December 11, 2008

In the middle of this miracle that is CHRISTMAS, may you find the serenity of PEACE, the light of HOPE, and the warmth of JOY.
It is a miracle that I decorated, not ONE, but two trees.....
It would be a miracle if I could ever keep the cats off of my dining room table....


  1. my tree is still in its box. but today i finished work for the holidays and i'm getting cracking.
    for sure! :-))

  2. The trees look lovely and cats will be cats.

  3. As long as the cats are not IN the trees... *giggle*

    Are both trees yours? Thems so pretty!!

  4. You make me LOL. We have the same cat-problem. Your trees are lovely. God bless you!

  5. Your funny...looks great!!! That cat is pretty comfortable there:)!
    -sandy toes

  6. i didn't know you have cats!!?? :)

    how many?

  7. Two trees and the cats prefer a smooth, glass, dining room table?
    Consider yourself lucky. I've never had cats but I have heard stories about cats going head to head with Christmas trees.
    They are beautiful!

  8. Beautiful trees.. I could never do TWO!!!!

    Your kitty is a JOY.... Remember that--and don't worry about the table!!!!

  9. Two trees--what an accomplishment! I had considered doing two this year (since we have two artificial ones on hand), but then we got a piano, so my space for the 2nd one kind of went out the window. And I was kind of secretly relieved! LOL

    Your cat looks so cozy on that table! ;-)

  10. Cats do whatever they want to do.

    Beautiful trees.

  11. Two? You're such an overachiever!!!!

    CB put our tree up the other night. We plan to decorate over the weeekend. My cat has been searching the tree for birds.....can't imagine what she will do once the ornaments are on. I mentioned this morning that I was going to get a squirt gun and douse her every time she messed with the tree:)

  12. That's very productive of you. We're lucky to get the one up.


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