April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday; with words.

My CUZ ChrisDon't you just think a man in uniform is just as cute as can be????
But hey, this guy is equally as cute in civilian clothes when sitting with his little cousin!!

Chris is a 1st Lieutenant in the Army...His parents just got word that his tour in Afghanistan will be up soon and he will be back in the good ol' USA by mid-June.
He is also to be promoted to Captain this next month.
When I see him...I will call him "aye aye Captain"...I am sure he will get it. Right?
After a breather, he will be off to Fort Bragg for some more training.

And just since he is so far away and has no way of knowing I put this up here for the world to see..he was just a cute little kid too...
below, he is with my Brother Mark and his Brother Patrick!

FYI...Ladies....Chris is single!!!

He is intelligent, funny (he is related to ME) CUTE, Christian and he loves his family!!!!

Please add Chris and all our service men and women to your daily prayers if you have not already. ;)

A little known fact: I was never a SUZ, until my cousins were born. (I was plain ol' Suzanne) I was about 15 when Patrick was born and from there on...I was to be known as Cuz Suz.

Of course the Busy Bee part came later...


  1. I pray for all that are overseas when praying for one I have in Iraq. God Bless

  2. Very cute cuz you got there. I wish him all the best!

  3. He does look very charming in his uniform!
    sandy toe

  4. When he gets home, give him a big hug for all of us who so appreciate what he is doing. Way to go Chris!

  5. My heartfelt appreciation to Chris for his service and congrats on making Captain! God bless!

  6. Thank him for me. God Bless!

  7. Funny the things you can do when ppl are half way around the world! ; ) Although I'm sure he'll love the nice things you've said about him.

    Maybe not so much the eHarmony part though! LOL

  8. He is darn cute! Yeah!

    Love your family pics my dear SUZ! :-D

  9. God bless all our serviceman! And yes - your cuz is a babe! :-) (Hmmm, is babe an outdated word now? Okay, let's just say he's very handsome.)

  10. I just found you ~ cute blog! There is just something about a man in a uniform ~ happy to hear that he'll be home soon. Long deployments are so hard on everyone.


  11. Yep he's a cutie and you are right, there is something about men in uniform!

  12. glad he will be home soon!! yes, prayers are going up!!

  13. so glad he will be on good 'ol US soil soon!

    love your little known fact! i always love to learn something new... unless it is math... or science... or newsworthy. okay, i like to learn new silly things- they are about all this mind can handle!!

  14. Can we love him if we are married, because he is way attractive!!!

  15. You know how I love our service men and women.
    I pray for his safe return home, and congrats on his upcoming promotion.

    He is super handsome, and...ummm, grandma j is single too!

  16. Oh he is way cute. Won't he be happy to know you started an on-line dating service for him!
    Blessings and prayers to all those men and women in uniform.

  17. The uniform does add a little something!

  18. Chris is VERY handsome.... definitely a "catch" for any lucky woman! I pray for our troops every day! Please give him a big THANK YOU from our family. Freedom is a Big Blessing!

  19. Thanks for the reminder to pray for those who serve. Thanking God for their unselfish dedication. May they know that He holds them in love, each moment.
    Your family is very cute! He is certainly a catch. I'll bet you will get a lot of replies for your new site, "" and I hope you are successful!

  20. I am a Chris too! Nice post. First time visiting. I am eternally grateful to all service people for being brave enough to serve.


  21. Sue, as you know, no one on your blogroll is more grateful for Chris' sacrifice, as well as the selfless work of all our military and volunteers, as little old ME. The news has been covering the laws that some of the more fundamentalist lawmakers are trying to pass in Afghanistan, especially the ones regarding women's rights to say no to forced sex during marriage. Gosh, I could write a million page post about it, but I won't, and I can't, but what I can say is that anytime I'm reading about the current situation in Afghanistan, I think of Chris, and other service people, including my Beloved, and I say a prayer for them and their families.

    With that said, maybe I can reward Chris' service in Afghanistan with an Afghan of his very own.....My Little Sistah!!! Wahoo! She's single and really, really smart, and she's not too bad on the eyes. Whaddya think!??? She's going to kill me for offering her up, but I'll just convince her it is for the good of world peace. Ha! Lemme know!

    Did I mention I love this post?

  22. Oh, hey, did you ever see my post with Ed's pictures from the Naval Academy??? I LOVE MEN IN UNIFORM! Started with my grandfather, the General....and it has never diminished. *sigh*

  23. Neat post, CUZ SUZ.... I'm sure some of your single friends are looking at Chris carefully--since he's single. OR --maybe if they are married, they're looking also!!! Oops!!!!

    Great post my friend.

  24. Every time I see on TV the soldiers returning home it brings tears to my eyes! I am just so thankful to them and what they do for us here. Please do give him a hug and thank you from me! You are going to be hugging him all day!! And he deserves it. Here sure is a handsome man should not be too hard for you to find someone for him!

  25. Keeping Cuz Chris in my prayers. He IS a cutie! You need to introduce him to Sometimes Serendipitous Girl!!

    I just read the post about your Grandma. The part about the big butt.....I almost fell out of my chair!!! Bwahahahaha!!!

  26. Okay, let me get this straight.......he's a hunk AND a soldier? If I was younger.......
    I followed you over from smiles4you's blog and WOW!! I love it girl!!
    If you have a moment or two of your life that you'd care to waste, please drop by for a lil visit at my blog and say hello.
    Take good care and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  27. He is adorable. Too bad I am not single : ). I am so thankful that he is serving our country and protecting us! I love that. What a blessing.

  28. Gee, can't you think of something nice to say about your cousin? It's easy to see that you are proud of him and you should be. And all of us owe him a debt of thanks.

  29. "TEN SHUN!" wow!! he's a great looking soldier. God Bless him and keep him safe.

  30. I'll be praying for him! (yes, very handsome in his uniform!!)

  31. Tell Chris 'aye aye' and thank you, for me too!

  32. Thank you for your service, Chris!

  33. What a hunk! :) and single? hmmm!

    He's in my prayers.. My ex and best friend are in the military, over seas in iraq, and so I'm praying for all of them every day i'll just add your cousin to the mix. :)


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