February 21, 2011

Bee calm. yeah, right.


I’ve got very little to share today. Nothing insightful, witty or cute.

I left all that good stuff at the mall yesterday, along with a butt load of cash. Lo and I did a marathon-prom-dress-shopping-extravaganza. Three stores in 3 hours. 265 dresses tried on. Give or take a hundred.

Poor thing, she only found 7 dresses that she LOVES. And those dresses also LOVED her.  {I can hardly remember a day in my life when that ever happened}

We settled on FOUR. {and we'll return three next week} She really wanted the opinion of her Dad and sister too. Also,  we’ve made some calls, Tim Gunn & Heidi Klum will be over to give their two cents as well. {Make it WORK!}


We saw this leaving the mall….

Heart tree

Tree love. You know I love trees…and this one hearts everyone.


I’m sure you have seen gobs of this nonsense:


What the heck does that mean? First of all, when anyone tells me to be calm, I tend to do the opposite. 

I saw this pillow earlier in the week.

freak out

Cracked me up.  My sentiments exactly.

No, I did not purchase…but I was tempted.


Coach and I went to a movie on Saturday. It has been ages….



I did close my eyes a few times, not a fan of actual fighting….but the story line is amazing and based on real peeps…that I love

{I heart Marky Mark as well as trees and sassy pillows}

I give it two fists thumbs up and 10 toes as well.

Apparently I had more to say than I thought…..oops.

Were you on the calm side or the freak out side this weekend?


  1. I LOVED The Fighter--if Christian Bale doesn't win an Oscar there's definitely a problem. I rented Frozen River simply because I heard it was a great Melissa Leo (Mickey's & Dicky's mom) vehicle and was blown away by her acting.

    Prom Dress shopping is fun and expensive--did you do accessories, too?

  2. We'll have to see the prom dress fashion show! I'd love to be able to get all dressed up for something. :)

  3. I'm so glad we still have a few years before we have to shop for prom dresses. I am NOT ready for that! The pillow you found is great, I would have been tempted, too. Thanks for the movie tip, I'll have to try and rent it when it comes out. Love Marky Mark - except in the movie with Will Ferrell...

  4. Sounds like you had a fun mother daughter day of dress that panic and freak out would say I had a little bit of both kind of weekend...I am on my 4th day in a row of being home with 3 wild and crazy kids who have been pretty much cooped up due to cold and bitter cold wind...and then we got hit with snow yesterday..and it's still snowing HARD...we did have school today even though it's Presidents Day to make up for all the snow day's we've already had this winter but what started out as being 2 hours late turned into being I am just a little bit freaked out from all the screaming, fighting, crying, whining, messes and insanity....but I do pretty damm good at remaining calm even though there are moments I feel like freaking the hell yeah just a little stir crazy with no where to take this crazy train.

    Happy Monday Suz! XX

  5. i am deciding that you deserve the credit for creating the body that all of the dresses loved. does that help? can't wait for the fashion show. please document and if you have to wait until after the prom to post, that is a-ok :)

    love the tree love!!!!!!

  6. I haven't seen the movie yet, but did see clips and heard an interview w/marky mark on NPR.
    I didn't recognize Christian Bale at first...amazing actor. He is underrated, but not for long. I've loved him since empire of the sun.

  7. Awe Suz, I always envy a mother getting to do prom shopping with a daughter.. I never had that privilege --but we did rent some handsome looking tux's several times!!!! ha

    We had a calm weekend --and I got to do more Family History... My My My---the things I'm learning about my ancestors......


  8. You're so funny Suz. Want to see the dress. Have a nice day.

  9. Marky-Mark is turning into quite the Hollywood powerhouse. I don't heart fighting and any kind of violence, either - but I loved him in the movie "The Departed." What does that say about me?

    The dress hunt - ah, yes. Please do post pics when we have your (her) final answer. Think of how great all of those credits will look on your credit card, after you return the other three dresses!

    OK, I have to admit that I LOVE "Keep Calm & Carry On." You know it's from the Brits during WWII, right? And they did just that...with their stiff upper lips, and a big pile of Yankees at their backs, covering them. But I also love that pillow!

  10. Why come no pictures of the dresses so WE (your lovely servants) can help pick out the best one?!?!

    Nice tree.

    I heart Marky Mark, too. But you already knew that.

  11. It's always fun to have a bonding day with your girlies. It's sweet that she still wants her daddy's approval too! : )

    I love the pillow! LOL

  12. Calm. Your recap of the prom gown shopping brought back memories. How come we can't remember looking so great in everything?? Very sweet that she wanted her dad and sis's input too. Go Lo! (Wait until you go wedding gown shopping with her!!!!) The love tree is very cool. ALso I forgot to say that Silver Fox is an excellent nickname for your sweetie.Charlie Rich(RIP)was known as the Silver Fox and boy could he sing! Now I'm going out to buy yourcrockpot chops ingredients. Have a great week Suz. Blessings on you head.

  13. One of the 'highlights' of my life was taking my daughter to the big city so she could get her first prom dress. (My wife was several states away taking care of her mother). I don't know how we did it, but we finally found a dress that my daughter liked and of which my wife approved.

  14. Do you know how much I love that you called him Marky Mark. That's exactly how I think of him, and I can't watch fighting either.

    Prom dress shopping is SO much fun, except for the paying part.

  15. I am a freak outer for certain!
    AAAAAAAAAK! I would freak out if I saw a gorgeous tree like that. I would FREAK out if my kid was going to the prom. Who told her she could grow up?
    I would freak out if I saw that pillow. Too perfect for words.

  16. I'm with some of the others - - we would help vote on our favorite dress - - is you want to post them - - with or without a person inside.
    - - weekend - - busy and calm if that makes sense.

  17. Oooh Tim and Heidi are my dream dressers. She is going to look fab! How fun for her! I love trying on dresses.

    That pillow is hilarious!

  18. The blog-world would love to put their 2 cents in as well :)

  19. I wrote a post recently about that whole keep calm silliness. Glad to see you don't like it either!

  20. I hope to see all four dresses being modeled, woooo! A fashion show for the Bee Lovers :-)

    That tree is awesome.

    So's the pillow.

    The Fighter? Vegas loved it but me, not so much. Love the Mark & Christian though!

    Hope you recuperate from shopping! :-D

  21. Well I havent seen the fighter but I did go see the movie Sanctum this past weekend with hubby. I was good.
    Not looking forward to the time I have to get prom dresses.... Have a great week.

  22. I found some tree love in the mountains last fall...what a neat moment in time. Good luck with the dresses!

  23. LOVE Marky Mark and have been trying to get Hubster to go see The Fighter for awhile. I hear from everyone how great it is...

  24. Love the pillow. Freaking out is healthy, especially after a trip to the mall!


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