January 21, 2009

And he is off again......

Linds and Chris
West Point 2006

My wonderful Cousin Chris....he has left the building Country again.

Today he is heading back to Afghanistan to finish up his first tour.
He was home (Atlanta) for a few weeks to enjoy his mid-tour break. We were hoping to meet up with him on our way home from N.C. a few weeks ago....but he got held up in some mid eastern country......some nerve, right?

The next to best thing to meeting face to face? Skype of course.

Linds has a camera on her pc. She speaks to my Mom, my Aunt and Uncle in Georgia and sometimes to her Grandma who lives 4 miles away.

So we set up a skype chat with Chris. Unfortunately (and normal) we did not have all 4 of us at home when we did it was just Linds and I.

He was a bit pixelated compared to "real life."

I thought he looked a bit "lego-ish." But still cute handsome.

And, no he was not in a parade at the Aunt still had up the Christmas tree. (For Chris)

If you can, please take a moment and say a prayer for his safety as well as all our servicemen and women....they are THE true hero's.


  1. God Bless him... I Thank him for his service to our country and pray for his and all of his fellow service men and women a safe and speedy return.

  2. Just said that prayer. I am so grateful for the people who have served & serve our country.Blessing to them and you too.

  3. Thank him for serving us!
    -sandy toe

  4. Love and Prayers with him--as he goes back in harm's way.. God Bless our service men and women. They truly do so much to help us keep our freedom.

  5. I know you're proud of your cousin, as are all of us. We'll keep him in our prayers.

  6. please give chris our thanks - we'll give him our prayers. without him and all the others like him, we'd be 'them'.

  7. Praying and praying, Suz. And praying some more...

  8. he is in my everyday prayers... i even have a little "C" for him on my blog :) love ya!

  9. I am praying for him! I am soo thankful for the men and women who fight for our country. God bless them!

  10. A true American!
    Prayers going up.

  11. Prayer upon prayer go out to him. Please let him know we all thank him for his sacrifice, and that his hard work and dedication are appreciated. God bless him and bring him home safely.

  12. Your cousin Chris is an American Hero! And a very handsome one at that. So sorry you didn't get to see him in person. You know how I feel about our service men and women. God bless and keep them safe as they protect us from the bad guys and keep us free.

    My BIL and my cousin are both West Point graduates.

  13. Thanks Cousin Chris for your service to uor country!

    Keeping safe thoughts while you complete your tour.

  14. God keep hin safe until he returns again. Amen.
    Tell him we all said so.

  15. Praying for HIM and thanking Him for serving! And praying for your family, too.

  16. I'll be thinking of you all - I wish all our servicemen and women could come home and sound!

  17. Thank God for Skype. But more importantly, Thank GOD for the courageous servicemen and women like Chris! May he return home safely to his loving family.

  18. Life before skype and msm was duller, indeed... isn't technology awesome?

    Hims handsome. I hope he stays safe until his tour of duty is over.


  19. A prayer all the way from the Lake District, and a big hug too

  20. Yes, definitely, prayers for Chris and his companions in service.


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