March 27, 2009

Working, Dogs, Snakes, Flat girls & Jupiter.

I continued my yard work on Thursday (when this is posted on Friday morning, I will be doing the same) I was quite sore come Thursday morning. It felt as though my thigh muscles had been tightly wound and I had some sort of sharp burr in my lower back. I can't recall a time when my collar bones AND my shoulder blades were yelping in pain. (I hope I don't have to raise my hands today)

What did you say? I am getting OLD and I am out of shape. HOW DARE you.
Oh never mind, that was me talking about myself again.

I was clipping in some really overgrown "dark" areas of the yard. And by dark, I mean the sun has not touched under these certain plants in years. My fear of dealing with these dark areas???

SNAKES. I am not afraid of snakes per se', I just don't want one jumping out at me. If I see them first, then we will get along.

My other fear? Is finding another one of those large green Iguanas. You know the ones with the large talon like claws. yeah, I have a feeling I would make a messy-mess in my shorts.

The dogs were out with me this entire morning too...just having a lovely day of panting and following me wondering why I was not on the couch in the a/c, 'cause that is where THEY usually are at this time of day.

For a bit of time, it was only Ozzie and I. I could not locate Cocoa.

I asked Ozzie where Cocoa was and he gave me this face:
Truth be told, this is pretty much the only face he gives us....

It is similar to a "what you talkin' 'bout Willis" face.

Well, Ozzie and I found Cocoa...She was on the other side of the yard in the driveway and she found one of my good friends: 'No-Feet' (we named all the black snakes that to keep it less confusing.)

Apparently Cocoa thought that 'No Feet' would be a good playmate.

Unfortunately that play date lasted about 4 seconds. Poor guy. I wonder if he made the "what you talkin' 'bout Willis" face to Cocoa before I got there??? I did try to move him out of the sun and see if he was just in shock and would come back to life...but I suppose after him being frozen like that for 6 hours, there is not chance of a comeback now.

"On to your next life 'NO Feet'. Peace be with you my slithery black friend."


Lo and Coach have a softball tourney in Jupiter this weekend. (that is a real place)

Linds and I are driving over too and are staying with our good friends the D's. The D's also have 2 boxers. SO it will be a boxer party. (the poor neighbors)

We received FLAT CAROLINE today from Grandma J. who received Flat Caroline from LMNOP (M). This little girl has been all over the place...but not FLORIDA.

So, we will take her with us.

If I was really brave (and stupid) I would stop on the way to Jupiter on the "Alligator Alley" and take a picture w/ Caroline and some gators......They are on both sides of the road in the canals. (behind a fence)

But I have seen some gators that have turned into they can get out!!!

So I think we will just have her wave at them through the window.

If she is lucky, (and I don't lose her) she will get to see the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf Of Mexico....In ONE WEEKEND!!

Have a great weekend.....Anything GOOD planned????

Hopefully it will be full of FUN, Family, LoVe, FrienDsHip and NO Gator bait.


  1. Ozzie really has that "what you talking about" look down!!!! Hope you have a great weekend. No plans here, it's supposed to rain.

  2. Here I thought you got up at the crack of dawn and wrote your little heart out. Makes more sense to schedule it to be published!! :-)

    I know exactly where Jupiter is. One of my good friends lives there. My parents also live 30 minutes from there as well. I so wish it was on the West Coast though. The Gulf of Mexico is my favorite and sooo beautiful!!

    My nephew did a Flat Trevor project too. He lives in Arizona so Flat Trevor got to see snow.

    Me no like no feet or iguanas. Yik! They both scare me. We have snakes in our back yard but luckily I'm the only one that hasn't seen them. I'm fine with that.

    Much love from NJ,

  3. how fun that you have flat caroline!! stop by so i can meet her, too!!

    or maybe i will stop by and help you in the yard. okay, i couldn't say that without spitting out my coffee. you don't want my help... i can't even keep the fake flowers alive! plus... i don't want to see the snakes. couldn't you try cpr on no feet? eric was working, you coulda called him!!!

  4. You deserve a break this weekend after all this -so enjoy your time with Flat Caroline! I am so looking forward to reading about your adventures. :)
    I have plans, but it's a secret right now.

  5. We drove through Jupiter when we went to my daughters wedding in Ft. Lauderdale. I hope you, your family and flat Caroline have a great time!...and don't get eaten by an aligator!

    You are a brave woman. I am scared to death of snakes and would have went running at first sight of that snake. When I seen the picture of your snake, I had to scroll down really fast so I didn't have to look at it!

  6. Sounds like you've been busy :) and have a busy weekend planned. BHE and a couple of our other friends are headed back to our new favorite restaurant 3Monkeys... could be trouble. Ahh I can't wait!! Have a good time with Flat Caroline!

  7. ewwwwww. i hate snakes, worms, and any creepy crawlies. yes, i am a woos. i admit it. if i saw that black snake i would of made a big messy mess in my shorts let me tell ya. gators, they dont scare me. i only say that from behind a glass wall or a fence.
    damn! your boxies are SO frikkin cute, suz! i love dem. i would nibble on that soft spot right above the nose if i could. arent they goofies, tho? boxies are our fave kind of dog.
    oh. cept leo, my oldest son's little peekapoo. i eat him up for snacks. oh. and my daughters sharpie (sharpea?) you know.... the wrinkled kind. yep. oh, and...... ah shucks i guess i lied but i DO SO love boxies! they have a special place in my heart. have fun this weekend and watch out for dem gators... and snakes....

  8. You've managed to enumerate most of the reasons I don't live in Florida in one post--snakes, iguanas, gators oh my!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Oh I don't like snakes....!!!

    Cute dog photo....

  10. Aww... Little Bear! (No Feet) That was one of my kids' favorite shows!

    So funny girl. I hate snakes too. I don't care if they won't hurt a thing... I ain't takin' no chances! : p

  11. Being new to your blog, I read "Flat Caroline" and thought... what the ???? So I read through all your 2009 posts for a clue. Not a one! Clueless in Arizona (me) would like to know what a Flat Caroline is?

  12. sounds warm and wonderful where you are, we were planning to go to the evergreen recycling place to pick up a load of organic compost. i still want to go even if we do get snow, Wes wants to wait until we see what the weather is going to do. I think nothing but the forecasters are calling for lots of snow. I would pick up the compost myself if I had the truck, but it won't fit in my mini van!! The kids would love to play in it, i would hate to clean it out though.

  13. I hate snakes! I lived in the canyons for five years and I used to see rattlesnake skins on my lawn on occasion. I never saw the snakes.

    If Flat Caroline ends up minus a leg, we'll know she was playing with gators. She loves dogs so she will have a blast with four boxers!!

    Have fun, and quit working in the yard. With your luck you'll hurt yourself and ruin your weekend. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  14. OOhhh, nonono snakes for me, Missy. You should post a warning if you are going to scare us like that!
    Have a wonderful time in Jupiter. (I am going to be over the Moon with my sweetie, who is on his way back from Spain as we speak! --they say he is from Mars and I am from Venus, but I don't know about that.)
    Take pics with the family, please, and a few with your flat friend! Hugs to you.

  15. Happy trails Flat Caroline! Hope you have a great little adventure!

  16. I would have had a major "messy messy" if I had run across a snake. Oh I am petrified of them (as well as mice, iguanas, spiders and anything else that is creepy crawly). Cudo's to you young brave heart!! Have a great weekend!

  17. Had to tell ya.. every time I think of the title of this post 'flat girls'... I think of something umm totally different than what you intended! LOL

  18. Oh no no no. I hate snakes. I saw a "flip this house" kind of show once that suggested if you live in a place where there are snakes you should have cats! Do cats keep snakes away? If this is true and I lived where you do...I would be the crazy lady who had a houseful of cats!

  19. you mention the sun in your blog. What exactly is that?
    From frozen in England

  20. Well, that cements it. I will not be coming out to visit you any time soon. Or actually ever.

    I would rather be in a house that's on fire during an earthquake and a tornado than even think there might be a snake in my yard.

  21. I remember going down Alligator Alley with my sister when she lived in Florida. She lived in Cape Coral for 7 years (then she missed me so much she moved back to Oklahoma - or something along those lines!) We drove from Cape Coral to the Keys.
    Have fun! (I'm glad your dog found the snake before you did!)

  22. How you deal with snakes, I will never know. You must be Superwoman made of teflon!

    *shudder shudder i pray i don't have nightmares tonight after that picture!*

  23. Ohhh poor No Feet! (love the name though) Maybe you could try and bottle feed him back to life?? Works for the birds. Just a guess.

    Is Flat Caroline like Flat Stanley?

  24. another reason not to garden, too painful.

  25. One day I was cutting back some things in my Houston garden, sort of doing a leaf and crud clean up and ... I ended up about 3 inches, face to face, with a baby possum. It hissed at me. It was so ugly it was cute. Good luck with your spring clean up. Soak those sore muscles good in that gorgeous bathroom. xoxo, Girlfriend!

  26. You brave woman, you. I would also not be pleased to find a "no feet" OR an iguana waiting in the brush....

    We're still dealing with Seattle-style weather. it has been raining for 5 days straight. I think we're up to 5 inches now? Maybe 6. We need the rain, so I'm not complaining, just getting stuff done around the house.

    However, Diva, the house-bound, Destruction-Loving Dog, went out back (presumably to pee) and dug a HUGE mud hole, threw herself in in, and rolled around. LOVELY. Luckily I was out, so the "hosing off duties" got done by Hubster and J. Whew.

    Looking forward to the sunshine returning. The weatherman says tomorrow. We'll see. :)

  27. I HAVE BEEN TO JUPITER!!! We stopped to climb the lighthouse last year when we were in FL! How very cool that Flat Caroline is there! Good luck in softball!! And so sorry for No Feet....we have a killer cat who stalks the birds and lizards and basically anything that moves that is smaller than her!

  28. Well, I USED to think that I wanted to move to Florida.....

    I see that Mom x 2 already told you about our adventure....It was WAY too much fun!!! Wish you were here;)

  29. I remember "no-feet" from Little Bear! Those were the days.
    You aren't going to believe me, but we have one of those "no-feets" as a pet. I know. It wasn't MY idea :)

  30. Snakes turn me into a crying, screaming running idiot!! Have fun on your adventure!

  31. Hi There, We're back from a wonderful trip. I'll post some pictures in the morning.

    Ouch---snakes, lizards, bugs, bugs, bugs---I don't like 'em either. I still like my original idea of having a "Work Day" --with your girls and their friends. let them do some of that hard work!!!! Then feed them WELL!!!!!

    Glad you had a break. Hope your weekend turned out GREAT.

  32. You certainly have an exciting time when working out in your yard. I hope your weekend in Jupiter will be much calmer.


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