December 19, 2008

This, That and the Other thing....


So flippin' happy to have some things behind me. (besides my rear)
All Christmas cards are done and mailed. My few boxes that needed to be mailed are done.
My drilling by my wonderful dentist done. I'll get my new crown next year, but my temp looks good.
Lindsay's birthday celebration with her friends was a great success.

6 girls + lunch +minature golfing +movie = broke and tired Mama.
She had a great time though and she is worth it. How many times do you get to turn 13?

BTW, Madagascar 2 is very funny!!!


The bathroom renovation.....

The electricians came, they saw, they made lots of holes.
I sure hope we have a GOOD drywall person to clean this up.

that is just a tidbit of the holes...the ceiling is much worse. :)

The Other Thing:

The cocktail party....I am almost ready for that. Ok, not really almost, but a little bit.

I don't think I will see any kids here, aside from one who has never been a bother at the party anyway. She will help Lindsay watch the dogs in the playroom.

Soon, I will be washing all my glasses (martini, wine and cocktail) Pulling out the ol' chafing dishes and setting up my serving plates....usually I already have that stuff done.

I am neurotic, I know.

I asked Lo and one of her friends to help me with the party on Saturday.

Linds pipped in that she wants to help also...Coach quickly jumped in saying she did not need to be around "all that alcohol".

Quick as can be the child looked right at ME: and said: "I am around alcohol all the time"

I did not consider wine to be alchohol...but whatever....I have ruined her. :)

We are not saving for college anyway...just therapy.

And then this morning......

You know when you try to do something on your own to save someone else time?

Even when you know you have NO business doing it yourself????
Like our leak under the kitchen sink???

I thought I would take care of it instead of waiting for my busy as heck husband.

I took care of it all right.

I made a flood and now I can't use my sink or dishwasher today....

On the brightside....the floor around the sink area is the cleanest part of the house.


  1. You work harder than the Energizer bunny, Suz. You ARE a Busy Bee, so I'm sure that the party will come together in its own good time (be sure to report on it here, please)...and those girls look super happy! What a lovely birthday party. HAPPY DAY!

  2. At least you tried ... I'm sure he appreciates that. Sounds like you are and have been busy as a bee!

  3. i LOVE this, that and the other thing.
    you cheer me up.
    good luck with the xmas party. if you need any help with drinking, er serving alcohol, let me know.

  4. Hi Suzanne... I love reading your blogs and reading about your very busy but hopefully fulfilled life. I always wash things AGAIN that haven't been used for awhile also, even if they aren't dirty. That's a 'girl-thing' I guess!!!!

    Your daughters are lucky to have wonderful parents like you and your hubby. My son and daughter-in-law do alot for their 2 daughters also--and there are always KIDS in their home. That's SO neat!!!

    Sorry about the leak that you couldn't fix. You were only trying to help---so your DH should be proud of you for trying!!!!!

    Again, thanks for the great post. When you get my age, you'll enjoy reading blogs from younger gals---bringing back memories of when you raised your girls...

    Have a good remainder of the day !!!

  5. I absolutely can. not. wait. to see the photos from your party!! I live vicariously through people who have enough space in their homes to pull out "the good stuff" once in a while!!!

    I don't consider wine to be alcohol either. I like to call it "Mommy's Little Helper"...

  6. I got tired just reading this post! I'll admit that I've had similar results trying to fix a little leak -- I now have a plumber on speed dial!!
    I'm glad the birthday party was a big success, and I'm sure your party will be as successful. Your daughter sounds like mine at that age. I assure you there is hope!

  7. Oh Busy Bee you make me look lazy.
    That's okay; I like being lazy. :)
    Happy 13 to Linday!

  8. Look at are getting things go girl! Have fun at your cocktail party...what a wonderful time I hope it will be!
    -sandy toes

  9. Wow - your energy amazes me. I'm tired just reading!!

  10. You are so funny, my darling. I smile, giggle and just shake my head every time I read your posts. :-)

    PS: I finally got my cards in the mail today. That was my big accomplishment for the day. And to think I used to be SUCH the career babe, multi tasker. I want to take a NAP when I even THINK about it... :-)

  11. Sounds like everything is under control, and you won't be needing me to race on down to help. The girls look so sweet! Happy 13th birthday!

  12. Attempting plumbing? You are brave.

    One successful party down and one in the wings? It must be Christmas time!

  13. CHristmas cards? Birthday parties? FIXING LEAKS? (or heck trying to). you are amazing. I'm moving in right after warned.


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