July 22, 2014

The *high*light of our weekend

The highlight of my very bad weekend came Saturday night; Thursday and Friday were a bust. Apparently Mother Nature is mad at me for a crime I committed in one of my past lives because she insists on my suffering.
 On top of that, our house makes me angry sometimes. I can't have one thing updated/repaired without two others breaking.
 (Pressure washing the house = no water for a day + a broken gate = Suz bathing in the pool and cussing profusely!)
I went as far as logging onto Zillow and shopped for houses. That lasted 8 minutes when I realized I hated all the other houses more. 

Did I hear someone mutter mood swinger??

The good part of this post…. because there is one:
Saturday the Coach and I were reunited on the other coast after a week apart.
We had tickets with our good East Coast Gang friends to see The Dave Matthews Band. 

This might have been my 16th time? 17? 18th?
I've lost track and you'll soon know why.  

We decided to bring the girls since we had VIP tickets. 

Me to our friends: Hey, take a picture of the four of us!
Since Coach wasn't really paying attention I got up in his grill. 
Yes, I thought it was funny….

The second picture I heard behind me: 
"I carry a picture of her in my wallet.
She carries a picture of my wallet in her wallet."
He is a funny guy!!
And I don't carry any pictures in my wallet. Duh. 
We had a blast. I'd warned the girls about the wafting maryjane in the air….but OMG!!
Those darn 40 year old hippies are keeping the canabis growers in business. 

The air was thick with it and I might still be high.
We had a fantastic time. From what I remember since I was stoned. Just kidding.
I think. 
I can't remember.


So, what did you do this weekend?


  1. Only because I have a niece and nephew do I know who Dave Matthews Band is (and YOU of course!) Little Ella has DMB lullaby music!!!
    Looks like fun.

  2. You're a great looking bunch and it sounds like you had a blast. Sorry your house is being an @#$... Hope by now all is fixed and you get to bathe in the house again. LOVE the Dave Matthews Band, but have never seen them live.

  3. Great set of photos, Suz... Such a gorgeous family!!!!! So glad you had a fantastic time at the Dave Matthews Band concert... My Texas kids go and see that group also when they perform in Houston. Seems like you kids in your 40's can have almost as much fun as 'we' kids in our 70's!!!!!! Ya think?

  4. i did not know how much work it took to get that one great picture of the 4 of you!!! haha!!!

  5. p.s. i am having a long tough talk with mother nature for making you suffer!!! she keep intruding on chipotle!

  6. Nothing as fun as Dave Matthews. Just sitting around watching the rain.

  7. Dave Matthews Band! How cool is that! You look like you are having a blast! Sorry you didn't have any water for a while. That can be just awful! Or heat in the heat in the winter would be worse, I think. So, see there's a silver lining! :-)

  8. Our weekend wasn't nearly as exciting as yours. We were higher only because we live in the mountains. I hope there are no more broken gates or pool baths at your house.

  9. You shopped on Zillow for 8 minutes. LOL. It sounds like your weekend involved less watching The Wire than mine did. :-)

  10. You are one crazy chick. My husband was impressed with The Coach!

  11. I love the DMB, but it has been several years since I saw them in concert.

  12. I swear everytime I power wash the house, I get the same result, the water, not the broken gate. Looks like you had a great Saturday, and you have a beautiful family.

  13. Dave is the best! That's certainly a great way to improve any weekend!

  14. This is why it baffles me when people lament their kids growing up--there are good times to be had with adult children!


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