January 22, 2009

It it ain't fixed...then don't broke it!

ohhhh, the story of our life. It is always something...and it always will be SOMETHING.

You fix ONE thing......surely within the hour 4 more items will be in need of repair.


One day...we will live much simpler...I just know it.

We were making headway on our bathroom remodel. WERE.

Two steps forward ONE step back.

Plumbing lines. Done. good.
Drywall. Done. good.
Drywall mudding. Done. good.

Stone work. Done. Stupendous.
Painting. Done. Good.
Trim carpenters. almost done. almost.

They were almost done until they hit a water line witha nail as they were intsalling the baseboard.
The water went from behind the walls...skipping the bathroom and
went directly to the bedroom.
They did not realize this happened until it looked like a tsunami hit in our master bedroom.

on our wood floors. on our wood furniture.

And of course in a moment of panic...we can not locate the main water turn off switch.

(why, oh why, do we have so many hose lines, water pump thingys and other confusing pipes in the back?)

By the time we reached Coach by phone, it looked like I needed an ark in there.

The men finally found the spot where the nail hit the pipe. Of course, much drywall had to be removed, along w/ the newly installed baseboard.


Not sure the fate of our bedroom floor. It is a floating floor. literally now.

I have windows open, fans running and I keep going back in to smash down the corners and watch the water bubble up from underneath to sop it up. fun times.

Ok. It will all be ok.
It is just floors....

How much corona do we have in the house?

I decide to move onto something that I can tackle, since the men are handling all the mess now...

The guest bathroom that Coach and I have been using is getting a beating I suppose.

The shower curtain liner is hanging on by a thread. Daily it seems, a new ring will fall off from the liner holes breaking....

I purchased a new one yesterday.
big whoop $5.99
Easy peasy, lemon squeesy.

I thought they were all a standard size.

Heck, I thought the shower was a standard size.
I should have known better.
We just don't seem to do standard anything around here...

I learned something new. again.

I was on a step stool inside the shower attaching the rings to the new liner. I finished. I stepped out of the shower and turned to behold this:
I laughed so hard at myself.

I don't have time to run out and get a new one I improvised.

I bet Coach would not even notice.....aside from the fact that the rod will now hit his eyebrow...

I could add this to my long list of Blonde Moments.

P.S. The pool pump is officially dead today too.


  1. do you need another fan? i have one of those super duper dryer fans... it's blue :) if you want to use it PLEASE call eric. he's home and he will be going out in a while and he could bring it on over.

  2. Oh Suz---Life is SO wonderful, isn't it???? I can sit here and laugh--only knowing that I've been through (we've ALL been through) many of the same situations. We could cry--but that doesn't help. SO--we just need to blog and laugh about it!!! All will be repaired in DUE time.. AND--your new shower liner should be fine... Just close the outside curtain and nobody will know!!! ha

    Sorry--but thanks for this cute blog!

  3. Thank you, Suz. I laughed so hard reading your blog that Betsy gave me a funny look, our frustrations with our cold weather melted away and the sun came out! Major accomplishments for a single post. I hope all your problems are now fixed.

  4. You have my sympathies, dear Suz. It's amazing that Coach was not on a business trip when this happened; usually something this big happens when the husband is out of town...Glad that you have warm enough weather to open windows & run fans, but where will you sleep tonight?

  5. I was gonna say "when it rains it pours" but that might not quite cut it today.

    Do people ever lurk at you and Coach through the bathroom window?

  6. Isn't that always the way? Mark and I have a running joke of how many trips to Lowe's does it take to change a lightbulb... because we can't do ANYTHING at home without additional trips.

  7. I think the designers are all midgets these days. I mean really. What's up with the shower curtains? Mine was too short too!

    P.S. No offense to midgets. I loved Fantasy Island.

  8. Dawn, thanks, but I think we will be alright. Time will tell if the floor is toast or not. Thanks :0

    Grandma J-not sure if people lurk through the bathroom OUR master bath, we have the guest bathroom..they would have to be about 7 ft tall to see in. I can barely reach the window sill.

    Thanks for all the encouagement....I mean sympathy. :)

  9. I'm just getting caught up after getting back from Orlando. I cracked up at the Boxer Butt pictures! Sorry to hear about the water getting to your wood floors. Hope they are ok.

  10. the curtain story sounds exactly what I would do- I am petrified of all things practical! I had a great laugh at this post, not laughing at you but with you...

  11. Sometimes, when it rains it pours.

  12. How fun...I laughed at the husband would not notice that either unless he hit his head!
    -sandy toe

  13. awful! Having work done on the house is an absolute nightmare.
    I didn't realize that shower curtain liners came in different sizes either. In Marc's house the shower head come to about my shoulder (I'm 5'2"), so I'm thinking maybe your midget liner is made for his midget shower. Strangely enough, he didn't seem to think the shower head situation was really odd (he's 6') until I pointed it out.

  14. Oh, dear! After hearing all of this, I'm afraid to start our remodeling project:/ It TOTALLY sounds like something that would happen to us.....

  15. Grandma J said...
    I was gonna say "when it rains it pours" but that might not quite cut it today.

    Well since she was gonna say it but thought it might not be appropriate, I cackle insanely and say...

    Damn Suz! When it rains, it pours, huh?

    My words of advice? Something stronger than Corona would be perfectly called for, and watch out for that evil mold...

  16. Oh, Suz, I am so sorry about the FLOOD! Lord!

    I am flying out to Florida tonight and we're going out for MANY Coronas. See you soon. ;-)

  17. Whoa! Here's a poem I just wrote for you, entitled Life:
    Sorry for your crazy day.
    Doesn't life just go that way?
    Just as soon as things seem zen,
    A new pipe bursts to start all over again!

  18. Oh Suz! You definitely need a spa day. Fly up to Toronto and come join us!!

  19. You guys are all so sweet and funny!!! Thanks for the poem are poet, I didn't know it. :)
    Mo....aaaahhhh...I can smell the lavendar now.

    Coach is shortening his "work" day tomorow to pull up the baseboard and some of the wood in the bedroom...trying to avoid any mold and see what will have to be replaced.
    ah, ain't life grand????

  20. Oh, honey..... I can only IMAGINE..... what a massive "Pain in the BEEP" (as Shelbie would say)! And I laughed continually through your post... I loved the "rigged" shower curtain - hilarious!

    EVENTUALLY, it will all get done. :-)

  21. OH yeah. We have the same "fix it karma." As in everything needs fixin it now. How else does "son can you clean the bathroom" become "we need to hire a plumber b/c i took apart the faucet to clean it and now it leaks"


    Please pass the corona...

  22. OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooh! Ny son would have to limbo to get under that last rod! But heck, if it works right?

    It looks like we may beat you to the bathroom finish line- but not by much- barring any tsunamis here! (Heaven forbid!) I too am so tired of using the "other" means showering upstairs then coming back downstairs to dress...but at least my clothes are all back downstairs now. And this was going to take a "week or so," and that was 3 months ago!

    Good luck!

  23. oh dear.
    hope it's just a setback that soon gets sorted. water dries out fast. maybe you caught it in good time?
    fingers crossed.
    and that plastic shower curtain? you paid $5.99? you were robbed. LOL
    update us tomorrow and let us know how it turned out.
    never mind the pool pump, you can always swim in the new bathroom.
    not funny?
    sorry :-(

  24. I had a very similar bathroom experience--only it was that they forgot to hook the pump on the jacuzzi tub up and the first time I tried to fill the tub all the water just ran into the ceiling of the bedroom below.

    Good luck and drink a lot.

  25. Oh my. Oh my! It's going to be ok. I just know it. I can't wait to see it all done! I am getting so excited.

    It's a kind of sad day when the big thing you are looking forward to is a bathroom reveal on a blog... but that's just how cool I am : ).

  26. I am sooo sorry to hear about your "floating floor" That sounds like something that would happen to me :(

    But on a good note you have been prized with the "HONEST SCRAP" award.... come on over and claim it!

  27. Oh my what a time you've had. I have been having one of those weeks...maybe we need to meet up and drink some of those corona's!

  28. haha- I will definitely elaborate on the siblings :) soon!

    Noe Noe Girl has a post on her blog "The Birthday Club" that gives the details on how to add it.

    Have a good weekend!

  29. That's a nightmare about your floating bedroom. I hope it dries out and you have no mold issues. Ok I honestly never knew that the shower curtain was supposed to hit the floor. I always just keep it inside the shower so it doesn't hang over the tub. And the decorative curtain? I am really lame cuz I never had one. We typically don't have curtains though but I did get one for the bathroom downstairs in the house we are renting.

  30. *wipes tears of laughter from eyes*

    *then commiserates with Busy Bee because of disasters*

    Dear Lord,

    Please give BB a break, she's a really super sweet lady who deserves better than this!




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