February 11, 2011

Friday faves.


A few snapshots from the hip hop dance routine last Friday.

I love the facial expressions on Linds and her pink haired girlfriend. {Gangsta much?}


Any time I get a photo of these two this close together AND smiling….oh, it fills my heart to the brim.


Remember when I said the dogs were given the boot from OUR bed? well, they do have beds in the bedroom….and now they actually use them.

Harley thinks he is a dog too. {meo-ruff}


My Christmas cactus started blooming on December 28th. (I did not hold it’s lateness against it)


I took a photography class this week. IT was only 2 hours and just on the basics for my DSLR. I learned quite a bit. My new goal is to NEVER ever shoot in automatic. Just don’t hold a gun to my head over that. Ok?


  You’ll be pleased to know that is is overcast and cool today in sunny Florida. Rainy too.

Now, I know what the rest of you suffer through…minus the snow. And ice.

Oh, heck, it is nothing like up north.  I’m still wearing sandals.

What is on your agenda? Any valentines plans?

{remember, I don’t like roses that much, you can all send me tulips or cash. Ok, just cash!}

Bee Sweet!


  1. Cute picture of Linds and her pink-haired friend... Funny!!!!

    Glad the dogs are used to their new beds.. But --I'm here to tell you that both of them told me privately that they'd much rather be on YOUR bed.... Darn!!!

    My Christmas cactus didn't even bloom at all this year... First year since I got it in the year 2000. Bah!!!!

    We're heading to NC to spend a few days with good friends on Valentines Day.

    Have a great weekend/week.

  2. They look so cute! I miss dancing so much, hope they have fun doing it. :)

  3. The heck with valentines for YOU, I am sending my favorite 2 boxers and orange tiger some valentine treats!!!! Smooch sweet dogs and cat! <3

  4. As they get older--and are not together as much--those pic opportunities are all the sweeter.

    Never shoot in automatic? You are my idol.

  5. I love the girls together smiling. I know they are like that 99% of the time. Love your new goal. DEFINITELY not holding a gun to your head about it though. Good heavens. Guns scare me. You are fantastic. Did you get my tulips? I sent them early cause I am sweet like that!

  6. Pepper has never slept in her bed, that is, until I took it to my parents for her to sleep in while we were gone over Christmas break. But now it's back to sleeping right next to me!
    Love that you got shots of your girls together, smiling, and no butt shots!

  7. The picture of the dance routine is precious. You'll have to save it to show her daughter when the time comes.
    I'm proud of you for wanting to never use the automatic setting on your camera. I'm trying hard not to use it either.

  8. Such cute pictures of Linds and her friend...your dogs and cat look so cute on their beds...your cactus looks great...I love tulips..would much rather get them then valentines plans...will do some crafts and make some heart cookies with the little's at some point this weekend...suppose to be warmer so the little's will get the boot and spend some time outside. Happy weekend!

  9. We are headed to Chattanooga to visit the aquarium tomorrow and then off to a friend's 60th birthday party tomorrow night. . . . . then work on Monday!
    Love the pics of your beautiful girls and your pretty pets who are not happy for everyone to see them off their high throne!

  10. just catching up on your posts!! oh awesome a dslr!! i want one!! i took a photo class for my little cannon a couple years ago and i am so glad i did!! then i did a couple of photoshop classes and off i went into digital photography heaven!!

    we are grilling this weekend it is going to be 49!! break out the sandals!! that is almost 60 degrees warmer than yesterday!!

    thank god there is no such thing as global warming or we would have real whacky weather huh!!

  11. Love the photos! I'm thinking "pink" might be the way to hide my silver hair!
    Our weekend plans involve moving boxes and making sure the cats don't get taped up in one!!!
    Love you all, Mildred

  12. those girls of yours are just amazing! So pretty, talented, etc etc etc!!

    As for valentines...we are making a weekend out of it!

  13. I love it that your babies have their own bedroom! But ya know, they probably aren't as comfortable as they were lounging on your comfy pillow top. LOL

  14. Cute pics! That's so great you had the class-- automatic is for sissys, right? :D You will get better and better, but your pictures are already really great. Looking forward to more!

    Aw, rainy and warm is a great combination, wish I could be there. I like those days.

    You have a great weekend too!

  15. Good Morning, Suz,
    I love to watch dance...And yes, the facial expressions and make or break the performance!

    Your cat actually sleeps by the dogs?

    And valentines day...since it is on a Monday, I think we have plans with our dinner group.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Valentines ~Natalie

  16. I love the dance expressions. Great capture there.
    The dogs seem a little disappointed to be reduced to sleeping on the floor.
    We're going to a party, I think. Hope you have a great pre- Valentine's weekend.

  17. Yup, love those gangsta faces too!

  18. I'm in the middle of learning a Hip Hop dance routine for the teacher act of our school Talent Show. Bottom line- I suck and I'm old.

  19. So wonderful to see your lil gang is well, happy, and healthy, aaaaand, having a blast! Wow, I know I haven't been around for a while, but how did your girls become such LADIES in the matter of a few short weeks!?

    I've missed your blog. :-) Hope you are having a great Vday weekend. We had dinner at Baci's last night and I got a fancy little trinket. For him, I promise to wash my multiple tea mugs lying about the house. Ha!

  20. Oh those pictures are fabulous!! Love the gangsta faces")

  21. You can't dance well without pulling strange faces: fact.

    That cactus is gorgeous!

  22. Where did you find a photography class? I so want to do that!!
    Happy Valentine's day--mine will be roseless too. :D

  23. Lovely girls, but then again the fruit never falls far from the tree - or in your case, the palm tree! ;-)

    I don't wish bad weather on anyone, there's no point in suffering through misery.

    Have some warm sunshine for us, will you? :-)

  24. You have great looking dogs and I love the dance picture. Just dropped by to wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  25. your daughters are beautiful! love the first picture, so much expression!!


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