March 04, 2009

My G'ma is 96...


I love my Grandma.
Really, I LOVE her to bits.
I would love to share her with the whole entire world. SHE is one of a kind.

I would like to spread her know, like Coke-with a smile.

This is my Dad's Mom that I am bragging about today.

She was born in 1913. Can you imagine what changes she has seen????

There are only a handful of people alive that can appreciate her like I do.

My Mom does. She really appreciates the humor that is my Grandma.We laugh about her silliness all the time.

oh, she is something, this lady who has seen so much. Just something.

She has a few phrases, that just crack me up and she uses them almost every time I talk to her. Most of them I can't put in print. :)

Whenever I call her on the phone....oh, it is a challenge to have a conversation because she can't hear for poop. She always asks: "are you on an extension?"

Ok. Grandma all phones are extensions.
But I can't say this to her.

SO, for a long time, I just said: NO.
I lied. It was easier than trying to explain.

Now what I hear is:
"are you on a hand held?"

Yes, Grandma. All phones are hand held. (I mean, who holds them w/ their feet?)
Don't even get her started on Cell phones!!!!!

After about 10-15 minutes of talking she says these 2 things:

"Is this your nickel or mine?"

"If we keep talking, we won't have anything to say next time"

And of course: "I love you"

She has outlived her husband, a Son and a Grandson.

She has outlived all 6 of her brothers and all her friends. Really, if you ask her (or even if you don't) she will tell you that she has outlived EVERYONE!

She smoked until she was 75, loved to watch her "stories" (until all the women started acting like sluts. her words, not mine)

She loves the Miami Dolphins football & Marlins Baseball.

I suppose that is what happens when you have 6 brothers and 2 sons.....

She was on a bowling league until she was about 86.
She spoiled me like I deserved it when I was little.

I was the only granddaughter. (lucky me!)

I only remember her yelling at me ONE time in my whole life: I just so happened to think I might be able to walk on water, like Jesus...On top of Grandmas pool. We just came home from church, and yes, I was still in my church dress. Sue me.

Do you see what kind of child I was??? Angelic, I tell you.

She became a great-great Grandma last year.

She loves Coach SOOO Much too.

She lives almost 2 hours from us. She has lived in the same house for about 55 years. My Uncle lives with her, but she takes care of herself very well.

We visit her about 3x a year and I try to call her monthly. She always tells me: "Suz, you are the only one I don't have to worry about" Meaning out of all the grandkids....that always makes me feel good.

I feel so blessed to still have her in my life!!!!

Happy Birthday Grandma.

If I told her I had a blog, she would give me a laxative.

The very top picture is from her "surprise" 90th bday party...people thought I was pushing my luck suprising a 90 year old woman!!!


  1. How wonderful!Wishing her many more happy and healthy years.
    sandy toe

  2. Your grandma is a character! Love that she asks you if its her nickel or yours when you're talking on the phone! I think people get funnier as they get older! (When I used to call my grandma - who couldn't hear very well either - she would always say "get the cotton out of your mouth so I can hear ya!)

  3. Happy Birthday wishes to her. She is beautiful and sounds like quite a handful! You are all very blessed to have her in your life. Can you believe a great-great Grandma???

  4. Wish your G'ma a Happy Birthday for me! You are very lucky to have her in your life!

  5. Aw, I love Grandma too! Happy Birthday, Grandma!

    And how amazing is 5 generations?!?!

  6. Wow, 96?!?! God Bless her! My grandma's birthday is Saturday, and she would have been 88. I miss her every single day. I know you already know this, but you are so lucky to have her around. And the girls are REALLY lucky. How many kids actually have memories of their great-grandma? Too cool!

  7. Happy Birthday to Grandma! How lucky you are to have had a Grandma that you were so close to and has been such an important part in you and your family's life. I still have both my Grandmas living and I also am 2 hours from them. Do not see them as much as I would like but boy have they played an important role in making me who I am!

    Grandmas are the best!!!

  8. The photos is great. She looks so sassy showing a little leg!

  9. Happy 96th Birthday to your grandma!! She is very beautiful. You have good genes, Suz!

  10. Happy Birthday Grandma! That's so amazing and special. My grandmothers are 100 and 89. I can't imagine living that long. My 89 year old Grandma comes to visit all the time. She thinks my kids are her world. Lucky me...and lucky you too for still having yours around. What a blessing.

    Much love from NJ,

  11. i think i was one of those skeptics about the surprise party!!! i loved what you shared about your gramma :) and how much you love her. i think you are the best granddaughter ever. seriously. and i think you should print out your post and mail it to her. she'd think you were really famous that you had an article published!!! (ooo... take out the part about the blog- unless you need that laxative) i bet she'd probably beat me over to your house to get in line for that autograph!

  12. "If I told her I had a blog, she would give me a laxative." Bahahaha!

    Happy Birthday to your grandma!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Grandma! Many happy, healthy returns of the day. You are an inspiration, & I hope that all of your wishes come true (yours, too, Suz).

  14. Happy Birthday, Grandma... Suz, she looks GREAT.. I'll bet she IS a hoot... Did she give you her cute personality?????

    My father-in-law who, as you know, will be 97 in August. He taught himself how to use a computer when he was 90.. He and I would email every single day --until he lost his vision last year and had to stop. I miss that so much because I always loved reading his emails. He knew how to read my blogs--but he called them BLOBS.

    Great post.. Love the last statement about the laxative... Too Funny!

  15. Happy Birthday to your Grandma! Mine is 88 and loves to tell stories. Mine is also getting very.... well.... MEAN! Says she tired and doesn't want to do this anymore. We just keep on loving her though.

  16. Happy Birthday, Grandma!
    This was a delightful post. Your grandmother sounds a lot like my father. Dad will be 97 in August and we can hardly have a phone conversation with him because his hearing is so bad. But he and Mom are still in their own house.

  17. What a great story and a great Grandma. She definitely sounds like quite a pip.

  18. Happy Birthday G'ma!
    Gotta love it that they are in their own little world sometimes.
    (sorry if this is a duplicate--connection from outer space was lost.)

  19. Suz,
    This is wonderfu. What a BLESSING your Grandmother has been to you. 96 years on this planet is an AMAZING life. Seriously. What amazing things she has seen happen in her lifetime! Give her a hug from ME next time you see her!

  20. Happy birthday to your grandma! What a special lady. I can see why you love her...hell, I think I love I am thankful that you have this blessing in your lives. Your daughters are blessed to know their wonderful great grandma the way they do. You sound like a most perfect granddaughter Suz so I am sure that she feels just as blessed as you!

  21. Sending wonderful Birthday wishes to your Grandma!

  22. HAPPY 90th to your Grandma!! (My co-worker's Grandma turned 100 this weekend!) How special to have her in your life. Last Jan. I lost my mom and my kids' great grandma just 10 days apart...and that's the last of our older family....too sad to lose those stories....ENJOY your Grandma...she looks so spunky!

  23. Oh my goodness. She loves her stories! She's so precious. Happy happy birthday to your Grams.

    I tried to comment on your other post but the comments page wouldn't pull up. Anyway I was going to say Fresh Wave, Cleaning Additive can be added to your wash and will get the pee smell out of clothes, towels, sheets in the first cycle. How do I know this??'ve heard of Chumley. And yes, cat pee smell is the absolute WORST! Sorry to leave this on sweet Grandma's post but my fricking computer is whacked!!!


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