December 09, 2008


*Don't wear a red shirt to Target.

*Don't open a bag of salt & vinegar chips unless you plan to eat the entire bag.

*Don't look a crazy person in the eye. (sometimes they hang out at the gas station)

*Don't plan on all your Christmas lights to work this year.

*Don't tell your kids an embarrassing story, if you don't want them to bring it up in public.

*Don't rely on your 40 year old brain to remember what you need at the grocery store.

*Don't forget you are boiling water on the stove. (It goes away at some point)

*Don't forget where you left your coffee.

*Don't leave wet towels in the washer overnight.

*Don't forget there are only 16 days till Christmas.

*Don't forget to check to see if both your shoes match before you leave the house.

*Don't forget to let your child know that this is a TREE SKIRT!!!

Anyone else make any silly mistakes lately?


  1. We don't have room here for all of them.
    Never thought about wearing red at Target, but I will remember this one (I hope).
    I leave my coffee everywhere (my mom did this, too)!
    I LOVE the "tree skirt." God bless you!

  2. Good Morning Suz, Cute Post!!!! I could add to your list since I'm 66!!! Example: Don't forget where you parked your car when you go into the store!!!!! OR Don't forget where you put your glasses... (I do have several pairs since I just wear the cheap reading glasses--which are in various places throughout the house!!! ha)

  3. Oh, I am so with you on the salt and vinegar chips! Love them!! Also the grocery store, I always forget something. My boys think I need the thing on the commercial that you talk into and say what you need and it plays it back, however I would probably lose that!

  4. Okay..that made me laught about the red shirt at Target..very cute!!! Love that tree skirt..noone would know:)!
    -sandy toes

  5. Check out my post today.

    Don't act like Cool Breeze.

  6. I am ALWAYS forgetting where I park. Yes, I am the woman who HOLDS UP her key fob, clicks it to get the HORN TO HONK and FOLLOWS THE HONK to find her car. (That has happened twice in the past week alone....)

  7. As a kid, I loved wearing the tree skirt!!

    I did the mis-matched shoe thing one time - hee hee! Wore one blue and one black one to church - I didn't notice until I was walking back in my front door!

  8. do you know how often i have walked into target, looked down and noticed that i am wearing the khaki pants with my red shirt??? too many times, that's for sure! and, just so you know, when you boil water in a tea kettle and forget about it, the kettle will often melt right onto the top of the stove? yes, it is true. but it has only happened to me three times...

  9. I opened the microwave one day and my coffee from the day before was in there.

    I had you in mind when I found the Chicken Poop lip balm. I knew you'd love it...its parafin.

  10. This was all in a day??? Yikes!. Ok the red shirt to Target thing is soooo true! I have learned my lesson after a little old lady followed me around the store asking for random what nots. If we weren't nice people we could have a lot of fun sending wayward shoppers on a wild goose chase throughout the store.

  11. And I'm sorry...Did someone mention Chicken Poop lip balm???? Where OH WHERE can I get my lips on that???

  12. That Target one is hilarious! So true.

  13. I think that skirt is COOL to the max : ).
    You are cool too. What happens if you leave towels in the washer overnight? I am sure I have done it before and then just threw them in the dryer later. I bet if I was a great mom like you I would rewash so they would be soft and sweet smelling...

  14. If you want to fit into that cute little Christmas outfit, DON'T give your daughter permission to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. At 9:00 p.m. AFTER you have opened (emptied) the bag of salt & vinegar potato chips.

    Don't start a blog if you ever want to get any actual work done.

  15. Words to live by for sure!

  16. How about missing the motorway turnoff for home and having to go to the next junction to turn round, adding about twenty miles to the journey.

  17. I can never remember what I need at the store. So I make lists, and sometimes forget to bring them. Yep, I'm special.
    And I had to laugh because not too long ago I wore two different colored (same style) flip flops to pick up the girls at school. Good thing I didn't have to get out of the car!

  18. Ooh, ooh, I have one!

    Don't run the tub for your daughter's bath and then get distracted. FOR TWO STRAIGHT HOURS.

    Totally serious.

  19. Oh dear...yes...quite often actually. I could add to your list but that would only depress me. I swear my brain has left me. LOL!

  20. Don't think your car keys are in your backpack when you leave work and ride your bike to the car your son drove to school...because then you have to ride your bike up the BIG HILL to get home for the extra car key....and then ride back to the car....and you miss 1/2 his basketball game before the meeting you have to drive to....and you are all sweaty from riding up THE BIG HILL....wish it were just a tree skirt!

    Thanks for the laughs :)

  21. Also, don't go with your girlfriends, all dressed in red to work Grad Night at midnight, to Applebees because people there will assume you are dressing that way because you wanted to match the Applebees server. The hell? Also, a drunk man might serenade you with "Lady in Red." I'm just sayin'.


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