March 03, 2009

The Dyson: A Review

Or, I could have titled this:

The Dyson: A love story.

Yes, I love my Dyson. I have to stop calling it that, it is so darn impersonal.

Name suggestions received from all of blogosphere:

Barney: Being purple and all, but I will end up singing that "I love you" song and lose track of what I am doing....

Matilda: very cute. Reminds me of that movie where the little girl has all those powers that I would love to have.

Mr. Belvedere: Oh, how I loved the 70's sitcoms.

Gladys: not sure about Gladys. She sounds crotchety

Mr. French: Again, loved me some sitcoms....but I did not like the girl in that show: Sissy ??? geeze, that is a horrible nickname.

Bruiser: Well, it did take a Beating... and he is purple, like a bruise.

Alice: Why couldn't I live with the Brady bunch? I would have loved getting that attic room for my own too. **I wonder what ever became of Sam the Butcher?**

Jeeves: very formal. I am not that formal.

Rosie: as in the Robot from The Jetsons. That girl could take care of business.

I just don't know!!!
Oh, it was easier naming the kids, but then again I was on some good pain meds at the time.

I really thought I wanted to give it a Male name...but I already have a GPS named Betty and she gets me to where I need to be.

So I am going to stick with the girls.....we are really outnumbering Coach in the house already, lets keep it rolling.

I have decided to name her: Rosie.

If you are fortunate enough to already have a Rosie, you know how good she is...

I love her. She really SUCKS!!! Sucks dirt that is!!!!

(my floors did not appear to be THAT dirty. really)
Mine is not the "roller ball" version they show on TV.

It is the "Animal Absolute"

It is made for homes with pet hair. And have I got some of that!!!!

The suction is so good that I have a hard time vacuuming my smaller area rugs because Rosie wants to take the entire rug into her mouth at ONE time. She can be greedy.

I would like to have had just a tad bit more on the length of the main attachment pole....for those 12 ft ceilings. But I suppose I can't have it all. (why not???)

The attachments are great. The main one, is cleverly hid inside the handle. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to get it out.

Note: reading directions sometimes helps. Not necessary, however it could help.

I love the baseboard attachment, the upholstery attachment (small rolling brush works wonders on my dining room chairs and the couches.)

And a wonderful attachment that helps me to get underneath the beds!!!

When I cleaned our actual rugs (our home is 95% tile/wood) It moved very easily and you can feel it pulling you, instead of you PUSHING it. Very light also, about 16 lbs.

Emptying the canister is as easy as pie. You just hold it over the garbage can and with the touch of a button the bottom opens up and "dirt be gone."

those are all pros.

the only con?

All the attachments do not hang/fit onto Rosie. They must be stored separately (aside from the main hose/pole) Really, though that is not a bad thing either.

They are very expensive, that is if you don't have credit card points!!!

Coach asked me if I thought it was worth the money, (had we actually paid money)

My answer was a definite YES!!!!
I give Rosie 5 Thumbs up. (5 thumbs?)


  1. I wish I had a Rosie!

  2. Glad you like have sandals have sandles on....sandy toe

  3. I think I'm in love with Rosie too!

  4. I *heart* my Dyson too! The first time I used it I just stared at all the mess it picked up.. hard to believe when you can't even see most of it. But very cool! I actually feel like I've done something other than mark up the carpets now when I vac. ))))as she hugs her dyson((((

  5. Wish I had a Rosie. Glad you love it.

  6. Glad you like your Rosie! I love my Banana yellow dyson! The cat goes running as soon as I turn it on (I don't think it's because I tried to suction some hair off its back a few weeks can't be it!)

  7. Now I have something else th start saving my pennies for!!

  8. After spending the entire weekend beading and dropping countless beads all over my kitchen floor, I'm thinking Rosie would be a good addition to the Contessa family. I need someone to suck up all the beads I drop. Bring her over!

  9. You are so adorable! I love the picture, and I especially love the LIPS on the Dyson! (I'm going to tell Coach you've been making out with your Dyson!!...) :)

    The name Rosie is perfect! :)

  10. Rosie is a sweet addition to your family. I saw her over the knees got week and I broke out into a cold sweat. The price did me in. But I love how happy she makes you!

  11. It sounds as if you and Rosie are going to have a long and happy relationship.

  12. That's it. I'm sold. I must have one. My vacuum (it does not deserve a name....unless curses can be counted as a name?) must be PUSHED and requires a Herculean strength to muster it up the stairs!

  13. I think we need a Rosie. Once our vacuum breaks this will be on the next wish list. So glad you love her. You look so cute with your sandals on.

    Much love from NJ,

  14. Was talked out of even considering a Dyson because of the high cost of maintenance and repairs. Yeah, I know -- I'm crying over here. Me with all the cat hair.

  15. I'm DEFINITELY going to check and see if I can use my credit card points to get me one of these!! The animal fur in the canister is probably what Buster sheds in just two hours! I've gone through 4 vacuums in the 12 years he's been alive :(

  16. A Dyson... for pet hair!!! That is almost orgasmic... except its not mine, so really its more like a faked orgasm.

  17. thanks for visiting my blog, and douche bag is an always welcomed word! :)

    I loved this post, hope you and Rosie have lots of fun, um, yeah.

  18. I'm so happy for you! A match made in heaven! I'm going to have to work on her name, though, as Rosie brings to mind Ms. O'Donnell, for me, & I think she's a bit harsh...but maybe your Rosie can be harsh on dirt, so that will be good.

  19. Is that a big set of red lips I see on her??

  20. Someday... someday I'll have a Rosie and all will be well with the house cleaning!


  21. Suz, I got a call from Coach... He was VERY upset. He thinks that Rosie has taken his place in your heart... Poor Guy!!!! Bet your dogs run and hide when Rosie comes out to play... Otherwise, she might such them up into her also!!!!

    I would like a Dyson --but I have no points.. sniff sniff!!!! I have no dogs (or pets) ---but somehow, my house still gets dirty and I have to vacuum at least once a year... har har har


  22. I meant to tell you that I LOVE the picture... You are truly a gorgeous woman!!!! Coach is LUCKY.

  23. ...kind of look like R2D2 too! But then again he was a guy...wasn't he?

    Man I need that vacuum!

    Glad you didn't name it Fed Ex!

  24. I want one.
    You look so pretty with your vacume.
    Young as can be.
    I am envious of your sun.
    Your vacume.
    Your daughters scarves from the department store.
    So many things I have to go and cry myself to sleep now. Goodnight SuzyQ.

  25. oh wow! beautiful i must say! congrats on rosie. i too think of rosie o'donnall but gay vacummns work just as good i hear.... ;)


  26. so... are you & rosie coming over my house friday to play???


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