boat this past weekend.

The beaches are closed, but luckily the Gulf of Mexico is still open.
For now. 

I've been in a bit of a funk. Not sad; just feeling funky.

I'm itching to get some garden work done; updating my veggie garden. I have a plan but need to execute it and finding a day where my arm isn't bothering me is a problem.

Also, I'm itching to get to my happy place; my local nursery.
They're open, but I'm not going because it's really unnecessary.

I'd like to be acknowledged for actually following the rules.

Should I wait by the mailbox for my acknowledgment gifts?  

If you say I need something for my itching, you're not wrong.

I started rereading this book this week; It's been about 20 years since I read it last.
I don't remember the details of the story, but if I kept the book this long, I must've really loved it.

I am staying busy with daily household chores and my butterfly raising. 
Our yard is a flurry of butterflies; lots of different flavors; not just monarchs. 

I found a slew of zebra longwing and gulf fritillary larvae in my bed of plumbago the other day and I was so excited I might have had to change my outfit. 
Their host plant is Passion, apparently, passion vine found it's way into this bed without even asking me.

THAT fills my little funky heart to the brim. 

How are my people on this fine Monday?
Wait, Tuesday?
Yeah, Tuesday.



  1. You deserve a big blue rosette and ribbon that says "Suz is a Good Girl!" And not just because of your butterfly work.

  2. Tuesday, yeah Tuesday. lololololol.

    Hope you get to get into your garden soon. It really is a happy place.

  3. I know how you feel about going to the garden nursery. This time of year I'm all about getting my spring on with the flowers there, but alas this year I'm not risking my health to go there. Bummer. So that's how my Tuesday is going. Thanks for asking.

    1. Hopefully we'll all be in our happy place together but not really together.

  4. Looks like a lovely boat ride!

  5. What a beautiful sunset!! I know that going to the nursery might not strictly be necessary - but you might want to check it out. I just discovered that a local nursery is open AND doing online shopping/curbside delivery - so it can be a non-contact event. Thanks to online shopping/curbside delivery I have been able to spend some quality time in my yard.

    1. Ours does curbside service which is awesome, but I really need to see/feel for this next project because I need visual inspiration. :) I'm glad you've been getting out there; that's awesome.

  6. I went right to the Sesame Street song when I read your heading- occupational hazard. Ha.

    I rely on book recommendations, so let us know how you liked it.

    I just hit send on my final project for my writing class. I am ready to embrace the pandemic without a writing class - as much as I enjoyed it. I am on my 3rd load of laundry, and Ed is making dinner (this is round 2 of kids cooking) - plus it was 70 and sunny here most of the day and I laid in the sun on my deck. It is Coach's early night, so we are all home. So, my Tuesday is peachy.

    I hope your funky feeling lifts soon - maybe your crowd of butterflies can work their magic.

    1. I was sure you knew the Sesame Street song by heart too.
      I'm sure you'll be so happy once the writing class is finished, but what a great experience for you.

  7. I just want to say I really love your blog. It just makes me so happy to see such beautiful things - that sunset, your butterflies. I hope your arm stops bothering you and that you can get into your veggie garden. What will you grow? I also haven't read that book for 20 years but I have it on my shelf so I think I'll give it a read as well! Thanks for the reminder!
    PS Good for you for staying home! *sends prize*

    1. just made my day! I love your visits.
      I'm a big fan of tomatoes, lettuces and a variety of peppers. Stuff we can use/eat daily. Also lots of herbs.
      The book is huge, but I remember really loving it and telling anyone who would listen to read it. So, there's, that.

  8. My girls and I were just laughing about the count on Sesame Street because Anna can do a mean Russian impression and how it sounded more like the Count from Sesame Street. WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS?

    I love that you got out on the boat and shared the picture because now I feel like I got out on the boat too. I think you should videotape it next time because the sound of the ocean is what we all need. Especially those of us who don't live near it WINK WINK.

    I read that book and LOVED it! I love Wally Lamb, in general because of Oprah and her book club.

    So nurseries are opening up on May 1st here and I definitely am going in one before Mothers Day. They are my happy place as well. We also are required to wear masks as of May 1, so I will go early with a mask on, maybe on May 1. Who knew that going to a nursery with a surgical mask on would feel rebellious?

    1. You need to get Anna to share her Count impression. And you told me because this is the important things that we need to share with our friends. I almost did a bit on this post about Count Dracula counting down the days, but it fizzled out on me.

      I'm sure I was under the influence of Oprah at the time that I read that book too.

      I can't wait for you to get to the nursery too; you need it as well.

  9. How nice that you got the sunset picture! looks beautiful! I say put on a mask and go to the garden center. Getting to you happy place is necessary in my opinion, especially now.

    1. I'm thinking I'll make the move to shop there next week. I'm building up my nerve. :)

  10. You're not alone in wanting to get out of funky town. I think we're going to get brave and go to Loewe's to get a new shepherd's crook so we can put up the rest of our bird feeders. The birds are telling us this trip is necessary.

  11. Just now getting ready to do some gardening here in KY. The first of May is the soonest we set out anything.

  12. I read that book and LOVED it but I could not tell you a thing about it! HA! Perhaps I should read it again as well???

  13. Hard not to be in a funk when in pain. You really need a cortizone shot in what the doctors call "Frozen Shoulder." Also physical therapy sessions help. Barring seeing a M.D., try Dr. Google. Good job on the butterflies.


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