January 24, 2009

Blonde Moment #10

The Mittens

I am pretty sure most people are familiar with mittens and their purpose....

...To keep little hands warm

Well, that seems easy enough. Easy enough for someone who has ever had them growing up.

Coach and I both are Florida natives. SOUTH Florida.
There was never a need for mittens as we were growing up.

I did a bit of time (5 years) in Atlanta as a teen, but I still never had mittens. Gloves? yeah. but never mittens.

When we moved to Texas as newlyweds, we did not know too much about winter garb.

When we had Lo, I was all of 25. Still a baby myself.

Her first winter as a toddler, I went out and bought her a nice warm jacket and a pair of mittens.

And thank you Lord, they made these mittens with a string attached so you would not lose one of them.
Who was the genius that came up with that????
ok, not so much a genius on my part though......

I seriously took my child out to play with the mittens on and the string hanging on the OUTSIDE Of her coat. THE OUTSIDE!!!

My neighbor friend saw us toddler TRYING to play, but she was handcuffed by this string...

She, clued me in that you are supposed to keep the string INSIDE the coat, so the child can take them off her hands AND not lose them.
Who the heck knew this?
apparently lots of people. Just NOT me.

I had the biggest "surprised" look on my face when I realized this....


She was 6 by the time we learned that deer don't make good pets either....


  1. You HAVE to know this made me absolutely crack up, right?! Then again, I don't know what the hell sunscreen is for, so I guess we're even ;-)

  2. OH what a cute story, Suz!!! When our first son (I had him at age 21--so I didn't have a clue) was about 16 months old, we decided to go tent camping in the Smokies. It got down to about 10 degrees that night while we were in that tent. GADS1!!! Well--I did have a very heavy snowsuit for that baby with mittens and hat.. We put him in that garb (which was hard to even get on him)--and he did stay warm (warmer than us). But that heavy suit made him STIFF as a board--so the little guy was miserable.. He cried most of the night. AND--when he had a wet and/or poopy diaper--well, it was almost impossible to get him changed!!!! That wasn't our best camping experience--but your mitten story reminded me of that.


  3. oh THAT is hilarious. you poor dear blonde woman you.
    and that poor child.
    what a picture! it's a killer.
    just so you feel better i had my first child at 17! and when the midwife who visited us at home told me to make him a bottle cos my breast milk wasn't 'in' i thought i could just give him cow's milk right from the fridge. (heated up tho' i wasn't completely dumb!)
    i thought she was going to have me arrested.
    but then, i was a tad thick.
    son survived tho'.
    God knows how.

  4. ...really? Learn something new every day! ...and I did live where it snowed...for a year...but didn't have kids then either. I do own cool mittens that the top comes off of and frees your fingers to tie shoes and pick noses ...(not me!) and I wear them when I ride my bike to work...but they don't have a strong attached- thank goodness! :)

  5. That is so blonde! When my son was two we went to a theme park that had a petting zoo. It was pretty crowded with plenty of kids and animals, so I stayed on the perimeter while my 4 yr old and her 2 yr old brother wandered around. My son was a bit overwhelmed and just waddled slowly.
    After a bit, I called them to get out so we could continue on to other attractions....well as we were walking away I was shocked to see that my son's nice new wool sweater was missing the whole back side! A goat (or a chicken) ate it!

  6. Hi, I just popped over from Cliff's (I met his blog over at Melanie's).... so I had to come and see what the buzz is all about.

    You have a fun site.... enjoyed your 'posse' list!


  7. PS. Just noticed your comment about laughing!

    You wanna laugh? Okay then.... I just got something that made me LOL. I'll go fetch and bring it back.....

    (I'm a kindred when it comes to laughing....)

  8. i hope you were not setting her up for failure with those hand-cuffing mittens!! oh you make me laugh... and i love it :) at least you didnot have the string wrapped around her neck! love ya!

  9. I love this. I would have probably had the same problem, as our gloves were not connected, and we rarely needed them (it's normally pretty mild here). And I am not blonde (though I am going WHITE; does that qualify?). You are so sweet.

  10. ooo mittens are evil... gloves i can deal with but never mittens!

    cute story, made me smile :-D

  11. I love your story. I haven't thought about mittens and strings in years. Thanks for the memories.

  12. That is seriously funny. When I was a kid and we went to my grandparent's cabin in the mountains, we had the ones that clipped onto our sleeves.

  13. Chi, sunscreen blocks the sun from hurting the skin. I know you knew this...silly.

    Betsy, funny story. WE took Lo to colorado when she was a toddler, bundled her up (really thick too) and stood her in the snow. She fell over and cried. Snow fun OVER.

    Clippy, what do yo mean...cows milk is not good for babies? maybe that is what our problem is. 17???? you were just a babe!

    Grandma J- too funny...too bad you don't have a pic of that one.

    Dawn. SHe may like leather one day. Or be a cop. :)

  14. just priceless- I love it. My mum in law suggested that we put our little eighteen month old man in tights in the winter ( under his trousers) to stop him pulling his socks off. They looked like socks under the trousers so no-one could tell, and it worked like a treat. His feet stayed warm, and we didnt lose any socks.

  15. Too funny! I'm not blond but I can see myself doing something like that!

    Oh how I wish they made mittens on strings for older kids and not just younger ones. We are constantly losing our mittens...I have even tried using the mitten clips but they just pull them right off so they do no good.

  16. Ladies and gentleman.... I can attest since I've known her since age 14... her ROOTS are blonde. The blonde goes all the way down to her BRAIN. :-)

    Girlfriend, I laughed SOO hard at the post and then I saw the picture and had to go pee before I wet my pants from laughing. You are a NUT!!!

  17. Reasonable mistake, I'd say!

    I love how she was shackled.

  18. I always wondered what that string was for!

  19. That was so funny.You southern girls!

  20. Such a delightful story! I wish I still had a string to keep Kaishon's gloves together. Do you know how many pairs we lose a year? It's in the 20's....Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  21. I will confess that I had no idea what that string was for until just now.

  22. I had no idea that is what the string is for, I always cut them off.
    My roots are gray, so I will use that as my excuse.

  23. That is beautifully classic. I LOVE it. I'll make sure not to make the same mistake when i have little ones. (I need adult strings though, I am constantly loosing mine!)

  24. I remember those mittens too - being from cold Alberta- we had them as kids but by the end of the season we tied so many knots in them -not sure why we did that......mother had to cut the strings- so then she would safety pen them our cuffs of the snow suits........poor mama- hugs from Meme

  25. Oh Suz! That is just too funny! Good thing I went to the bathroom before I read your post! I live in Pennsylvania, so I'm very familiar with mittens and even though I'm a blonde I know how to use the strings with the mittens. But my husband didn't get it and he's lived here all his life and he's not a blonde!

  26. Don't feel bad - I live in Oklahoma - where we are covered with ice right now - and I actually JUST learned this! Thanks for clueing me in! :)

  27. Haha...omg...that is way too funny! You are so crazy! hee hee...


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