March 13, 2009

And the winner is......

Hey...we are all winners here. Aren't we?
Ok, maybe not so much....

Some very good and very interesting guesses yesterday on the missing component of the new master bath....

Some of you are just plain silly. Lucky for all of you, I LOVE silly.

Maggie suggested we get a mini fridge in there. Really, that and a coffeemaker and I would never be seen again...ever.

BHE said she thought the shower walls should be taller for privacy...well I did try that one...and I was vetoed by Coach and the contractor.

Really, the only people that come in there is Coach and I.
The girls don't dare step in there if there is any possibility of someone being nekked'.
Heaven forbid....

Foolery said what was missing was Beer holders. Klassy Foolery. (with a capital K)

Why had I not thought of this???

The missing element????

Glass enclosure around the shower.

The plan was for it to be glassed to the top of the tile and maybe a door too.
But the longer we go without it, the more we realize we can live without it. I was just wanting the glass to keep down the "draftiness"....honestly, it has not been much of a problem.
Bonus, you can set a glass of wine on the ledge....shower and drink at the same time.
You know I am all about multi-tasking......Only at night though. I realized drinking during the day is just plain trashy.

Splash zone with no glass? Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Just amazing.

So, the winners on this little game: Dawn, The Incredible Woody, 3 Peas in a Pod, TechnoDoll, Marbella Designs, Tara, Karen (in Florida), Mom X 2, You were all enclosure!!

Ok, how about Saturday night for dinner, cocktails and a movie.
I'll make pigs in a blanket for dinner (my specialty).

I'll crack open a box of wine...and oh, has anyone seen Splash??? It seems fitting....


  1. How did I miss the glass enclosure?! But i was on the right track w/ the wine. I think you need to install a wine cooler in there.

  2. I would la loveeeeee to come for dinner, cocktails and a movie. It sounds fun and Florida is so warm. I'll see you tomorrow around 6ish!?!

    Have a great weekend!

    Much love from NJ,

  3. Yeah...I won!!! I never win anything! And I love pigs in a blanket! Florida sounds so much better than IN right now, but cannot afford the plane ticket...bummer!! I was so looking forward to meeting Rosie.

  4. I'm in..... What time should I arrive?

  5. Dang, at least I had the wine part down. I like the movie Splash, hot dogs in a blanket and wine from a box so if I promise to behave myself, can I come too?

  6. I thought it was already there - but that it was so clean I just couldn't see it. LOL

  7. My boy loves to brag about my pigs in a blanket. At least there's one thing he thinks I cook well!

  8. I thought there was glass there too, but I think it's better without it. Pigs in a blanket? yummmmy

  9. i absolutely LOVE pigs in a blanket!!

    & that movie is pretty funny, i love when she shoves all of her money at the salesperson & when she thinks the wrapped box is her actual "gift"

  10. I seriously thought there WAS glass there. The flash was being reflected on the tile, and I thought it was the glass. Oh, well, if you don't need, all the better. Less to try and keep clean and spot-free, right?

  11. Yeah.. I would go for the glass. I would think water and extra moisture would go all over the place without doors. Seems like you'd get cold.. awfully drafty! : )

  12. Do you read Stephanie's Blog Bad Mom? Because I do believe that pigs in a blanket + box wine = Ecru Trash. Which I love being! I'll be right over for my dinner and movie.

  13. I figured it was designed that way, but I wondered about the draftiness myself. Of course I'm always cold, even living in Southern California. It's very impressive, that's for sure.


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