December 08, 2008

8 on 8

Thanks to Jen at Unglazed for this great idea....
She is so clever.

As you look at your decorated tree...or as YOU decorate it think about this when looking at your ornaments.....

1. My Favorite
2. The Oldest
3. The Funniest
4. Most Memorable
5. The Ugliest
6. The Reddest
7. The Greenest
8. The Tree Topper

1. My Favorite. This is a toughie. How can I pick just one?

I will go with this beauty...a little girl angel. She came from either my Mom or my Aunt.

2.. I will make this my "oldest"and it really is not even an ornament. She has a history...

When I was a little girl we had this lovely nativity scene. . The people/animals were painted porcelain. The manger was wood and straw. I don't know where my Mom got it, but we had it until I went to live with my Dad at 15. I think my Brother had acquired it at some point.

And then one day, we did not know where it was. My brother passed away and we had no idea where the manger was.

I somehow ended up with "Gloria" the angel that hung over the manger watching baby Jesus. ( I loved playing with baby Jesus) I decided to hang her on our tree. Still not sure how she came to live with me.....hmmmmmm.....quite the mystery....

3.The funniest: Yes, it is a busy "shopping" bee.

4.My aunt and uncle have always given me great ornaments over the years. When I was a pre-teen and I was obsessed with rainbows and unicorns (you know you were too)they gave me this one:
a lennox unicorn circa 1978.
After my Dad passed away, and I had been living in a different state than he, I came home to a mess thanks to his 3rd wife. Most of my stuff as well as Dad's was trashed. I found this little nugget on the garage floor. perfect condition.

5. The ugliest. Wow. My friend and I started a few years back giving re-gifts or the tackiest thing we could find as gifts for each other. For me, I usually just give her whatever my Grandma gave to me the year prior. There have been some doozies. (the light up Lucite coasters) This past year, she gave to me these beauties: I am not so much a fan of dogs in vests or cats in glittery gowns....not sure why.

6.The reddest: I remember buying this at the swap shop (flea market)...I was so proud.
That there is a genuine antique piece of plastic...

7.The greenest. As in ecofriendly? probably not. This is not green as in color, but it is made out of an old piece of wood by Coach's Grandpa Bud. He was one of my most favorite people. He used to widdle all sorts of lovely things for us....this is from 1993.

8. My tree topper. A simple gold glittery star. Bling.


  1. Suz!
    Fabulous array of ornaments and each with it's special place in your heart.
    Thanks for sharing your ornaments and stories-love it!

  2. I love ornaments..what beautiful ones you have!!!
    love it!
    -sandy toes

  3. Suz, I love your eight---especially that first angel. I collect angels---so that one would look nice with my collection!!!! ha

    This is my first time to your blog. Enjoyed it!!!!! Check out my 8 when you get a chance. Thanks!

  4. i sure love when you make me laugh... and i love it even more when your share your heart :) i thought only your own personal ornaments would make you cry... but i was wrong. love your ornaments and your stories :)

  5. I love these!
    And what a great idea this post is!

  6. That is a great idea; I loved seeing and reading about your faves. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. It's so much better to have a tree decorated with memories that one with ornaments.

  8. What CB said! Can you see why I married him?

  9. Ack put up the tree - right - it's December! awesome stories for your ornaments. every year I tell each ornament's story as they go on the tree - drives the kids C-R-A-Z-Y.

  10. This is wonderful. I'll be back to steal. The memories are the best part, aren't they?

  11. what a lovely idea- my favourite decorations are glass ones from Disney in Orlando. They are glass and cost me a fortune but they are beautiful!

  12. I'm gonna have nightmares about your "ugliest" ornaments. Thanks for that!
    I like your tree topper!


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