March 21, 2009

Games are fun. Being trapped in your home is not.

Linds and I are spending some quality time while Coach and Lo are gone for a softball tournament....

Anyone remember this game??? It has been around since Jesus was a small boy.
Lindsay and I played this today.

The premise of the game Guess Who is figuring out who the other person has...and as they try to figure out who you have. You each draw one card/person, the other person has to ask questions about your person to figure out who you have. As you get more answers you can eliminate some of the players on this little doo-hicky above.
IT is a process of elimination until you guess each others mystery person.

You are supposed to ask good questions like:

Does your person wear glasses?

Does your person have on a hat?

Does your person have blonde hair?

and so on....
Well, me being ME. I can't do things the normal way.

Surprised? no you are not.
So, I have to liven things up a bit... I ask questions like:

"Can your person pee standing up?"

"Does your person have more testosterone than estrogen?"
"Can your person give birth?"

"Does your person need to shave his face?"

Of course with the miracles of science these days all those questions can really be answered different ways....

So my daughter, the one that is really, totally, exactly not like me.

She says:

"Does your person look like a serial killer?"

Me: "They all look like serial killers. Can we play a different game now?"

And then we played Scrabble junior. And she totally did so did not beat me.

You are to fill in words already placed on the board. (ages 5 & up)

Well, we got to the end and remembered that our monster cat Harley chewed up some of the letters way back when..... Go figure, he ate 2 L's.

And I would like to say that is why I lost.

But then I would be a liar.

We are trapped in the house.

The garage door is Ka-put. Done. Dead. pffffft.

See that dark colored spiral thingy against the wall. Well, I don't know what it is so I shall call it a spiral thingy. Apparently it is not supposed to be in several pieces. It is supposed to be in ONE piece. Hence, we can not open the door.

I tried to use my manly muscles to open it, but I need more of those too.

If that spiral thingy was not broke, then you can just lift the door with girly muscles.

Coach may not be home until 8:00 tonight.

We planned on running eating lunch out and getting the Twilight movie errands.

But that is not going to happen now.

These two lost puppies are wondering why the Coach has been gone so too.

Darn softball!

My PC is still down too. No breakers broken. It needs a professional.

We may play more games soon...

I don't know if all this quality time is really good for us. :)


  1. Aww...hang in in there. It could be could be playing a 12 hour monopoly marathon and losing horribly.

  2. Oh you poor thing... Don't we get spoiled when things don't work????? Try using a long extension cord from another outlet and plug your PC into that.. I hope the PC itself is not broken.. (You owe me another Quarter for all of this wonderful free advice. Don't know what to tell you about the garage if the pull-down cord/thingee is broken... Sorry!!!!

    I know it's hard but you'll probably have to endure one more day of the 'quality' time with your youngest..... Too Bad about that!!!!! Har Har Har


  3. I love playing Guess Who and scrabble. I love playing games period. I have been playing hours of Scattergories with my granddaughter and she has beat me most of the time.

    You being stuck in the house, unable to get the garage door open, reminds me of what it's like when there is a blizzard here...can't go anywhere even if you wanted to because you can't get the car out of the driveway and even if you did, you can't see to drive.

    I remember one time when my kids were all young, they talked me into us all loading up in the car and going to rent movies. We had already been stuck in the house the whole day before and had played tons of games already and when they said they would shovel and all I would have to do is drive, I agreed to this. I only got part way out of the driveway and we were stuck half ways on the road. Much shoveling and help from a neighbor with a truck and an hour later we were unstuck. Nope we did not go rent's funny now but back then, not so much.

    Have fun playing games!

  4. You mean you don't have Hungry, Hungry, Hippos? How about playing educational games like blackjack? That will at least teach addition to 21.

  5. Do you have Sequence? Danger Boy and I could spend an entire weekend on that game

  6. If you invite a friend got go to a movie and lunch with you, maybe they will pick you up

  7. Guess Who? is a favorite at our house! Sorry to hear you are stuck. Nothing worse than knowing you cannot drive anywhere!

    Be careful with that spring...someone I know got hurt when that thing broke!

    Take care and happy game playing!

  8. I love Guess Who!! I wish Stud Muffin would have brought that game in to play yesterday :( Persnickety is so right, it could be worse, as you could be playing Monopoly!!

  9. You certainly are going to enjoy a taste of freedom when you do get out!!!! I was horrible at playing games, I would be fit to be tied!

  10. When all else fails..... bake cookies. After all, they are a comfort food!

  11. I hope that the problem with your PC isn't too serious. I've only had the car stuck in the garage once with a broken spring. Fortunately was able to get the bicycle out and used that to run errands. Unfortunately we don't have bicycles here on the Plateau.

  12. i would say you're not exactly having a banner day r you?

  13. Well, this is a MAJOR pain for you guys! Can you not disconnect the garage door from the automatic part and just manually lift it? ....Oh, never mind... I see where you said you weren't strong enough. That is a HUGE bummer. You truly are trapped. :(

    S., her "BFF du jour" and J and I went traipsing out EARLY this morning to get Twilight (she was POSITIVE they were going to be sold out - of course they were NOT). We watched it together, then she and BFF watched it a second time, and now they have gone to a Twilight slumber party where they'll probably watch it 7 more times.

    Yes, that Robert Pattinson is awfully cute. If I were 12 I would have a Big Crush too.

    I hope Coach gets home soon and "frees" you and Linds!!

  14. Oh..your spring is broken! What you do is take that cord that hangs down and pull it 'the other way' from the way it hangs and it disconnects the door from the opener and then you just raise the door. Then you back out. And go back in and lower the door and there should be a lever on the side that lets you lock the door into the sliding track or you can pull the cord again and its hooked up to the opener again..and you know that ain't goin' anywhere!

    We have an old house. I know lotsa stuff like that. LOL

    I bet you wish I could'a commented earlier in the day, huh?! LOL

    But ya know.. it's kinda like the power going out and everybody having fun by the flashlights. It sounds like you had a fun day event though you stayed home! :-D

  15. Yep, my springy thingy was broken, too.

    You've had that game since Jesus was a boy? Wow. That's a long time. You look so good for being over 2,000 years old.

  16. I will come and get you... It is horrible being stuck in the house and hubby being away. Why is it that things that MUST be fixed ALWAYS break when they are gone. But fear not, Cheerleader Girl and I are on the way. It will only be about 14 hours or so... what you say Coach will be home by then? Well, never mind ....

    and by the way... I am a Guess Who CHAMP!

  17. I totally forgot about Guess Who???
    Sorry to hear you were stuck in the house.

  18. I can feel you getting antsy! Goodness, having no car when it's JUST there out of reach would drive me maaaad!

    Next time, bake some bread... you get to rough up the dough and then give it a good punch or two, it gets the adrenaline out and then makes your house smell real nice when it's cooking :-)

  19. two days back my oldest was done with soccer practice and i put 4 kids under the age of 7 out the front door to load up our van to go get her. I shut the front door and get to the car without my keys!! Which were locked up safe in the house. I know where your coming from!! i called my honey for help, he had to leave the office and come home to let us all in the house!! Then go back to work!!

  20. Games are my favorite : ). Kaish just learned how to play checkers and he loves it! We have been playing a lot of games lately. I hope you were able to get out of your garage eventually because you really did need to run those errands.

    PS I think you are so smart to know how to write words and then cross them out on your blog. Is there NO END to your talent? Really?

  21. I think you should get electronic battleship - it makes really cool noises when you're blowing up the other person's ship! LOL~! Sorry to hear about your garage door and hope you are able to make it out to the real world soon! (Have the pizza guy bring you a movie!)

  22. well well well..... (its a deep hole, isnt it)
    sounds like you had bonding time with the missy. it'll turn out to be great memories one day, when she's old and married, you'll be able to say, hey linds... member that time we got stuck in the house playing games...... and she'll give ya a great big smile and say, awwww mommy, i do! and she'll tell her kiddos about it.


    good memeories.
    thats what life is all about.


  23. Sweet puppies look so forlorn! I hope that you humans aren't quite that sad when Coach is away.
    That game looks funny; I've never played it. You could make your own version, using blogger profile pics, and find out if the girls and Coach REALLY read the blog. Or how about using old family photos, and then you could teach them the family folklore about each person while you play? (I'm just a fountain of ideas this a.m.! Lookout...)

  24. My son just got "Guess who" and they've updated it. The people still look like serial killers though, just more modern ones.


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