December 12, 2008

I need the whisperer....

......The DOG whisperer......

Really, I don't ask for much.

This is a big house. I tend to all of it, like a Marriott housekeeper....on most days.....ok, some days....

I only ask for a few things. Well, I ask for more, but that is unreasonable. So, I give up.

One of those things is for the furry inclined members of our household to stay off of ONE piece of furniture. Not the glass dining room table (I gave up on that), NOT the lovely black felt pool table, (gave up on that too) NOT even our new lovely black bedroom furniture.....that by the way shows EVERY LITTLE MINUSCULE PIECE OF DUST KNOW TO MAN KIND......ahhmmmm...

What I have asked of the feline/canine folk around here is to avoid the ever so small, teeny, tiney, little faux suede, baby sized love seat in the living room.

That is all I have asked for.

Damn it.

Yes, they have made me bring out the curse words now.

Excuse my french.

Although, I took french for ONE year, I don't remember any of that....

What the hey?????

It's like they are teenagers...just rebelling.

Can I take away the car keys? The computer? cell phone???


Yeah, Cocoa thinks she is a cat perched up on the back cushions.....makes me crazy!!


  1. Suz---I absolutely love your blogs. I'm still laughing about the picture of the wadded up strings of lights!!!!! This one is also priceless... How 'bout a nice big piece of steak???? Think that would get them off?????? (It sure would work for me!!! Ha)

  2. And who said you could be the Alpha anything?

    Possession is 99% of the law.

  3. haha my dog lucy does that too!

  4. They do look like a couple of cats. What's the deal? Aren't they supposed to sleep on a cushy dog bed that's just for them? And where is the cat? Too funny! How's the Master Bath? Will you post photos of the demolition? FUN TIMES! Love to all...

  5. We don't let our dogs on anything, but the minute we turn our backs . . .

  6. Oh, but they are SO CUTE!!!! How can you expect them to get as comfy anywhere else?!! LOL

    Oh, and I have read Marley and Me and LOVED IT! In fact, I just mailed a new copy to my best friend for her birthday. She is a dog fanatic, too!

  7. ...and if my cat were there she would be on Cocoa's back!

  8. I can see why they love it - it looks like the most comfortable loveseat I have ever seen!!

  9. My boxer Madison used to sit like that at the top of the couch, like cat.
    Have you tried using reverse psychology?

  10. They are really sweet- I bet you can't be cross with them for long

  11. just an idea.
    every time you find them on the couch, fire a starter pistol and flash bright lights on them.
    too radical?
    what do i know about dogs?
    i have a cat. and she sleeps where she likes.

  12. Obviously your love seat is entirely too comfortable!

  13. Oh man !That is too funny!
    We solved that by putting mouse traps on the furniture.My dog hates noises so we showed it to him and let it snap and then put it on the couch and everytime he placed a paw on the couch we snapped a mouse trap.He never got up there again!

  14. Why do Boxers think they are lap dogs? Why do they think they are supposed to lie on beds, couches, chairs and carpets? My Kommit won't even sit her delicate little bottom on a linoleum floor for Pete's sake! Did we pet owner’s spoil them when they were puppies? Or is this Regal Attitude inbred?
    P.S. As much as you want to be peeved at them, Suz, they do look so adorable on that sofa.

  15. Sweet babies! They probably think they're being helpful by staying out of your way as you rush about with your holiday preparations. Give them kisses from San Diego for me!

  16. I'm the last one to give advise on that. ha!

  17. I know honey, I know. My dogs sleep wherever they want to. They actually have their own bed (our former "guest bed".... a QUEEN SIZE MATTRESS) all to themselves...
    But Diva prefers either to sleep between Hubster and I (GREAT for our sex life - let me tell ya), or on the leather couch in the den.
    Nowhere is sacred.

    I think it just comes with having a dog. And when you have more than 1 dog, you just have to roll with the punches.

    But hey - look at all the unconditional (slobbery) love you get in return! :-)

  18. Want to cure that?

    Replace the blanket with foil paper, lots of cheap foil paper.

    They'll try once and never go back on again! :-)

  19. I'm no whisperer, I'm more of a flip flopperer...if I can get hold of one of Maddie's little flip flops when Mini is acting crazy, look out!


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