December 03, 2008

It's all about perspective....

I need to get a swift kick in the booty on occasion to have my brain adjusted...
negative Nancy has left town, hopefully she won't be back for a while.

The day that I posted my "whiny complaints" (yes, I know when I am whining) I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. Which by the way is one of my most favorite things to do.
I really feel it is a luxury. And I love it. I keep suggesting that they include a mani/pedi whilst I get my teeth done...but to no avail.
I have been going to the same dentist for almost 11 years. I love him, and the staff.
The hygienist has been there about 8 years. Just love her too. We talk as much as we can with her hand in my mouth.
She came out to meet in the reception area and I knew instantly something had changed.
Her hair was about a quarter of an inch long. (and yes, I have been complaining about my bad hair days. *smack in the butt for me*)
I asked her what was going on.
She smiled and told me just the usual stuff.
I said, ok, did you get a haircut????
She laughed and said, oh, no I had breast cancer and just finished chemotherapy.
(at this moment I really wanted someone to smack me for real)
She is doing great though. The Dr's say she is cancer free.
She found attention doing her routine mammogram.
no family history
no symptoms
The cancer had already spread to her lymph nodes and they zapped that with radiation.
She is about 44 years old.
Get those boobies smashed.
I am scheduled for next week. (only 3 weeks late this year)

Speaking on Dr's. Lo has 2 appointments today for her headache issue. An appointment tomorrow to get the final clearance on her wrist healing and again hopefully she can play sports.
Next week the Orthodontist for the kids. Mammogram for me.
The week after that a new crown for me. (Merry Christmas)
We are taking full advantage of our health insurance.

Oh, and bonus people: If you whine about yourself on your blog and If your MOM reads your blog, then has to call you and tell you again all the motherly stuff: You are beautiful, I love your hair, If I had your body I would never wear clothes, etc....I told her if she held my blog against me I would block her. ;)
I love you Mom. Even if you are secretly a nudist. scary.
Oh, the pic up top...I was searching for "woman kicking her own butt" Surprisingly, they don't have such photos. shocking, I know.
But this did remind me of going to aerobics classes in a leo in the early 80's. I guess I needed the workout considering I had about 5% body fat.....*boohoo* I should have spent that time at the buffet instead.


  1. You are so mom reads my blog and then calls me up..or I get...I learn more about you on your blog than when we cracks me up..can we block our "MoMs"??? hee hee!
    -sandy toes

  2. Wow - talk about a kick in the pants. Really puts things in perspective! Glad the Dr's say she is cancer free!

  3. It's bad enough when your mom gives you a reality check, but it's worse when a fellow blogger sticks her two cents worth in where it doesn't belong. and then she continues to rag on you ..and you don't even delete her comment!

    My prayers are with your hygenist. And I bet your hair looks gorgeous today!!!

    5% body fat? That's it?? That's fantastic.

  4. Yep, things like talking to someone that has gotten cancer, puts things into perspective. I remember those leatards in the 80's ...very cute...and don't forget the leg warmers!
    I sure need a good kick in the butt every once in awhile...okay sometimes more often.
    Glad you had a good visit to the dentist!

  5. Some perspective is a good thing.

  6. I know that when you feel in the dumps, the last thing you want to hear is "you have it better than most so stop whining".


    It really is a true saying... and we should all be mindful of that.

    Thank you for posting that... and your mom sounds lovely ;-)

  7. I love this post. Isn't it cool how God gives you a good swift (yet LOVING) kick in the ass when you need one? Your hygienist was a perfect example of that.

    Down days are normal, and part of life, but on the Great Balance Sheet of Life, we each have SO very much to be thankful for.

    Lo Lo will be fine - I have no doubt. I will keep yher in my prayers for a diagnosis (finally!) for these mystery headaches!

    Love you girl!

  8. You did get a huge kick in the butt. It's so hard when that happens. I hope that she continues to do well and remains cancer-free. The treatments SUCK.
    You have every right to bitch now and then, though. Your mom is a great cheerleader; is that cartoon of her, cheering for you? I do recall those leotards. I looked awful in them.
    Hugs from here.

  9. Wow, Negative Nancy doesn't stay around your neck o' the woods very long does she!? I'm glad your feeling better. And best wishes to your hygienist too.

    And I'm glad you enjoyed your spa day at the dentist too.


  10. I love that Mommy call! Good for you for feeling better!

  11. Can I also nag your comment readers about smear tests? ( are they called pap tests over there?). A smear test December 06 discovered I had an aggressive form of cervical cancer. I spent 2007 off work but I am full of beans now.... ladies....DON'T PUT IT OFF EVEN FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS.

    Glad to see you are full of beans again.

    I hate getting my teeth cleaned but it does feel better afterwards. I would love some American Dental work done. Ours is a bit suspect over here I am afraid!

  12. Suz - I think we all go through spells where we whine to make ourselves feel better about the current state we are in.... seems to be human nature...

    AWESOME blog - glad I found you and I will be back!

    Happy Holidays!

    Jerry in Tampa

  13. It helps to remember that things can always be worse ... also a good wake up call for you ladies.

    Don't give up on the aerobics yet. You can still do it!

  14. Glad to hear negative Nancy has left the building. Sorry to hear about the hygenist, but glad to hear she is doing well.

  15. Often another persons pain is our gain. And using it in a positive way is good.
    I just did all my smears and squishing last month - thanks for the reminder of how important it is.

  16. Did you wear those thong leotards with the bike shorts to aerobics class in the '80's?? I did. That's what 5% body fat is for:)

    I hope your hygienist is on the road to a complete recovery. Isn't it amazing how that "kick in the butt" can come from the most unexpected places?

  17. You always put me in a good mood !
    Love the Christmas colors on your blog

  18. I love your positive attitude :)it's good to be happy with what you've got!!!

  19. I wish my mom was around to read my blog.

  20. Most people don't realize this--AND I WISH IT WERE BETTER ADVERTISED!--but 80% of all breast cancer patients have NO FAMILY HISTORY. Did you know that?! I didn't either, until my mom--with (suprise!) no family history, and no symptoms--was diagnosed.

    So we're always hearing, "If your mom or grandmother has had breast cancer, you may be next!"--which really gives ALL OTHER women a very false sense of security! It irritates me!

    So yes, go get your mammograms, ladies, because no family history of breast cancer makes little to no difference!

    Stepping off of my soapbox now. ;-)

  21. hey Suz! dark chocolate and almonds are both good for you, so together they must do wonders for your health... there will be no thigh nonsense mentioned!!! hehehe :)


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