April 17, 2009

An aging rocker, Exotic snakes, Crack and "Green" silver.

You know it does not take much to get me all a-twitter!!

And NO I don't twitter....or even text for that matter...what???? No I don't live in a cave either. :)

I found this in Targ*t yesterday.
Recycled aluminum foil!!!

I did a little "green" dance right there in the isle.
Yeah, I was the crazy person on isle 4!
We really don't even use much foil to begin with...maybe a roll a year?
But this just makes me soooo happy. Even the box is made with recycled paper....water based ink to boot. Yeah, I am loving anyone named REYNOLDS right now. RYAN...BURT....

You can even go HERE, the official website... and get a rebate for a FREE ROLL on Earth day (April 22nd)
My most favorite price for stuff.

I was so darn happy with my recycled foil that I decided to splurge and get something JUST for me.

Ain't she a beauty?

Don't be too jealous...for $1.29, you can be right there basking in the joy with me!

Ok, now for the crazy part of my post.

Lo had a game last night and then was up until midnight finishing a project that she had all spring break to work I was up late too....and 5:30 comes really quick for someone who's brain and body require at least 7 1/2 hours of sleep.

I don't know what happens to my brain when I hit the pillow...Cause last night I dreamt that I was making custom snake boots for Brett Michaels.

First of all, I don't like Brett Michaels, so why is he invading my limited sleep time?

The dream was so girls were there and they were helping me..what we had to do was:

Calm down these gorgeous snakes...they were rainbow colored and big...actually very pretty. (for snakes)

Some other lady was cutting them up for their skin (ugghh...I know)

IT was my job to calm down the snakes for the skinning would you do this do you think?

Well, how I did it was I was mixing oatmeal with crack cocaine and feeding it to the snakes. A little known fact...Crack calms down snakes.

I know..this is all new to me too.


I wish for everyone a relaxing weekend, full of family, fun, good sleep and no crack eating snakes!!


Guess what I ate for breakfast today????



  1. You are one crazy lady! OMG, you are holding out on us aren't you? Crack cocaine and oatmeal!! Who'd a thunk it!! Thanks for the laughter this AM, I really needed it. Have a great weekend and I hope you get some much needed "peaceful" sleep.

  2. Does that reynolds wrap cost more than the normal???
    Just curious...
    sandy toe

  3. oh! i love that- and now for the crazy part! what? as if the dancing in aisle 4 and the stunnign scrub brush waasn't enough?! just when i think you can't get any kookier, you prove me wrong!! love you!

  4. So you don't "twitter" or text either? Here I thought I was the only one missing out on the fun. Thanks for the shout out on the recycled foil.
    I remember the many late nights, after games, with my kids, helping them cram for a big test or watching them finish a project and being there for moral support.

    Now that is a weird dream about a weird guy. When I have dreams like this, I wake up thinking wondering what that was all about. Have a great weekend!

  5. You... are... WEIRD!


    Snakes, hmmm - wonder what the dream dictionary would say about that? *go look!*

    Made me smile, love it :-)

  6. Love the recycled Reynolds! I think I'll have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast now! Enjoy your weekend Suzanne.

  7. this is a great post! we have alot in common - FREE is also my favorite price on items!! I am cracking up about the boots. I know what I would with the snakes - RUN - and leave them far behind me - you are a brave woman to go find a crack dealer and make a meal out of it!! :)

  8. Amy r u sure you didn't sniff or somehow digest some of that recyled foil????

    We've all had crazy dreams, just last week I was dreaming that I hit the lottery...woke up broke!!!

    And yes, TGIF

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Just a day in the life of busy bee Suz! The funny thing is I would not even be creative enough to make this stuff up. I think you need to go to a dream analyst on this one!

  10. Step away from the oatmeal. Just step away!

  11. Can you HEAR me laughing all the way in Florida??? First, talking about how you love all things Reynolds ".... Ryan.... Burt...." HYSTERICAL!

    Then, you're making snake boots for that scary HAS-BEEN Brett Michaels?! (He, of the "separated-at-birth-from-Fergie" post on my blog??)

    Eewwww.... he's so icky.

    And then the crack thing!
    I really was laughing LOUD! And HARD!!!

  12. LOL That is one of the strangest dreams I have heard in a long long time. How did the boots turn out?

  13. Still basking in the joy.. and laughing my head off.

    That is so cool about the foil. I was just this morning thinking of the guilt I inflict on myself when I use it!

  14. First of all, who IS that guy/girl? and YES, I AM turning 100 years old today! (I want to know what your grandma says about him/her/it in the photo!)
    Secondly, I am so glad you had your daily dose of fiber/crack. Much healthier than Laura's Home Depot Spicy Dog dinner.
    Third, have you by any chance been reading this book:
    to small children? It's the only connection that comes to mind between snakes and custom-made boots(& it was one of our kids' favorite stories).
    I hope your weekend is more restful than your dreams! XO

  15. So how do they get the wrinkles out of used aluminum foil? Is it the same stuff you mixed the crack and oatmeal on?!? I am going to get my free roll too, I love going green, going to start planting my veggies this weekend, with recycled compost!!

  16. oh my goodness.... you just make me laugh hysterically!!! I have figured it out now why that is.... it must be that you post after eating the "oatmeal" I'm pretty sure that explains everything. What is is with Brett Michaels anyway... ewww! Were you on his Rock of Love bus tour in your dream?

  17. You had my attention until I read the oatmeal-cocaine feeding the snake. I was laughing so hard I couldn't read anymore.

  18. Where in SD? I am the trip planner extraordinaire!

  19. I love that you love your brush. I have a bottle brush that I cannot live without. I have over 20 water bottles and I hate not being able to get in there to wash them. My little 99 cents brush does the trick!

  20. Of ALL the rockers!!! So funny.
    I hope you have a great weekend, Suz!

  21. It's official. You need to start selling tickets to your dreams.

    Especially if there are going to be guest appearances by celebrities.

    I would beat through a crowd of cracked out rainbow snakes and cheap fame whores to be the first in line!

  22. Oh, this is so funny! Dreams can be so weird sometimes. I hate brett michaels too! yuck!

  23. You had oatmeal for breakfast? I hope threw a little crack in there too. I mean WHY NOT : ). What better way to go to the grocery store but high as a kite.

    I can't stand that creepy guy either. I mean seriously, how can you sleep with 20 girls and not feel like a complete jerk. Do people really do that? The world scares me.

    Procrastinating on projets....oh, that brings back so many fun memories. I hope she gets an A

  24. Dear Sweet Suz:
    here iss my analysiss of zis dream and your 'crazy' antics.
    (i use this term purely in it's professional context of my being a shrink of course).
    chust lie back on ze couch there dear.
    zer iss an obvious connection between mr. michaels, ze cleaning brush implement and reynolds foil.
    mr michaels hair resembles ze implement used for cleaning and mr. michaels looks very much like someone who would use reynolds foil in a drug paraphanalia connection.
    so we see here zat zis means you subconsciously connected zese items in your dream.
    perfectly logical!
    zen vot about ze snake and ze cocaine with ze oatmeal you ask?
    perfectly good explanation here also my dear.
    ze snake represents ze evil which lurks in mr. michaels as we can see in zat picture of him. a very ghastly young man obviously. he gives me the heeby jeebies with his headband and tattoos.
    bad, wicked man!
    ze cocaine and oatmeal are therefore connected to ze image of zis man because a) cocaine and reynolds foil.. no?
    b) oatmeal for his complexion because he obviously needs a good skin care regimen.
    ze innocent daughters who helped you feed the concoction to calm the rainbow coloured snakes are making amends for not doing zer homework and for being bad, bad, naughty girls who need shanking.
    perhaps you could use that cleaning implement to reprimand zem both?
    (rainbow colours and snakes are chust too deep to go into in zis analysis. we'll save that for the big couch.)
    and there you have it my dear. zat iss my diagnosis.
    howeffer, why you were dancing in aisle 4 I am not at all sure.
    you are probably chust a tad looney.
    in a good way of course!

    you're welcome

  25. You really need to lay off the oatmeal. Just sayin'!

  26. You are hilarious! I was cracking up when I read about the Reynold's foil because I SERIOUSLY was going to do a post about it myself! I went online the other day and signed up for the free roll, and I had every intention of posting about it and sharing the website. But, since I'm technically on spring break this week, I figured I'd do it next week. Thanks for saving me the trouble! ;-)

  27. Now were those recycled snakes, Greenie?

  28. That is indeed hilarious! One question - what in the world did you eat for dinner? Whatever it was, I wouldn't recommend doing it again. No telling where you'll end up. :)

  29. I don't know how I would communicate with the world without texting!

  30. You must still be thinking about that snake in your yard and your dream is telling you to wear boots next time you go out to do yard work.
    Or you knew you were going to eat oatmeal for breakfast...hmm do people really eat that stuff for breakfast?

  31. That is funny! What is it with you and snakes?? I remember a recent encounter with a snake and your dog. :)
    Thanks for your comments - I always enjoy reading them.

  32. Suz, I'm thinking you need to cut down on your own crack consumption and then MAYBE your dreams won't be so absurd. Just sayin'. ;-)

  33. I think you might need to make sure you go to bed extra super early tonight! Crazy dream.

    So glad I now know the trick of calming snakes in case I ever get called upon to do so!!

    Thanks for the website for the Reynolds Wrap foil. I use it quite often when I'm making something for Brady because of his milk allergy. I make a little boat if I'm baking something that I don't want to touch the other food. The things we do for love!

    Hope you're having a great weekend. It's 70+ degrees here today. Woot woot!!

    Much love from NJ,

  34. It took me 10 minutes to scroll down to write a comment !I ahve been a gone a long time if you have become friends with Brett Michaels !
    You will be proud of me,I got my first green bags for groceries and they were free from a friend who sells tupperware!

  35. How did I miss this GREEN crack cocaine post?

    OMG, recycled aluminum foil? Please tell my you fell off your rocker? I hope to pete that I never read about you using recycled toilet paper. No wonder you have weird dreams...its all that left over turkey grease on that aluminun foil. I know you can't see it, but it's there. It's microscopic, and turkey DNA is there.

    I don't use recycled stuff that touches food. I only use recycled stuff that I don't know is recycled like top soil.


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