July 25, 2014

Willy Nilly-If you're happy and you know it.

Joining Tanya and friends and sharing 5 willy nilly thoughts, pics, etc…

1) While talking to a gentleman in another state yesterday I found out that I live in the fourth happiest metropolitan area of the U.S.
I knew I was happy, so I just assumed everyone around me was too….and damn skippy if I wasn't right.

2) I forgot to mention that last week Coach and his girls brought home the 1st place trophy for the World Series fast pitch softball for their age division!! 
They won just hours prior to our Dave Matthews concert...apparently I forgot to mention it because I was so high happy from the show.
I watched part of the game on ESPN3. (internet) I was so happy for him and those hard working girls!
Faces blurred because they are NOT my kiddos. 

3)I'm struggling with some stuff; and it usually ALWAYS involves letting Lindsday go off and do things away from home.
I mostly struggle with her driving places. Ok, not struggle--I downright worry!!
She wants to go off and do things far from home (like most 18year olds) but it's SO hard for me because I know I'll worry the entire time she is on the road.
{Tonight and tomorrow she's driving across the state without the coach or I!}
My girls being in a car accident is one of my biggest fears.
This is why Mom's drink wine get wrinkles.

 Can you imagine what I'd be like if I didn't live in such a happy place?
The baby who wants to go go go.

4) One of my most favorite people on this planet (lets not get into my alien favorites) is celebrating a birthday today; My Aunt Trisha! I LOVE her so much and she always makes me happy. 
Happy birthday AT!
My Cuz Patrick, my Uncle Jim, My Madre and the birthday girl. 

5) It's Friday people! Get out there and be happy-even if you don't live in my town!

Around Roanoke


  1. I adore your happiness .
    Yup even happy peeps worry about their kiddos ,
    but we smile anyway and give them a hug and their wings to fly ( hard though huh)
    Speaking of smiles your family sure has great ones !

  2. now i know why you are forever happy, it's in your water...ok, i crack up everytime i click on a link from your blog and a pop-up tells me not to be so nosy bahahaha, seriously funny...hey, does coach ever come up to va for games? we have a huge sports complex that girls come from out of state to play there. it's pretty famous i guess in the softball circle. i always worry about my kids on the road too. i used to insist that ash and christian text me the second they got to their destination. my aunt told me i'd be less stressed out if i didn't make them text me so much (because they keep forgetting to) and she's right. i do make ash text me though when she's out driving late...why can't they just take the bus? have a super weekend and thanks for playing!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Trisha. She must be about 40 now, huh?????

    Congrats to Coach and his team... What a huge win for them... AMAZING.

    It's hard to 'allow' our kids to grow up --and leave the nest... BUT--it happens... Just another passage in this game of LIFE.

    Stay HAPPY Suzanne --cause that is what keeps us all happy.... Big HUGS.


  4. i hope your young lady stays safe! congrats to coach and his girls!

  5. Don't worry. Be happy. And if you are not happy then pretend you are.

  6. Congrats to the coach and his team!! If it makes you feel any better, I am just like you when it comes to Hannah driving off on her own. And we're not even taking hour long trips, we're talking trips into town, on very busy roads, areas she's not too familiar with... Makes me very anxious. :-(

  7. I loved reading your randoms. I always worried about my kids and still do! That's what moms do, I guess. Congrats on the trophy! Those big wins always helps in making us happy! Have a happy weekend!

  8. Happy Bdy to Aunt Tricia! I'm not a mom, but I worry too. Wish we could put our old, wise heads on young bodies to protect them in traffic!
    Congrats to Coach and Team - way to go!

  9. what a lovely photo of you and your daughter, (you look like sisters which I'm sure you've been told before) :-) congrats to the Coach and his team-always fun to win.

  10. you little girl - look so young!! beautiful too!! i love the shot. selfies are so tough. hope you shared this every where. ( :

  11. It is scary to let them fly isn't it. I know you'll worry, hopefully she'll call you to let you know her progress.

  12. The happiest place on Earth (but with no smoking!). ;-) I have two adult daughters (and a14yo). It was so hard for me letting them go go go. But I bet you're the wind beneath her wings.

  13. Well, personally, it doesn't take me to have it be Friday to be happy. But of course, I don't work any more. Yay. Happiness is not having to work. And as for your girl driving across state...I can totally relate to your worry. Both my kids, adults and have been on their own for nearly 20 years now...I STILL worry. Congrats on the softball tournament trophy.

  14. I am just so happy yesterday is over...I belong in your town today :)

  15. Congrats to Coach and his team!!!

  16. Awww, I've missed your happy, beautiful face!! In an attempt to get my blog working again, I hope to visit my favorite blogs again!! I don't like letting my girls go anywhere without me. I know it's inevitable, but I want to keep them close and safe. Hugs to ya <3

  17. Wonderful Willy Nilly Friday Five, and I am enjoying your wit very much as well as relating to your Mom feelings! Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting!


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