January 30, 2009

Honest Scrap

I received this award from Mom X 2

at first when I saw this...I thought it meant I was "scrappy." You know, kinda tough for a lil' person. But it does not mean that at all.

But seriously though, I am scrappy, so don't mess with me. really. I can put a hurtin' on ya'.
As long as I don't mess up my nails....
Just kidding, I don't care about my nails.....

Thanks Mom X 2, You are a gem.
I love your blog even though it has a math equation in it...I loathe math.

The rules for this award are:

First, choose a minimum of seven blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

Secondly, show the seven winners' names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap".

Lastly, list at least ten honest things about yourself.

(why honest? hello, this is the Internet.....this is no place for honesty)

aye yi yi...I always break into a sweat choosing who to pass these on, being the kid who was always picked LAST for kickball......I get an anxiety attack leaving anyone out.

But alas, I will do it, I am not going to cop out and give it to EVERYONE like SHE always does.

So, this has worked for me in the past. I will give it out to the last 7 commenter's (at this time)

Because really, I don't read bad stuff....all my time spent reading has to be for brilliant blogs.

I have standards. really. I do. And they are pretty high. darn it.

  1. Tammi. Her blog title is: "I can't believe anyone would want to read this." Seriously, why did I not think of this...that is what I say to myself every time I hit the "publish" button...but alas Tammi, I read your stuff. :)
  2. Pamela at Siren Sense. She and I have mucho in common, what with our OCD tendencies and being blessed with sloppy children. Irony at it's finest.
  3. Cassie at In amazing Graceland. Cassie always has something nice to say...she has some pretty adorable pups and she lives in one of my favorite places ever....Arizona!
  4. Jen at Unglazed. Here is a sweet gal living in a bonafide Log Cabin with her sweet pups (oh, and her hubby). She takes great pictures and is sometimes full of crock. (You know, to collect)
  5. The running girl ...If ever there was someone to make me feel soooo lazy.....she runs..literally all the time. She has a great family and again...dogs...are we seeing a pattern w/ the pups?
  6. C . Her blog title is Midwestern Mama with a New York heart. She has heart all right...she leaves me the sweetest and well thought out comments. She is pretty funny too....
  7. Jenn at Juggling Life ....she was one of the first blogs I ever had the pleasure of stumbling on to....I never miss a posting of hers and I don't think she has missed any of mine....she is a brilliant writer and a very smart mother that I have learned a thing or two (ok, 76 things) from.

That was the easy the honesty.

  1. I hate loathe going to the grocery store. I will put it off as long as possible. Sure, we can make dinner out of lasagna noodles, canned beans and frozen bread.
  2. I don't usually care too much about the cleanliness of my car, but my house? that is a different story. I find that most people put too much emphasis on their vehicles and not the sanitary state of their kitchens.
  3. I secretly think I could be the Super Nanny. I see parents make huge mistakes all the time in public...really, if they asked for my help, I would.
  4. I never stop wondering what my life would be like if my Dad AND my Brother were alive.
  5. I wish I had went away to college.
  6. Sometimes I wish I had a few more kids.
  7. I can't wait till Coach can retire and we can annoy each other full time.
  8. I LOVE my appliances. (the ones that work that is)
  9. I think my kids are my most fantastic accomplishment.
  10. I would love to have 10 hours of sleep each night. really, I could do it.


  1. What fun Honest things about you!
    -sandy toe

  2. I knew I liked you -- and now I see why; we have so much in common! =) Okay, not everything, but enough to make me agree with you on lots of are a wonderful woman with great values. God bless you!

  3. You are so interesting. The grocery store makes me so happy. I kind of wish I could go there every day : ).

    10 hours of sleep sounds too perfect for words.

  4. I wish some of that cleanliness would rub off on me;)

  5. Those are so CUTE, Suz! You know there's a girl in my small group whose FAVORITE past-time is going to the grocery store?! No joke! She LOVES it... it's like her hobby! :)

    I'm with you on #6. We were on the fence for a long time about having a 3rd but finally decided we were fine with 2. But now that they're growing up so fast I wish (sometimes) we'd popped out a couple more. :)

  6. 9 out 10 things on your list are "me too!" I don't mind the grocery store that much.

    Thanks, Suz. I stop by everyday for your upbeat personality.

  7. awwww suz, thank you much! you are a sweetheart. hey, i finally got some pics of our boxer on my blog. my son was able to take the pics on his cell, and then sent them to my email. :)

    i love my doggie. and i know you love yours!


  8. Cute post, Suzanne... I always love your posts and you are very honest--and of course, scrappy. That's why I'se scirred of yah!!!!!

    I enjoy grocery shopping. George and I both do it together. I'm really big into coupons (future blog) --and lists--and trying to save money.. It's fun (now that I'm 'retarded' (oops--I mean retired) and have the time!!! ha

    I don't like other shopping though --and despise to go to malls and other things that most females enjoy doing. Weird, ain't I???? ha

    I enjoy yard work MUCH more than house work... SO--my yard is much prettier and probably cleaner than my house.. (Can I hire you???)

    Great post. I enjoyed it.

  9. Oh my goodness...every single one of these 10 things could have been written by me! Well, except #4 would be replaced by some other people that have died in my life. I would love 10 hours of sleep at right now!

  10. Oh yeah, almost forgot, congrats on being such a scrapper...I always knew you were! LOL

  11. i LOVE the grocery store

    especially nice ones like whole foods or trader joes! <3

  12. Congratulations on your award, but I've always found refreshing honesty in your posts. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed learning ten (more) honest things about you.

  13. I love your puts a smile on my face everyday. And you always leave such good comments on mine! Thanks for the 10 facts about you. I do not mind the grocery store if I am by myself. If I have any of the boys not near as enjoyable!

  14. Thanks Suz! - I say that with Honesty.

  15. YAY! Thanks for the award! I am so glad that you have found and read my blog, but more importantly I am so glad that you leave comments. I started out writing my blog simply for my sister and mother's entertainment but I am now addicted to the idea of connecting with other people out in the world. Thank you for being one of those people!

    I enjoy reading your blog and I'm glad that we are getting to know each other!

  16. Good morning.I like your way of picking "winners" for the Honest Scrap award...I will follow suit.I'm with you on your 10.Thanks.

  17. phew- bet there are a few of us wiping our brows with relief that you didn't choose us- honesty?

  18. Good list! I could totally do the last one too, if only the baby, toddler, stepdaughter, two dogs and husband would let me.

  19. Ten hours of sleep? Please, God, let that happen some day:)

    Unfortunately, when the opportunity finally presents itself, I will be so old that I won't be ABLE to sleep past 3 a.m.......


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