March 12, 2009

The Big Bath Reveal

The big reveal is always my favorite part on all those HGTV shows we watch....

This post is chalk full of pictures....I hope it does not hurt your eyeballs too much.

I do have to say that I hesitated posting the pictures....for a few reasons....

ONE: because the economy is so sucky, and people don't have jobs or homes and I feel guilty that we went ahead with this renovation anyway.....

TWO: I hate to sound/look like I am bragging. really.

But I had a few folks ask about it and even Coach commented to me that I had not put the pictures up yet. So I did it for you. And for Coach. (or maybe he is just tired of reading all my nonsensical stuff? nahhh.)

Hey, perhaps we could draw in some business....hmmmm???

Who needs cabinets??? A kitchen, Bath? Anyone..Tap Tap Tap....anyone???

OK- Here is a test for you folks though. Help a girl out....Coach and I are in disagreement about ONE aspect of our bathroom. I say it is NOT done. He says it is DONE.

If you can spot ONE major element MISSING here, then perhaps I can get it DONE.

CLEARLY someone will notice what is missing.....and no it is not the toilet, that is in a separate room.

Clearly anyone with any taste at all can SEE right into this part that I am speaking of.......

But first, lets look at the blue disastrous bathroom to start with....ok, not a disaster per say, but I was OVER it 10 years ago

The new bathtub is divine.

I was a bit concerned that the faucet was TOO tall.....well you know what I was really thinking???

Is the water still going to be hot when it reaches the tub????

Twice I sprayed the entire bathroom because I forgot it has a diverter switch for the hair rinser thingy....which really doubles as a microphone if American Idol happens to be on while you bathe....I am just sayin'...

Soooo much storage for me.....I won't tell you how many of the drawers are still empty...

No. I won't.
But FYI, you can fit several cats in there at one time.....

The shower came out gorgeous....Right? You can SEE right there that it is Beautiful....

I am hoping to put a splash of color....a print/picture possibly over the towel bars.
one day.

I found this super inexpensive ottoman at Home Goods...great for sitting while doing the hair, putting on shoes or holding my towel while I am in the tub.

And it opens up for storage....not sure why.... I keep hearing a strange MEOWING sound near it....

Ok, who could find what is missing????

Whom ever guesses correctly can come over for grout cleaning dinner, cocktails and a movie....

Coach did a great job designing all of this.........

Don't tell him, but I am working on a thankyou plaque in 14kt gold right now....oh and handwritten in calligraphy.
yeah, baby.


  1. is just beautiful...I love that bathtub and faucet...wonderful....enjoy many bubble baths!
    sandy toe

  2. Bathroom looks wonderful, you did a great job!!! Coach too! I cant think of a single thing missing except maybe a mini fridge.

  3. oh suz... it is be-a-u-tiful! such a change... and of course, your hubby's work is fantastic!! i'm not sure what you are referring to- something you think is not done?? really? the only problem i see is that all those workmen who have gone in and out your window the past months know that they can come right back and get a SHOW! i think your shower needs shutters :)

  4. wow! very nice! i like that shower! but i'm thinking i'd get rid of that window blind and get me some nice curtains......but that's just me.....

    nice work! i really like it.....your other half's a pretty talented guy....

  5. What a dream bathroom!!! Not sure what's missing....maybe some wine?

  6. YOU are hilarious, as ALWAYS! The new bathroom is to die for! But then again, I liked the old blue and white one! (I'm a blue girl, I admit it!) I love the shower-built-for-two... In fact, I hear some Barry White in the background, you and Coach steaming things up in the shower, mmm-hmmm.... fade out...

    Now as far as what's MISSING? Other than a couple of teenage girls cleaning BUSILY, I really can't think of a thing! I agree wtih Coach - I think the room is DONE! Good job, Coach! You earned that plaque, and a nice steamy shower with your wife, with the Barry White soundtrack in the background! ;) LOL!

  7. Love it! Very nice job. The only thing that came to my mind was a place in the shower to sit or prop a leg when shaving. I'm guessing that's in the corner we don't see though.
    Man, I would constantly be forgetting & spraying the bathroom with the microphone. LOL

  8. Personally, I think your shower walls should be higher. Then again, I'm sort of the modest type:)

    The bathroom is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! I'm crazy about earthtones, wood and tile - you have all three covered:)

  9. Envy. Envy! The floor space in my bathroom is slightly bigger than the rug. So both of your bathrooms look fab to me! :-D

  10. I think you need a place to hang your wash cloth in the shower. Is that what's missing? Also, a towel bar or hook nearer to the shower might be nice for your towel or bathrobe.

  11. Beautiful! I would be all about having both showerheads spraying on ME!!

    I might feel a little exposed with all that glass but a little soap scum should take care of that. Now if we can keep you from cleaning it!

    But everyone and their brother can just walk right in that shower - there is no door!

  12. I think both bathrooms look awesome! I'm a big fan of earth tones so the new one is my favorite. If you didn't mention anything about it not being finished I would've thought it was. You're either talking about putting some kind of glass up to enclose the shower a bit or a curtain above the tub. I think showers are supposed to open like that nowadays though. We have a small crappy shower stall with builder grade tile and shower doors. How BORING! Your bathroom looks like it should be in a magazine. Great job Coach!

    Much love from NJ,

  13. WoW! Fantastic job!
    I think the bo-day is missing....but I cannot spell French words....
    Happy Thursday!

  14. It's gorgeous, and it has a serene quality. I also like that the shower will get more light than it did before, and you can walk around that lovely tub. Is the missing item towel bars? Or heated towel bars?
    Congratulations! I hope this results in more work for Coach & his firm. It's awesome!

  15. The toilet is missing. I didn't see a toilet. It's so gorgeous otherwise! Can you tell I'm jealous?

  16. It is just beautiful! Perhaps are you hinting for a gorgeous curtain or swag for the window???

  17. Margaritas? A cabana boy? I give up. It is *gorgeous*! I am sooooooo envious.

    And, yes, of course you can copy my survey! It was originally posted on Facebook, but I added in my smartass answers (in my blog) to spice it up a bit. ;-)

  18. *Choking back sobs* Your old bath puts mine to shame. My master bath is the size of a small closet with a double sink, toilet and joke of a tub/shower combo. Can I come over and bask in its glory sometime?

  19. Beautiful bathroom! Is it a shower door? or A towel bar closer to the exit of the shower? Is there glass enclosing the shower?

  20. Its beautiful !
    Dont feel guilty about posting pics but I understand how you feel.We just redid our floors and went on a vacationa nd people act funny about it!!!

  21. I would never leave the bathroom! I could be perfectly content living right there. :) It's absolutely beautiful and I'm so envious.

  22. ME! ME! ME! I need cabinets and a bathroom...and a kitchen and bedroom too. A commute to Indiana wouldn't be bad, would it...?
    Absolutely gorgeous room! The vanity and the shevling unit are amazing!

  23. Oh I love it! Coach can design a bathroom for me anyday! Is there glass on the that what is missing?

  24. I'm thinking wet bar is missing. that bathroom is awesome. But then I'd have loved the first one. My "master bath" is slightly bigger than a closet. Sigh. I made it bigger by kicking out the Ex. ;-)

  25. It is gorgeous. I have bathroom envy. Except that shower looks awfully drafty with all that openess. I like my shower closed in and steamy myself.

  26. What's missing is ME enjoying your new bathroom!

  27. Wow! Gorgeous! I love it... I would have to have some kind of frosted glass in my shower- I would feel very exposed- but that's just me. I love the colors ! Just beautiful! I'm so glad you shared the pictures!

  28. Beautiful! Finally we get to see pictures...I've been waiting to see these. How could anyone think you of all people were bragging? Anyone that knows you and your great heart knows you don't even come close to being that. I can't really find what's missing from the pictures other than you maybe...and a bottle of wine?...a big screen tv so that when you soak in the tub for hours drinking wine, you can watch a movie? I so want to come and soak in your bath tub right now! Well, I suppose dinner, cocktails, a movie would be fun too!

  29. Beer holders. It's missing beer holders.

    Beautiful job!

  30. Nice bathroom!!! Hope you enjoy it. It's been cold here the past couple of days, so I've been spending some time in my jacuzzi tub.

  31. Wow! That is one amazing bathroom!! It's difficult to get the feel for the entire room, but I think you need some texture in there; on the floor. Like a small bathmat by the shower to prevent slipping when you step out and perhaps something in the centre of the room. You know, a spalsh of colour ... something that compliments the woodwork.

  32. It is beautiful - I really tried to see what was missing and couldn't find anything - other than maybe some curtains over window. I tried to find the door to the shower - couldn't - but figured it is so clean that it is transparent! Anyway - enjoy your time in that tub!

  33. Looks pretty complete to me and Fantastic!
    unless you want a trash can? I don't think I see one. Or an end table by the tub to set your glass of bubbly on.

  34. Where are the glass shower walls? I mean, you can't shower without splashing and no walls means the hot steam dissipates fast and you're left shivering...

    The rest is beautimous, really modern, sleek and chic - bye-bye 80's bathroom!

    THANK YOU for posting photos, sooo inspiring and gorgeous!!!

  35. well obviously, CLEARLY he forgot to put the glass walls in!
    i claim my prize.
    it's fab by the way. :-)

  36. well, after i get OVER my jealousy that you not only have a DYSON and now a beautiful NEW bathroom.... ;)

    i dont see a scale, a waste basket, a TV, any bars on the tub for assistance getting out, no towel racks within grabbing distance of said shower and tub... no magazines, no clock, no radio, and erm, no seat in da shower for leg shaving and such....
    and my final answer for $500.00 is;
    there are NO doggies or kitties around to keep you company whilst you bathe!
    oh. and no phone. and no toilet but you said its in another room.
    uh, and where is the linen closet, hmmmm?
    erm, and is there a jacuzzi in the new tub? i cant tell.
    ok already, inquiring minds wanna KNOW NOW...


  37. What a wonderful job you did on the bathroom. It looks swell. Like a spa bathroom in your own home! Wowo!

  38. Where's the wine???



    I LOVE it!!!

    Has a "spa like" feel to it. Ya'll did a great job.

    I'm getting one of those hair rinse thingys for me tub as well! =)

    Thanks for sharing!

    So what's the next project???


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