January 16, 2009

Boxers are are babies.

I saw this on the Bonnie Hunt show and thought it was the cutest!!!
Boxers are really good with little ones. Cocoa has had toddlers crawl all over her and she never makes a peep. Of course she looks at me like: "what am I...A jungle Gym?


  1. I LOVE Bonnie Hunt. I mean, c'mon! She's a fellow ChiTown Girl!! You can't imagine how much it pisses me off that she comes on at 2 here. I never get to see her show :(

  2. I didn't even know Bonnie Hunt had a show.Hmmm. What a sweet video. I was scared to death of boxers for many years. One treed me when I was about 4 years old. That took a long time to get over too. Boy was I wreck as a kid!

  3. How funny! I am not much into dogs in my face but it's cute!
    -sandy toe

  4. oh.
    that is beautiful.
    i want a dog like that.
    how amazing.
    and so sweet.

  5. Cute--Cute--Cute, Suzanne... Boxers are such good dogs as you well know!!

  6. LOL! I could never imagine my life without dogs. They are sunshine and life.

  7. How adorable!! My dog used to hover over my granddaughter when she was a baby. He was like a mother hen.

  8. This is lovely- have recommended folk visit it from my blog. My son got knocked over by an overexcited dog when he was about two, and for a long time he was so nervous of them. He is fine now though.
    When we have a more settled life ( not away as much)and more space, and would love a puppy.

  9. What a nice video-heart warming-what's not to love about doggies and babies? I believe that animals communicate so well, but we just don't take the time to notice-this video confirms they do. I loved it!

    Came to your blog from Lakeland Jo.


  10. Should I confess what I almost did to my poor sweet Dixie last night? I had a couple of drinks with my sister, just enough to feel nice and relaxed. I came home and let Dixie out to do her business. Then I went to bed! Yes, I left my poor dog out in the frigid cold!! Thankfully my husband got up to put wood on the fire about 1/2 hour later and saw her. I don't think she has forgiven me yet!

  11. What a neat video. I love the way the baby's face lit up when the dog touched his hand. No wonder you like boxers.

  12. So sweet - that good dog knew it was a precious little baby!

  13. Thanks for sharing this. So precious.


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