March 10, 2009

Weekend happenings....

Saturday Lo and Coach had a game at Florida Gulf Coast University.

It was so nice playing at a real field. Not that the high school fields are not wonderful, but this was really different. Our seats were above the field, which gave me the great view I needed to call the balls/strikes.

Really, the umpire should have been where I was...I could call the pitches much better than she could.

But can't we all?
Lo's uncle and 2 cousins came to watch.....

My daughter is turning into IronMan right before our eyes.

Ok, it was just ice packs.....

Driving to the game on Saturday I handed Linds a sunscreen stick.

Like this:

She was playing her DS at the time and just grabbed the stick out of my hands and at once tried to apply it to her LIPS without even thinking.

She started laughing...and said she thought it was LIP CHAP. (she has called chap stick- lip chap since she could talk)

I started laughing because of the huge diameter of the LIP CHAP...I said:

"yeah chap stick for a cow with big lips maybe..."

And with her quick wit Linds said:

"Or Angelina Jolie"

seriously, I don't know where she gets it from.....

Cocoa decided to join a gang this weekend.

The only requirement?

You must wear a purple zebra stripped hoodie.

Please don't call PETA.


  1. I think I hear Coca crying HELP! LOL!!

  2. Ice paks? Does she pitch?

    I think Cocoa looks stunning. I would only call peta if she was wearing fur...carrying a 'gator purse. Because it's not pretty when I get jealous.

  3. i love your quirky family :)

    as for poor cocoa? i cannot believe this didn't make front page news!!!

  4. You don't know where she gets it from? LOL! I love your family stories.

  5. Grandma J- Lo does not pitch...but she has been having issues with her shoulder and elbow.
    We are saving for body replacement parts and not retirement. :)

  6. Love the family stories and oh how sweet Cocoa looks. Looks and sounds like you are having fun!

  7. Katie called it Lip-Chap, too; she's the only person in the family who did that. It's a funny name, & I wonder where they got it.

  8. Just the thought of ice packs makes me cringe - oh, how I hate to ICE things - Poor Lo!

    Pita always called it yipsick!

  9. Glad to see that my doggy is not the ony one be tortured by the fashionistas of the house. Too cute.

  10. Cocoa looks like those stripes are saying 'what am I in the dog house for this time?'

  11. Cocoa just needs to learn that, if you are going out with the family, you need to look presentable!!! (Did you make her wear lip-chap??)

  12. Studly used to call chapstick "lipids" which is even funnier to me know because everyone is always advertising that their lip moisturizers contain lipids! Weird!

  13. I have that hoodie. Looks better on the dog!

  14. hahahaah I love the pictures of Cocoa. I so needed that laugh today :)

    How did they do in their game (I mean Lo, not Cocoa)

  15. Poor long-suffering CoaCoa.... she is the butt of many jokes, just like our dogs! :)

  16. Hello PETA, this is Life with Kaishon. I am calling to report potential Great Dane embarassment Harrassment issues! Could you please report to the house in Florida with a big white gate and a backyard full of Iguanas. You might have to knock a couple of times because Busy Bee Suz will be vacuming with her new Dream vacume Rosie. Ok, thanks! Click.

  17. I really think I am funny. And I just reread that in my head and I realize I am an idiot : ) But, I just want you to keep on loving me anyway, K?

  18. Cocoa and my dog could totally hang out. I would even give Cocoa a pedicure!

  19. Great stories! The dog picture is hilarious!

  20. Great stories! The god pictures are hilarious!!

  21. My kids called it 'lip chap' too! Too funny!

    Maybe she thought it was a stray stick of Bonne Bell from the 70's calling her name! (those things were huge!) LOL

  22. I hope your daughter is okay - that is ALOT of ice!! :)

    Also, the beautiful weather in the background makes me miss Florida - you lucky, lucky girl!! :)

  23. I love the pictures of your puppy. :) too cute!

    I love the chapstick/sunscreen story, your daughter seems really whitty, does she blog? She should, maybe she'd be as great as her mom.

  24. OH my how many photos do we have of my poor dog dressed in various silly people clothes? Yeah PETA wouldn't know where to begin...
    and that Linds is a quick one!

  25. awwwwwwwww cocoa you are SO darn cute! so, erm, tell me suz, how long did she let you keep her in it?
    perhaps, 60


  26. As always, you have made me laugh.

  27. He he. Hoodied doggies are the BEST :-D

    And the lip-chap episode made me spill some coffee, teehee!

  28. What a fun family...what is the best is that you seem to laugh through life together!!

    I totally AGREE with you...I am sure my son is saying " My mom does nothing but blog all day"
    I know he is...I know he is!
    sandy toe

  29. He looks like he could take Bossy's dog Stella in that getup!


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