March 18, 2009

Why do it today, when I can do it tomorrow...or the next day....

    We all have those little pesky chores that we tend to put off....I finally got around to checking one off my list this week.
    I have been telling myself EVERYDAY for about 3 weeks that I was going to do it....and finally yesterday I just bit the bullet and took care of business........ I cleaned out my underwear drawer. pheww.
    Just ONE more reason for you to be JEALOUS of my glamorous life.
    Glad to get that out of the way. Some of those babies looked like they could actually fit a BABY. (just how much weight have I gained???)

      Other tasks that I tend to put off....

    • Getting the oil changed in my car. Seems like such a waste of time. I mean, the car is running fine, why take a chance? Plus, I can't SEE the oil.

    • Going to the gyno. hate it. hate it. hate it. Ladies, can I get an AMEN? Men, are you still here? hello???

    • Returning phone calls. I don't like talking on the phone. So, if I don't call you back, don't take it personally. There are MANY people I don't call back. I ONLY call back if you specifically say: PLEASE CALL ME BACK. Then I will most likely call you back.

    • Putting away my folded laundry. Thank goodness we have a large space in the closet where I can pile it up a bit. When it is taller than me, then it gets put away.

    • Ironing. I wait till I have several items to is an endless task. My back hurts just thinking about it....I wish the wrinkled look would come back in style...

    • Walking out to my compost. Seems like it is miles away. I sometimes collect my compost on the lanai. When the bugs start to come, then I venture out to the back 40. I know...ewww.

    • Giving the dogs a bath. They don't like it. I don't enjoy it. The girls are not home enough to do it regularly. ugghhh.

    • Shaving my legs. I know it is not pretty. But I hate to do it. Coach says he can't tell if it is done or not. If he can't tell, then who can??? (FYI, I still do it each week...but I still hate it)

    Allrighty then....I know you guys have some too...c'mon share...what do you put off as long as possible???


    1. Some of those things I don't put off, I just don't do!!

    2. wow... i didn't know you were a procrastinator like me! all these years you have fooled me! and now i kow why you say to leave a detailed message!! you don't want to know the how, where, when and why of my call, you want to know if i am going to say CALL ME BACK! see, now i know. i won't leave you a message... i'll just keep calling til you answer!! geez, i can hardly come up with something new to procrastinate about... you seem to have them all!! hmmmm.... still thinking.

      can you see the smoke?


      i guess i'll just say...
      taking down the christams tree :)

    3. Number one on my list: I put off going to the dentist. Shaving my legs is in the list somewhere too. heheh

      Nice blog! Fun to read.

    4. You're not alone. I too hate to put away the laundry. I have piles here and there and everywhere. Drives my husband crazy. It doesn't take that long to put away, but for some reason I just ignore it for as long as I can.
      I also have to tackle the cabinets above the pantry. I never go in there, so I know there's stuff I can get rid of and use that much needed space. Just haven't had the motivation.

      And forget about the ironing. No way, no how. My husband takes his shirts to the cleaners, thank goodness. The rest I fold nicely as soon as it comes out of the dryer. But then it sits around the house. Hee hee.

    5. Cleaning out the boys drawers and closets and rotating clothes to whichever boys it fits at the time. For some reason I hate to do it. For one I have to make them try stuff would think I was pulling their fingernails out when I make them do that!

      I am always so pleased when it is done it is just doing it!

      Putting their pictures in photo albums. I am not a not have time. Plus they are boys..will they really enjoy all the time and effort I put into it. I am thinking not!

      With digital and storage on the computer I barely print the pictures out. I really need to get this done. Suppose to be a winter project, but now Spring is here. Oh well!

      Thanks a lot you have made me think of all the things that I need to get done! Yuck!

      Wish I could only shave my legs once a week. If I waited that long, the boys may think I am one of them! That is a daily chore for me and chore it is!!

    6. I hate to iron also and I hate to take the garbage out, especially if it's cold. I bet I know one thing you enjoy - vacuuming!!!
      I'm having a giveaway - come and visit.

    7. Ok, you must be reading my mind. I have two underwear drawers, and they are both crammed to the gills. These drawers are huge, and nothing ever gets folded. I don't get folding bras and panties...ever.

      So, I will be grabbing a big trash bag and unloading all but the five pair that fit me. Then I should go out and buy some new ones. They drawers will be full again, and the cycle goes one.

      Can't Cocoa and Ozzie just go for a dip in your pool? JJ hates the way he smells after a bath...but I think he likes looking pretty.

      Compost? What's that? Do you make your own potting soil? Your are so green flowers are gonna start sprouting from your ears.

    8. I can so relate to this post. I have been putting off cleaning out our closet. I hate to do dishes but I will. Oh the list goes on and on.

    9. You are too funny! I love your posts. I procrastinate the most when it comes to calling my grandmother. She is 88 and, well, to put it mildly, is a little MEAN! Plus, that woman never forgets anything. Then, when I've run out of things to talk about, she just sits there and we enjoy silence. Uggg. It's a major chore for me. I guess I'm kinda like you in the fact that I don't like to call ANYBODY at all. That's horrible huh! Oh well.

    10. 1. Change the oil, check! I only do it regularly because I can't afford to get a new car right now, so this baby has to last as long as possible!!

      2. Gyno, check! Don't enjoy it any more than you do, but unfortunately, I've been having some "issues" so it's every three months for me :( "Open wide...."

      3. Return calls, check! This is one of my biggest pet peeves!!! I HATE when people don't return my calls!! HATE IT! Remind me never to call you, I'll just stick to email, thank you very much! ;)

      4. Put away clean clothes, check! 75% of what I wash is Stud Muffin's, so that stuff DOES pile up. He just grabs what he needs every damn morning out of the laundry basket. But, hey, at least it's folded, right? I'm with Grandma J, I don't fold my underwear, it just goes in the drawer. I do fold Studly's though, don't ask!

      5. the HELL is that?!

      6. Composting, check! I actually keep a small can on my counter for food scraps which I then give to my mother-in-law for her giant compost bin. It makes me feel like I'm doing my part to help keep things green.

      7. Buster's bath, check! Thank God for PetSmart's grooming department!

      8. Leg shaving...bwahahahaha!! I live in Chicago, remember? My legs are covered 90% of the time. I seriously don't even remember the last time I shaved my legs. If I'm lucky, I do it the once every three months I have to see the gyno! (It's not as gross as it sounds, I hardly have any hair on my legs, I swear! I guess I'm just lucky that way!)

      As for my own list of things I seem to put off, housekeeping in general tops that list!! I HATE TO CLEAN THE HOUSE!!!! You would think that for someone who works three jobs, I could afford a cleaning lady. Hey, Suz, what would you charge to come clear up to ChiTown and deep clean this sty? I know it would be next to nothing, right, since you LOVE to clean? tee hee!! I'll bet that purple Dyson would do wonders on all the Buster hair on my floors!! Think about it, ok, and get back to me. You can even email me, since I know you hate to use the phone! ;-)

    11. I can totally relate to this post too. I'd rather surf the web than do the things I'm supposed to do. Oh, well.

      Thanks for the comment and visiting my page. Have a great day.

    12. Lol on the gyno! I have to take a xanax now before any appointments with them - long story!! So I put it off as long as possible!
      And I'm with you on shaving the legs too - I figure no one can see them in winter so who cares? But spring is a different story and I don't want to send small children running & screaming from me! ha,ha!

    13. what do i like to put off... hmmmm... lemme see..... rubs chin slightly... ohh watch out for that sore zit there...

      things. things in general. every thing. if there is a way to postpone, i'm there. i am the queen of procrastination in this wonderful nation and although i am never late for any important date... still i will wait until its nearly too late to get things done.

      im kinda feeling a bit dr. seussie right now... can i make a book outta that...?

      C ;)

    14. I'm with you on all of this!!

      My OB/GYN is 3 yrs older than me and so cute. I don't know if that makes it easier or harder to go there. I used to call him my boyfriend but now that I'm not having anymore kids I'm kind of over him. :-)

      I absolutely don't like to talk on the phone either. If I can't text or e-mail it doesn't happen. I feel bad when I don't get back to some right away or at all but I really just don't like talking on the phone. So glad someone else feels this way.

      Folding the laundry and putting it away I don't mind. It's the whole bringing the dirty clothes down from upstairs that makes me procrastinate. Then the clothes sitting in the laundry room makes me do some more thinking about the actual act of doing the laundry. Once the clothes are finished and folded I'm probably so excited it's done and that's why it doesn't bother me.

      Ironing, what's that? Know how I iron? I wet my hands and pat my clothes. No kidding. Of course if I'm going somewhere important like Easter dinner or out for girl's night then I iron. But for the most part, I try to fold the laundry as neatly as possible so I don't have to iron it. My hubby irons his own clothes in the morning. Thank goodness!

      Funny, after my 2nd baby I still used to shave my legs every day. It's that third one that did me in. Now I only shave a couple times a week. I used to make fun of my Mom for only shaving once every 2 weeks. Now I understand why she did it. :-)

      Much love from NJ,

    15. I hate going to the dentist. I haven't had good experiences and I don't imagine I ever will. I'm seeing my hoo hoo doctor on Friday. I figure I deserve a nice treat after that. I put off putting away my laundry too. The Husband does the laundry and leaves it in the basket for me. Drives him crazy that I never put it away. It's become a bit of joke. He never replaces the toilet paper roll and I never put my laundry away. I figure we're even.

    16. Went to the dentist this morning. I would (truly) rather go to the gyno than deal with the dentist. HATE going to the dentist.

      And, truly, I hate cleaning. I keep the house tidy, but I just HATE cleaning. The kids and the dogs (and Hubster) just dirty it up again. So, I think, "Why bother"??

      That's it. :)

    17. back massage- so painful.
      sending birthday cards - always late.
      eyebrow wax/trim-self explanatory
      hoovering- loathesome job ( and I know-you love your Dyson)
      ironing- to be avoided. We send ours out

    18. I put off changing the oil in my car for so long that the last time I got it checked the mechanic came out and told me that there was NO oil in my car and it was a wonder that the motor hadn't seized up.

      I also don't like to put clean laundry away so it sits around until I dang well feel like putting it away. Some of my newer clothing items have never even seen the inside of a drawer or closet.

      Doing the laundry isn't in my list of favored past times either. However if my laundry pile gets too big my cats tend to pee on it so THAT is a good motivator.

    19. I say Amen on the laundry. I don't mind bringing it downstairs to the laundry room. I don't mind actually doing it. I don't mind folding it. But by God do I hate putting it away.

    20. Getting out of bed in the morning. I wait until the last possible second before I pull those covers back so if I get up and there is any sort of feline disaster then I am going to be late to work.

    21. You only have to shave your legs once a week? **jealous**

    22. You are too Great list of things to put off doing. Since my mind is on over load I cannot for the life of me think of anything to add to this list...but, if I do, I will be sure to share it with you. And yes, I am so jealous of your glamourous Mainly, I'm jealous cause you live in Florida.

      PS I just thought of out the inside of my car! Yuck!

    23. I never would have guessed you were a procrastinator. You've always struck me as super-efficient. But I was glad to read that you don't like to talk on the phone (I don't either).

    24. Always put off until tomorrow what you don't wnat to do today :)

    25. What is this "iron" of which you speak?

      And Doctors? Why do we need them?

      and mailing gifts before the big day when something can be 3 weeks late and therefore that much more anticipated and appreciated?

      cleaning out drawers/medicine cabinets/closets? If you can't see it when the door is closed, it does not exist. that's my motto....

    26. Well---we have something in common, Suzanne... I don't like to talk on the phone either. I just cringe when it rings. My reasons are different from yours though. I worked for the church for many years---and had to call people to get volunteers. I hated doing that and they hated to hear me calling. That was BEFORE caller-ID.

      Now that I am blogging so much and working in my yard, I put off cleaning the darn house. George even helps me---but I put it off as long as I can. I need YOU to come and help me!!!! ha


    27. Wasn't it Scarlett O'hara that said I'll think about it tomorrow? That's me... I put off everything I can. I can almost always find something else to do...
      ironing- only when there are no wrinkle free clothes left to wear because I've put off doing laundry,
      shaving- only when the salesman says- did you shave today? well no- duh!
      changing the oil in my car- only when I can't stand the maintenance required light anymore,
      putting away laundry- only when the pile gets to a point it needs to be refolded for the 2nd or sometimes 3rd time because I have rummaged through it looking for something wrinkle free cuz I don't want to iron
      oh goodness, the list goes on and on and on


    28. Oh my can go days or weeks without shaving! I shave almost every day! I'm so OCD. I iron when I have when I have no jeans to wear...but that takes a really long time because I have more than 50 pairs of jeans. I don't put off much. The only thing I will put off is cooking and I'll put that off until I'm almost near death from starvation-that's how much I hate it. Thank goodness for restaurants.

    29. Um... I think you stole my life. Except for the compost part, but that will come this summer in our new house!

      Maybe add: getting a hair cut. GAAAH waste of time... of course I'm overdue for an appointment with my coiffeuse. And my dentist too. *cries*

    30. This week it has been cleaning the house. I really want to do it, but don't have the time. And I hate it, really hate it not clean so then I'm out of sorts.

    31. YES! It's not so much washing the laundry as it is PUTTING AwAY the laundry. Good calls on all of these.

    32. Oh golly. What DON'T I put off? Did I tell you 3 weeks ago I was gonna work on our taxes? Didn't happen. There is this stack of papers that I keep moving from one place to another.Sometimes I scatter it on the bed. Then I pick it up at bed time. Then it's sitting on my cedar chest. Then back on the bed. Then on my desk. Then back on the bed. You get the picture. The stack sometimes gets smaller if I actually start to dig through it. Then, it seems to get larger again.Will it ever disappear? Only if I throw it all away without looking through it! Same thing happens with photographs. I have a zillion to go in books. Some really old ones. Now that we have digital I just have lots of photos "on file". Ugh. Is there help for someone like me? People think I'm this organized soul, but when it comes to paper I'm a total packrat.


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