July 04, 2014

Willy Nilly

Today's 5's

1) I love using my IPod while doing cardio at my old people gym; fast/upbeat music moves me the most….I've found that Michael Jackson is a GREAT workout partner. 
When he says beat it, I do. 
When he says don't stop, {till you get enough} I don't. 
When he tells me to be Bad, well…. never mind.

2) I found these napkins last week and I thought they summed up my attitude perfectly.
Seriously, I'm that easy going.

3) Are you doing anything for the Fourth? I'll be home with the sissies.
And you know who I'm talking about.  It'll be Thunder shirts and Happy traveler pills for everyone.

Yes, they are patriotic Americans….but not fans of fireworks!

4) There has never ever in the history of all my wacky thoughts that I thought: 
Hey, let me put some stuffed animals in the back window of my car.

5) Last night I was sitting in the living room fartin' around on my laptop and I saw something hopping by the front door.
The cutest bunny ever. Ok, they are all the cutest ever….now what should I name he/she?
Yes, I was thinking Harry Bunny was a good name as well!

Have a Willy Nilly weekend!

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  1. Happy 4th to you and yours! Hope there's good times and good food on your agenda for today. ;-)

  2. Happy 4th to you- hope the fur pups doze through all the fireworks!

  3. Wishing you, the sissies and the bunny a happy Fourth!

  4. #4! HA! I've never understood that one. And it's usually older people so it's not like there's kids in the car and they just throw them back there. Someone took the time to place them in the back window. Very strange!

  5. i know, i don't get number 4 either, what are they thinking? love those napkins! hope the sissies don't get too scared tonight, awwww...and yes, that is the cutest bunny ever!

  6. The pups are perfectly color coordinated for the room. I'm with you on the stuffed animals in the back window. Never!

  7. Happy fourth! I like Michael too for workouts.

  8. Enjoy the week-end... sometimes I think I could use a Thunder shirt for myself!

  9. i like your patriotic bunny. :) all my neighbors shoot off fireworks. it's been going on all week, so until they get really obnoxious, the dogs don't even react too badly any more.

  10. You sound like it's a relaxing day for you!!! I like those. We are home tonight, too, with our dog - - - will have to play the TV loud or something to drown out the neighbors' fireworks. Even though we are in a subdivision, we are in the county rather than city and anything goes. It's okay cuz we like watching the professional fireworks with orchestral music on the TV - - - no mosquitoes. Climate controlled. I have been reading on FB and elsewhere that more pets get lost during fireworks' season than other times because they get scared of the noise and just keep running to get away from it. I read about one who ran so hard and far that it died - - - probably of heart failure from heat stroke and exertion - - - so sad. However, it's nice to have an excuse to be inside tonight!

  11. Hello, sounds like you are going to have to buy earmuff for those pups. They are really cute doggies. Have a happy fourth.

  12. Love the napkins. We went downtown for a little 4th celebrating. Then left when the crowds started in. So here at the old folks home, we're going to enjoy hot dogs and beans and beer. What a treat!

  13. Well I am glad I stopped by for Willy Nilly
    Aww love your babies , sorry they are afraid of the booms.
    I am sitting here in the rain waving my flag , we are getting remnants of Arthur here in New England flashy floods ~ thunder ( but no fireworks) wooshy winds . Our dogs don't mind ~ did I tell you we have 12 ~ yup I said 12 (count em) boxer babies ... Now that they are 5 weeks old it's always clean up in isle 5 ~ phew !!!!

  14. Cute, cute, cute! Loved this light-heartedness this morning! Oh, poor puppies...hope they made it through all right last night. Our dog used to be terrified too. And that is one adorable bunny! Great Willy Nilly Friday Five! Have a great week!

  15. Lovely foto of the two boxers dogs!

  16. Your #4? Seriously! How does one get to the place where that sounds like a decent idea?!

  17. Aw, too bad the dogs are scared of fireworks. Fortunately for Daisy, she doesn't seem to mind them. The horses use the neighborhood fireworks as an excuse to run around, but they aren't too scared, either.
    We went to a rodeo for the 4th. I'm always relieved when the bull riders manage to get through the night without a trip to the E. R.

  18. Hi there, Suz, long time no write!! Good to see you and your sense of humor continue to be super-glued together! About #4: Do you remember the old sitcom "Chico and the Man"? And Chico talked about the little plastic dog on the dash whose head bobbed up and funny how he said it and did the bobbing?! Hope you had a fun fourth, my blog post (the first in a long time) is all about how ours was. Good to see you!

  19. Oh, how I've missed you and your peeps, Suz! It sounds as if summer is off to a great start. I'm all for a stay-cation, especially when you live in such a wonderful place - you know, a place where others fly in to take their vacations! So you are a smarty-pants for that (among other things).
    Speaking of smarty-pants, your girl couldn't wait to get started? What a motivated gal - hats off to her! And I like that she is away, but close enough to come home for important things (like pillows, and hugs from mom).
    Glad to see how much you are enjoying your gardening. All of the plants look so happy to be in your hands! I am not a green-thumber, as you know, but we are appreciating my parents' garden, and the wonderful veggies and flowers we get each week from Persephone Farms (the local CSA).
    Hugs to you and all of your family (including the furry ones)!

  20. You are soooo funny, girl! Mr. H loves to say, "Why you just fartin around?" I thought you had to be from GA to say that!


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