May 29, 2009

TGIF and some brown and green stuff.

I am actually leaving the house this weekend. Well, not that I have not left the past few weekends but this time I am actually leaving the house for overnight. The Coach and Lo have been flying solo out there in the big bad world without Linds and I. And yet, they have survived the last few trips….

We are hopping on a leer jet and heading over to Tuscany for a few days.

*picture: ‘under the Tuscan sun’. Gosh, I love that movie.

Just kidding. We are heading out for a softball tourney. Almost as romantic. Almost.

yeah!! bring on the sunscreen…but leave home the FUNscreen.

So much to do. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth leaving at all….get dogs to sitter, pack bags, pack cooler, notify security neighbors, gas up, get cats situated…ugghhh.

On the upside, I get to see Lo play some ball!!!! So, I suppose it is all worth it. I would do anything for my kids…I have the stretch marks to prove it!

I am cooking a chicken for a batch of chicken salad. YUM.

I just finished baking a large batch of brownies for the weekend too…the smell of deliciousness is wafting through the house….15/16 year old girls who burn 12,000 calories and have the metabolism of a gnat can consume a bit of food. Ok, barrels of food. Best bring some snackies too.

Here are the brownies. Notice the small(ish) corner with nuts.DSCN5552I have a huge weakness for anything chocolate, but ONLY when the chocolate is accompanied by nuts. Yes, I am nutty. I made only a small area for myself….therefore I can only eat that small smidgen of brownies. calorie crisis averted.

I am trying very hard to drop some Suz poundage, but can’t quite deprive myself all together.

All the baby trees are in the ground. Yeah for shovels, dirt and osmocote. I was so excited to see new buds/growth on them even before I put them in the ground. I think they will be happy here in zone 10.

There’s no place like home zone 10”


Next week I will have big & not so exciting news about some BIG trees. Ok, TREE. Singular. There will be movement in the yard. An arbor day of sorts…. perhaps?? Dunno, will see.

My 14 yr old niece is coming back with us this weekend…we have not seen her in 2 summers….she will be here for 2 weeks.

The girls are all sorts of excited. Me too: Built in buddy!!!!

Happy Friday Ya’ll!!

Anyone planning on winning the lottery, getting hitched or crossing the pond this weekend?????

I wish for everyone a weekend filled with family, good health and something good to fulfill your sweet tooth!!!!


  1. Your brownies look delish! I think you should go crazy and throw a couple more nuts on top - lol!!
    I hope to win the lottery, but if I don't - I still plan on going to see my potential new puppy on Saturday! :0 Puppy resistance is futile! At least that is what I told the hubby!

  2. Glad you are getting out. Bummer about it not being Tuscany.

    I LOVE that movie.

    Hehehehe on the brownies. Kudos to you if really can just eat only one. I wouldn't have the strength.

    Cleaning and packing and getting ready for the big move...and yet another trip to Disney.

    Hello, my name is Persnickety, and I am a Disney-holic.

  3. I'll take the other corner of those brownies.
    We have a baseball tournament this weekend, and of course a big bash at the hotel for A-Ron who turns thirteen on Sunday. Turtle turns seventeen today! I don't think I have a month without a birthday...or two or three in one week!

    I can't wait to see those trees grow big! If I lived by you, I'd come babysit Cocoa and Ozzie. I love slumming it with dogs!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun with lots of goodies to eat. Hope you all have a great time! Stay safe!

  5. Sounds like fun...We followed our girls to every event too...I hope you have great weather. Take care ~Natalie

  6. You had me going on Tuscany!! I was amazed - for a second. I am planning on winning the lottery - how did you know?? BTW I have missed you!! I am glad to be back in blogland and to find a little of your world here waiting for me.

  7. you are leaving? i hope you come back. please leave the back door unlocked... we are low on spoons again :)

    have fun!

  8. That looks like one of my casseroles. Everyone but Danger Boy likes onions. Hence the foil divider in the casserole that is 3/4 onion and 1/4 no onion.

    Have a great softball-filled weekend.

  9. Oh I wish I was going to Tuscany!
    Hope you don't mind but I left you a little award over at my blog...looks like you already have a LOT...but gee..I read you every had to go to you!

  10. After yesterday's post, I was a little reluctant to read about "brown" stuff. =)

    Why is it when we go any where, it's always the moms doing all the work? Every one else is sitting in the car waiting.

    Hope you have a great weekend with lots of home runs!

  11. I am not doing any of those three things, but boy now I wish I were!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Your brownies look delicious. Yum.

  12. You are taking the laptop with you so we all can have up-to-date scoop on your trip, right? Drive safe - Have fun!

  13. You are so smart with the nuts! And I totally think the softball tournament will be just like Tuscany. Great analogy suz : ) Brilliant

  14. Yummm those brownies look amazing! It's prom weekend for us... could be trouble. Just kidding :)

    Have a good safet trip and good luck to Lo at her tourney!

  15. bee i love getting "prepared" for the weekend tourneys!!! good luck to you guys!! and i hope your niece can put up with you... he he..

  16. I was so happy to be able to catch up with your blog! Seems like you have been busy! :) thus the title of your blog! lol.. anyways I hope you have a blast at the softball get-a-way! :) Cheer loud!


  17. You are such an amazing mom. enjoy your weekend out. Soccer tournaments for me consist of a stop at the local 7/11 to load up on prepackaged snacks. Me? Bake? What? Yes I do know how. It's the damned time sucker thingy.

    And tuscany? we have to do that on horseback someday. Yes we do. Moms unite and go to Tuscany. Now we're talking!

  18. It's fun to get out.. even if it's not Tuscany. Just about anywhere your family is can be a good place. : )

    Glad your trees are getting in the ground. You totally cracked me up with the brownies. Nuts are just from the devil around our house.. ALLLLWAYS optional in cooking. And we always opt to OMIT. :p We have a thing about mixing "crunchies and smooshies". And brownies are definitely not supposed to be crunchy! : )

  19. OK.. duh, I forgot to mention I linked to you in my post today. : )

  20. Oh, I wanna go. I haven't taken a road trip in a while. I kinda miss packin up and headin out. Be careful and have a great time.

  21. Have a great weekend and enjoy those delicious looking brownies.

  22. I prefer the brown stuff, please.

    One big piece, warm, served with a tall cold glass of milk.

    Do you need my address? :-D

  23. Have a fun weekend away! I just want to sit at home and not get up this weekend...but that isn't how it will go down...but I can wish!

    It's the planning that sucks...the husband has no idea how time consuming that is!

  24. Hey Chickpea Chicklette !!! I luv hummus. Look for Island Lemon by Margaritaville ... and pass the brownies, with nuts. xoxo.

  25. we're going to grandmas house!! His mother lives in topeka and we will stay at the hilton in KC. we have a free night stay, the hilton in topeka was booked solid. our nice vakay with the kids!!

  26. I'm very impressed with your will power. You made that delicious pan of brownies and only put nuts in a small corner! I hope you have a great weekend.

  27. Hope you have a great weekend... You will enjoy seeing your daughter play softball I'm sure!!!!!!

    I like my brownies without nuts, thank you!!!!!

    AND--I do remember the Ponderosa.... Chick peas???? Don't think I've ever had any... From what you say, I probably never want to have one either!!!!!

    BUT--I do love green olives (not the black ones)..

    We got home this evening and had a wonderful couple of days in the North Carolina mountains.


  28. I had a dream I met you last night. Really! It was so much fun meeting you.

  29. Hope you are having fun!
    I don't really have a big thing for chocolate, but if it has nuts, you can talk me into it.

  30. I'll never turn a brownie down, nuts or no.

    Hope you had a fun few days!

  31. I got excited for a minute when you said you were going to Tuscany..haha...I'm jealous of your zone 10...we are zone 3-4..if that tells you how cold it gets around here!


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