August 09, 2011

A leopard. On my lanai.

I am thinking of producing my own Mutual Of Suz-am-aha show. How much tv do you watch on Sunday night? 

I found this cool critter on the lanai the other night....luckily, I found him before the cats did.

At first, I thought he was a space alien. And I only thought this because as soon as I was in his presence, my thoughts started to leave me.  And they were not leaving me willingly...against their own will. 

On second and third thought...perhaps my thoughts were leaving prior to his visit.  

Even though he may have been a space alien, I was going to take good care of him. I set him free. 

"take me to your leader"

{My fellow greenies don't worry, I reused this paper towel}

He is pretty cool. for an alien moth.

Now, please, stop staring at his butt. not appropriate.

Before I really declared that this was an alien {and could possibly be sued by real aliens} I googled him. Lo and behold, I was incorrect. 

He is a giant leopard moth who can steal your thoughts

I had something else to tell you, but the thought has escaped me now. 


 That was your preview. For the complete show, check your local listings. 

If I remember correctly...gingko biloba will be my official sponsor...I think. 


  1. OMG!!! You are my hero!! I would have been way too freaked out to get THAT close, let alone pick it up!! I would have just left it alone, and not gone back out to the lanai. Ever.

  2. I despise the insect world, but I do admire a leopard's spots.

    However, reusing insect ridden paper towels? I do not admire that, Suz. I cannot.

  3. I bet there are a lot of people who would not have saved that moth. You are just too sweet! :-)

  4. How beautiful! I don't do the bug thing {that's one of my issues with camping, ya know}, but that one is really very pretty.

  5. How beautiful is that?
    We are supposed to reuse paper towels?
    Oh. My.
    I don't.
    Another green fail on my part.

  6. OH MY GOSH Florida has some beasties! Suz = fearless :)

  7. For a moth, he's rather pretty!

  8. I've never seen a moth like that. Beautiful in its own way.

    No television on Sunday night around here.

  9. I've never seen one of those - the moths we have here are all plain - unless they are butterflies, in which case they are not moths. Good for you, setting him/her free! You are sooooo green. =)

  10. I couldn't tell how big that alien was until I saw your hand in the photos! Wow....pretty cool long as he lives there....just mice skeletons here.
    Happy Tuesday!

  11. Wait! What do you mean you "set him free"? Wasn't he free just hanging out on your Lanai until you got all up in his business with your camera and your Brawny?
    Did you happen to see a bird swoop down near the spot where you dropped him off?

  12. I've never seen a moth like that! Great photos!

  13. You've got crazy bugs on FL!!!

  14. I have never seen anything like it!!

  15. I can't get that close to anything that might fly at me--but kudos to you!

  16. I rarely watch TV, but I believe you could do a fun show, Suz. I might even watch it.
    The leaopard moth does look a little alien, but he's pretty, too, in a weird way.

  17. This is a cute post. I like your pictures of the leopard moth.

  18. Wow--he's purdy!!!!! You should have kept him --since you don't have enough 'pets' in your home!!!!! ha ha

  19. WOW - - what a beauty and one I have never ever heard of. So you educated us once again and with humor so it was a fun lesson!

  20. Only you Suz:) An alien moth who steal you thoughts. Maybe that's why I don't remember stuff...think I have alien dang EARWIGS!!!

    Ok, glad you saved an alien today. Know what's alien to me on your post? Now remember where this is coming from...whattheheck is a lanai???

  21. I could have sworn he was wearing scrapbook paper. Hee! :-D

  22. what a beautiful lil critter he is! i have never seen one like him before..(or after).

    diane is just like you in the critter saving department.. she won't kill spiders or anything, she saves their lives and puts them back outdoors.

  23. I'm a chicken when it comes to all things insect-y, but this guy is cooooooooooool and you got some great shots! I'd never seen one before.

    I have to wonder why you got that shot of its butt there a Moth Monthly centerfold I'm not aware of??

  24. Wow he really is unusual looking. I don't think I have ever seen one like that!

  25. That is a cool moth. Surprisingly mellow about hanging out with you too, you must have had some good thoughts for him to take or he might have just flown on off!

  26. That is very pretty...for a bug. I would have been more inclined to step on it than pick it up though. My bad I guess. : )

  27. Good morning funny lady!!!!! This made me laugh.



  28. If for no other reason, I do love you so for your kindness to the animals. It takes work, patience, and compassion, to be kind to an animal.

    But, really, there are many reasons why I love you. I won't count the ways. We'd be here all day.

    One of the Islamic sayings of the Prophet Muhammad is: "If you must kill, kill without torture." When he declared it thus, he did not name any animal as an exception - not even a leopard mothy thingy.

    Much like most faiths, Islam teaches to show kindness to each other but also to all living souls.
    My grandmother always tells me that when we die all the animals from our life on earth are encountered again. "...there is heavenly reward for every act of kindness done to a living animal". The faith and belief is to be kind to animals and heaven awaits you.

    I can see your halo being forged now...:-)

    I have an old wine glass that I use to catch critters (moths, bees, crickets, ladybugs, etc., are the norm around here) and toss them outside. I can catch them against the wall or something, wait for them to panic and fall back into the well of the glass, and then I slide a napkin or piece of paper under over the top to lid it. Voila! Instant insect inmate! :-)
    Don't worry, they're set free wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy on the back end of the lawn.

    You're awesome. I'm thinking he's at the local leopard moth bar/hangout, tellin' his winged pals about the pretty lady who handled him with such care. Pretty soon all his buddies are going to start showin' up at yo crib...

  29. Wow, she/he is gorgeous. Nature is amazing!


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