July 09, 2014

Muffin Tops Anonymous

You've heard of muffin top. 
You've heard about back fat.

Have you heard about muffin back top? Back muffin top?

This face has not been shared as to protect the innocent muffin top offender.

With all the thunder/lightening storms we've had this summer the dogs have been donning their thunder shirts almost daily.

A while back one of the girls pointed out that Ozzie someone has 'muffin top'!

I said: Don't say that out loud, you'll give him/her a bad self image.

Hopefully, he/she won't read my blog this week.

Me? I'll be skipping the muffins this week!


  1. Oh how funny! Think I'll lay off the muffins, too!

  2. You're a hoot! He/she needs to lay off the treats. ;)

  3. Do those shirts help any? I have noticed the thunder doesn't bother our dog as much when my husband is home - - perhaps because he has the TV turned up so loud so he can hear it when he's walking the treadmill. It drowns out the thunder!!!

  4. poor ozzie!!! the thunder storms have been CRAZY! i hope those pups get a day with no thunder shirts soon!

  5. I hope the thunder shirts help! Every dog we've ever had has hated storms.

  6. Glad they have the shirts for some comfort....muffin top or not!

  7. Poor pup. Scared of thunder and made fun of by mom. Better be glad he doesn't have a blog.

  8. I didn't realize muffins could cause such problems.

  9. Oh My Goodness, Ozzie is a celebrity since he was featured on TV here this week... He's on the BAD LIST --of those who have eaten WAY too many Muffins causing Back Fat Disease. The Muffin doctors are searching for "Mr. Someone" ---so that they can put him in the No-Muffin-eating-Hospital.... In order to convince him to come to this special hospital, they have promised Ozzie that there will be NO thunderstorms up here at all!!!!


  10. Oh gosh, storms and the Fourth are so hard on some dogs, huh?

  11. Bahaha... One of our dogs (who shall remain nameless) not only suffers from muffin tops, she carries several "loafs" around with her. ;-)

  12. oh no, poor thing lol...there is an ecard that cracks me has that old fashioned guy pointing his finger and he is saying "girl, put that muffin top away, this aint no bakery" everytime i see someone with a very visible muffin top i whisper that to my boys and we laugh :D


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