January 12, 2009

I almost have a bathroom.

Which is good, cause I have not bathed in a long time.

Showering counts though......right?

This past week I have had some Men here ....and they are coming and going....all through my bathroom window.

Whatever do the neighbors think of me???? Oh, heck it is too late for me to worry about that now........

Just before we went on vacation I had a few guys work on the Electric parts.....I found out that some of those parts come in handy later when you want to see in the dark. duh?

while we were gone my BIL did the plumbing part. I was not here, so I missed out on the plumbers crack part...snap.

This past week, we had 3 men working on the drywall. Thanks to my wonderful electricians, who might be part beaver, or termite, there were MANY holes in the walls and ceiling.

Then on Saturday we had 3 men come to put up the "mud".....the texture that goes over the drywall. I came in the bathroom after they were done and almost threw up.

The smell was so bad. It smells like urine and cigarettes.

Reminds me of old times.

However, it is starting to look like a bathroom. I was hoping to put some paint on the wall on Sunday, but the mud has to cure longer than 24 hours.....again. Snap.
And then Coach brought it to my attention that even the ceiling needs to be painted. I don't. do. ceilings.
We will be on the hunt for a painter this week. :)

Monday the flooring starts. and the shower tile. Same people. This could take a while.....

Just before Christmas Coach emailed me the pictures of our cabinetry....SO, SO pretty.

All the pieces are made separately, like furniture pieces.
Cause he has mad, mad skills like that.

Am I lucky OR what?

The double sink vanity

The storage pieces that will flank the tub on either side. For storage. Oh, I already said that.

I could not locate my sit down vanity picture...but it looks like the sink cabinets, but shorter.

My Dad used to tell me to marry a Dr. or a Dentist.
Yeah, right.

How about marry someone who can make stuff and afford dental/health insurance?????

Plus, I think he likes me.

In about 2 weeks.....***crossing fingers**** we should be able to use our bathroom again.

I sure do miss it. :)

I need a good soak.

I also need to find my stuff again. It is all strewn about the house.

not good for someone with o.c.d, a.d.d and other concerns.

I am an "everything has a place, and a place for everything" kind of girl...this is making me bonkers.

I hope I can hold on for a few more weeks......

**Me, dialing the phone...."Hello, Embassy suites?"


  1. OH ...I can't wait to see when everything is done!!! Just beautiful it will be and you will be CLEAN!:)
    -sandy toe

  2. Good Lord - that cabinetry is beautiful. And Coach made that?? Like with his own 2 hands?? Well, maybe with some power tools too but with his own 2 hands??

  3. Wow... nice cabinets. Looking forward to the 'after' shots!

  4. you know - - you really really should consider writing an erma bombeck type column and sending it out to a few hundred papers...i think you're that good....(my humble opinion) :)

    looking forward to see finished pics! those cabinets are really nicely done....

  5. Cannot wait to see the finished product! I love the color of the cabinets!

  6. Don....that is such a fabulous compliment. I LOVE reading Erma Bombeck...she is so missed.

    Woody...Coach designed the cabinets and he maufactured them. Meaning: his talented employees made them. If he wasn't so busy selling and running the business, he could make them himself too. Very talented!!!

  7. OH.MY.HOLY.HELL!!!! It's gorgeous!

  8. Urine & cigarettes? I was at the SAME frat party!!!

    Does Coach sell those cabinets??? Seriously.

  9. What utterly gorgeous woodwork! You will sigh with happiness every time you enter that room, not to mention soaking in the tub, with time to sit back and admire it all. Coach is clearly a sterling guy (for many reasons), & it's great that you give him a shout out about his work-talents. Kudos to him, congratulations to you!

  10. Wow - can't wait to see it when it's all done. :)

  11. Suz, hang in there -- I think you'll survive. But in the meantime I sure enjoy reading about your trials and tribulations. Great post.

  12. Okay--here's what I got out of your post, Suz:

    Men are going in and OUT of your window at all hours. The reason they are quickly going OUT is because Suz hasn't bathed in weeks (or is it months)..... Yipes!!! AND Coach stays away because he's busy making furniture!!!!

    Did I get it right??????????????? ha ha ha ha

  13. What a catch you have there in Coach! Those cabinets are amazing! I hope we get pictures of the bath tub initiation. Maybe with Cocoa?

  14. That is going to be one amazing bathroom. Did you ever ship your old fixtures and fittings up here to me? cos, just thought I'd mention, THEY DIDN'T ARRIVE YET!

  15. "urine and cigarettes" - YES, I think that just about captures that particular aroma! LOL...

    The cabinetry looks LOVELY... I can't wait to see the fully transformed bath... it's going to be beautiful!

  16. Well we know where we can find you now!
    Soaking in luxury.

  17. It will be so worth all of this to have your beautiful bathroom. I look forward to seeing it when it's finished! I think you married the right guy!

  18. Those are gorgeous pieces all right.


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