January 23, 2009

Signs that I am getting old(er)

        I started this list a while ago and just added a new one this week.....I am sure the list will grow as I shrink. Some of this stuff, well it just kind of sneaks up on you and BAM!

        • You try to go from the sitting position to standing upright and your right hip decides that the sitting position was better......

        ouch. that was me, the other day....
        • You reach back into your back pocket to get out your wallet....just to pay for lunch at Chic-fil-a and you pull a muscle in your back. It hurts so bad that you can hardly hand the teenage worker your money. Instead you kinda' just flop your wallet towards him to take what money he needs out....


        That happened to Coach recently. We all had a good chuckle at his expense.

        • No one told me that painting a bathroom was considered a "workout". Because, had I known this, I would have been smart and actually stretched PRIOR to the painting. A 10 foot ceiling and me going up and down the ladder, don't mix. My shoulders and upper back are killing me from reaching UP. My calves and hips hurt from the climbing UP and DOWN.


        I think my muscles are freeezing uppppppppppppppppp

        We will have matching "deluxe" wheelchairs in about 20 years.

        I hope by then they are motorized too.

        Has anyone else been smacked in the face (or leg, arm, neck) by reality yet?


        1. Oh girlie ---Just WAIT!!! I used to laugh when OLD people would get out of their cars and couldn't make their legs work!!!! They would walk SO funny!! I swore I'd never be like that... HA!!!! When I've been in the car for awhile these days (at age 66)--I find myself stiff as a board when getting out and trying to walk!!! GADS--how can that happen???? Am I one of those OLD people now???? Yipes..

        2. and it don't get no better......

        3. Um, yes, and I do believe I am a bit older than you. I won't go into all of the details. Everything works, but some of it sure works DIFFERENTLY than it used to...and I'm turning 50 this year!

        4. The flopping of the wallet has to be quite a sight!

          I pulled my back out reaching for a ring that fell under my dresser. Was out for 3 days. I have a bad back to begin with but this really threw me for a loop.

        5. My twice a year super-gardening efforts are definitely marred by the extreme pain the next day.

        6. ditto everything you said,
          and then add my shoulder which just doesn't work anymore. i am sure it's a computer related (RSI) injury which coincided with my blogging debut.... but does it make me cut back on being on the computer??
          of course not.
          my body is dropping to bits before my eyes and it aint pretty.
          i think we need to take up yoga suz and get some suppleness back into our bods.

        7. I don't feel too old yet. The accident I was in made some parts of me hurt. The gray hair on my that FREAKS me out to no end!

        8. ha! Did I mention I went skiing last weekend? I was able to walk afterwards, but I am fairly convinced that was due to multiple doses of advil and alcohol (not the rubbing kind). The big kicker for me was NOT. TO. FALL. Cuz I'm pretty sure the story ending would have been VERY different :) So I feel your "pain" ..........daily

        9. Oh dear lord, it's slapping me in the face every day! Thanks for reminding me!

        10. I loved your thing about the paint. We recently painted our daughters room.. and gee whiz... I 'bout died! I was the cut in person.. top and bottom. So it was off and on the ladder a zillion times or crawling around on the floor. I thought I was gonna pass out before I was done. And we both commented on how 'in the past' we would'a done 'one more coat' before bedtime. Well you can forget that one now! LOL Too old and creaky!

        11. Oh yes. I couldn't figure out why my legs are killing me. And then it hit me. From standing. STANDING. Ok so it was 12 hours in the cold. But still. Ugh I am really a chair potato.....

        12. Every day, Suz...every day!

          However, the most bizarre was about seven years ago, I went to Denver to help out my daughter when she came home from the hospital after having a C-section. My first day there, I was blow drying my hair and turned my one arm with the dryer a certain way, while I was turning the other arm with the brush and BAM!! My back froze up. It got worse and worse til I couldn't move at all and had to go to the doctors and get muscle relaxer, and pain pills. My poor daughter had to take care of me. Oh so sad...I want to be like Benjamin Button.

        13. When I was 30 years old I had just finished taking a shower and I was shaking the water off of my foot. I threw my lower back out so bad that I had to scream for my husband to come in and lift me up out of the shower. I was imobile for 2 days until I had him carry me to the car and carry me in to the chiropractors office. I was able to exit the chiropractors office on my own two feet but it was not an easy task. Ever since that happened I have thrown my back out by sneezing, coughing, turning my head too quickly, and getting out of the car. Thank God for Flexeril and chiropractors.

        14. I can no longer sit cross legged - my left hip decided to give that up about 1 year ago. It simply hurts too much.

          Yes... middle age is here. BTW - did you watch Oprah yesterday, about perimenopause? It was actually a VERY good show! My migraines, mood swings and general irritability may be ALL normal! :)

        15. I used to make fun of old people who did nothing but complain about their aches and pains and what medicines they are taking... Now I *am* one of those people (if you count 44 as being old). Lately it's been my shoulders that have been killing me. If I only knew then what I know now I may have been a bit more sympathetic :P

        16. ...I tried to run the "Fun Run" last May- 3 miles....3 f.l.a.t miles- and I about died. SOOooo I vowed to stay in shape and NEVER do that I ride to work- this rain is killing me- and I run....and I teach K so I have to sit on the floor and jump and dance and act like a Kinder M-F each I am pretending I am not getting older. (One boy asked if I was going to be 8 on my birthday!)

          And yes, you're right- our heat is not the heat I felt when I was in FL last year...usually dry and I do like it...and it doesn't last for too many weeks in a row...and right now it would seem pretty nice instead of all this rain!

          *Did you try those loooong handles that attatch to the roller for painting? I used that for our high living room ceilings.

          ...and our bathroom is almost done....can you believe it has a sink today? And the tile got fixed EXCEPT for one little hexagon in the middle needs to be white...the tile guys are going to hate me! I hope you have dried out since yesterday!

        17. Happens to me on a daily basis these days!!!

          When is your bathroom going to be finished???

        18. Oh dear lord... there is never an age for pulling a muscle. Everytime I bathe the dogs I can't walk for 3 days afterwards, LOL! ow ow ow my back!

          What you need is a massage therapist. Rrrrrr.

        19. Lower back has been killing me this week and cannot even pinpoint what I did to hurt it! Hate it when that happens!

        20. I used to look forward to getting older,but once I got here realized that was such a foolish wish!Besides fibromyalgia(at times I feel like I've been hit with a 2x4 from head to toe) I'm in menopause now, so the hot flashes that I started getting at age 42 have only taken on a new dimention.Aiiiiyiyiyiyi...don't get me started.I sound like I'm 100yrs old!


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