January 20, 2009

4 X 4 Meme

I was tagged for this by Big Hair Envy .

This is one of the easiest tags to do....I really like easy stuff.

Here are the rules:
1. Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer.
2. Select the 4th picture in the folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

this is a funny one...because of course there is a story with it.
This is the summer of 2007. Our first summer we vacationed at Bear Lake Reserve in N.C.
Coach, myself and our 2 girls and the girls each brought a friend w/ them.

Because we are like, totally the coolest parents evah....

We decided to canoe one day at the lake. Our big idea: Canoe out to the "rock Island."
Sure, it does not look that far. But of course objects in mirror are further away than they....oh, that is something different. Sorry.

Coach, he ended up w/ the 2 athletes in his canoe. plus, he is a man. A man w/ muscles.
I have Lindsay (dancer) and her friend in the canoe. And me. Lacking muscles.
It took us 3x longer to make it to the rock island...mostly because we took the zig zag scenic route. I was so exhausted and frustrated by the time we got to the rock. I remember just hitting the side of the rock w/ our canoe, getting out and handing coach my paddles and I let him pull the canoe up to the top of the island.

It ended up being a great time, just a fun day for the kids. We found a rope swing on the other side of the island too.....But I will never forget the zig zagging across that lake....
This was, of course before we learned that there were lots of water snakes too. that would have made my anxiety level just a tad higher..

I always have a hard time choosing who to tag....
I will pick the last 4 peeps who commented on my last post:

The engine of the family

Clippy Mat


Rusin Roundup


  1. A great picture and a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Funny Suz... I'll bet you were really tired!!! Canoeing is HARD... I did the 4x4--and enjoyed it also.

  3. I canoed once. It won't happen again. I, too, lack the muscular fortitude to make canoeing any fun at all.

    Very beautiful pic, though!

  4. Too funny! Sounds like my first experience in a canoe. I was flipping out, screaming that we were about to flip over in the cold, cold river. Then I turned to catch Vol Fan rocking the canoe. It's a good thing I love him!!

  5. I think I got invited to participate in this too. By my friend Gretchen. I never did it yet. I am SO bad at that stuff. What is wrong with me?

  6. Are you me?.... a weak zig zagger in a canoe.
    Yep! LOL

  7. your first mistake was getting in the canoe. i would NOT be able to row unless there was an outboard motor, and then somebody else would have to start that for me.
    thanks for the tag, i'm always happy to have a blog subject.

  8. Great story. I'll do very soon. Thanks for te tag.

  9. AHHH, Lucky. This is a great picture. The same thing happened to us when we decided to take a bike ride around a lake...a lot further than they appear!

  10. I want to play too...
    However I am so busy this week out of the office that I can just read comment and run this week...

  11. The story is wonderful but I just had to mention that the photo is amazing!! Beautiful area!!!

  12. I grew up fun!
    -sandy toe

  13. hahaha, that so reminds me of our trip in Hawaii when we kayaked across Kealakekua Bay(its about a mile across one way). My daughter and I were in one boat, and my son and my husband in another. It was cool cuz there were lots of spinner dolphins swimming all around us, but that rowing stuff- NOT fun! Who ever decided that was a good idea was seriously delusional (not that it was me or anything). I wish I'd had a lasso so I could have let the dolphins help me out :)

    Great post! (I did the meme too).

  14. That's actually a pretty cool picture. Funny with the canoe on the rock! =)

    Still, memories like that are what make vacations so much fun!

  15. So, who took the picture? It is pretty funny & I liked your tale also;<)

  16. i cannot imagine anyone else having a picture quite like this! you otta send it into readers' digest!! anyway... i'm a zig-zagger, too! good thing i wasn't in charge of teaching those girl scouts!

  17. Some day, over a bottle of wine, I will share my Canoe Trip from Hell story with you. It's not pretty!!!


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