December 02, 2008

Negative Nancy

Do you ever start feeling really down about yourself ?
I have, and I questioned myself this very morning as to why I feel this way....
Could it be the weather? No.
The upcoming holiday? No.

Well then, why my funk??
I think it is a plethora of things...

  • two bad haircuts (back to back),
  • a few extra pounds
  • a zit the size of Texas
  • desperate need of a professional pedicure
  • a set of luggage under my eyes from 2 bad nights of sleep
  • worry over the economy crisis that is hitting home
  • crazy dreams that are starting to freak me out in the day too (picture: spiders and ticks)
  • The girls not doing their best in school. They have already lost their cell phones and computers...what else to take away from them? food.... water....

I know I have MUCH to be thankful for, but some days it is the petty small stuff that bugs me.

I swear I will stop complaining about my hair soon. I know I am lucky to have it and if I keep complaining then God will take it away.

(at least that is what I tell my kids)

As I was going through the mail today I found this Juicy little nugget on a postcard.

Oh, nothing will make me feel better after eating my weight in turkey and desserts this past week like watching starved supermodels strutting around in underwear the size of my pinkie toe.

I may send over a pastry platter to get them fed before they hit the cat walk. ;)

Does anyone even watch this?

Negative Nancy will be leaving soon and The cheerful busy bee will resume her happiness. promise.


  1. I have an appointment with Judy on Thursday. You are welcome to have it - if you want to drive to Tennessee. She is a hair miracle worker!!

  2. The little things are what get me too!!! I can have something major go on but's it's the day to day stuff that can put me right over the edge. hang in there..go get some hot chocolate at Starbucks..make it a Light One...taste just as good!
    -sandy toes

  3. Go ahead and vent; I think that is one of the purposes of a blog. It's a safe place to be who you are in the moment. And BTW, I can relate to your concerns, though they don't often arrive all together, as you are experiencing them now! You are in a rough patch, and it will pass. We are rooting for you. God bless you.

  4. what show is that? I love girl shows where they fight all the time. Pathetic I know.

    Try throwing up all night with the flu and then getting up for work the next day? Sigh.

    Also, girls in school. We took away their good clothes, rmbr that one? If they are too busy trying to be cool instead of working hard, take away the cool. Sweats and kmart shoes for them for a week... see if they straighten up.

  5. Oh, you women and your hair ... sigh.

    I would definitely watch whatever that is if I knew what it was and where to look for it.

  6. wait what show is that? I love girl shows where they all fight... pathetic I know.

    Try throwing up all night and then having to get up for work at 630... not fun.

    Also, remember the post about Aamir not being good in school and we took away his good clothes? Basically, if they're too busy trying to be cool in school instead of working hard... take away the cool factor. Sweats and kmart shoes for a week... see if they straighten up quick.

  7. That economic crisis hitting close to home tends to magnify all our other problems. At least that's been my experience.

    I hope the funk doesn't last too long.

  8. Good Morning Nancy! You look fabulous today:) I posted a picture on my site (side bar) that will make you proud of me:)

    Michelle is my Miracle Worker. As a matter of fact I need to call her NOW! Want me to see if she can work you in?

    My heart would swell if I saw one of those little floss-wearing twinkies eat a biscuit! Are they even REAL??

    With the exception of the hair fiasco and the zit, I'm suffering from the same list of ailments. I think it's called "Being In Your Forties". They usually prescribe wine for that.

  9. Ok, quit looking in the mirror! I feel your pain but here's what I tell myself when I decide to have a pity party (that none of the people I invite come to). I say, "Today is the youngest you will ever be again...enjoy it because you are wasting being young".
    And hair? Just remember, hair and nails are temporary. Get those Santa hats for your party...make sure you get an extra large one for yourself so you can hide all your hair, and that zit the size of Texas.
    Then.....ok, this is the St Patricks day, join me in getting my head shaved for St. Baldrick's Day. No joke...then I will visit all the bald kids in the peds/onc ward and we'll High Five each other!

    That was my rant for the, go spend the girls' allowances on a new outfit then go have a mocha frappachino!! You know I love you!

  10. Those Negative Nancy days are extremely prevalent in my home! I guess these days are there to help us appreciate the good days? But when it comes to some serious things that are so beyond our control (losing all your 401k, crazy terrorist freaks, health stress) it becomes overwhelming and in steps Negative Nancy to take the brunt of it.

    I know the happy busy bee Suz will be back soon but it's ok if she needs a break from time to time to feel whatever emotions (good or bad) may come her way. We love and support all that makes you YOU!

  11. A bad hair day, combined with a gigantic zit, can ruin everything. I know; I'm living that hell right now myself! (Kidding. Well, not really.)

    HUGS and here's to Positive Pollyanna Days for the rest of the year! (We're entitled to be Negative Nancys once in awhile, right?)

  12. oh suz... glad you had the chance to vent- and i hope you are smiling now... at least a little. i am there with you on the kid thing! i can't stand that laura is not even trying in her geography class... but i have yet to find the thing that really matters to her- so i can take it away. being mean... that alons should brighten our days! love ya!

  13. Hi Suz
    Thats why we have blogs!Whining to perfect strangers is ver cathartic!
    I have been having a downer of a month too!
    Lost a best friend for no fault of mine,sent some expensive gifts to another friend and havent heard a thankyou yet etc etc

  14. I feel the funk...kind of feel the same way. Lately also hate my hair. Quit my job which should be exciting...a little worried with the economy and how it will affect us! Still have little ones that think school is okay, but sure we will get there! I feel the pain...hang in there brighter days ahead!

  15. Girl, you are talking to ME now. Remember earlier this Fall? I was in the Fall Funk that lasted for like a month (at LEAST!) It will pass, I promise. It's just part of life. We're in our 40's now which means: 1) grown up responsibilities and worries 2) hormonal SURGES (ick) 3) daughters that can drive us to DRINK! :-)

    Seriously, I've totally been there, done that, and gotten many t-shirts. If you need to talk (really talk, like on the phone) let me know. Just don't hibernate in the bed. I know it's tempting, but it's really one of the worst things you can do. Love you, my friend.

    And yes, I promise it will pass. The sun will shine again, and you'll be giggling before you know it. I guarantee it. :-)

  16. I think Negative Nancy must have a twin that is currently residing at my house... Maybe we could banish them together:)

  17. Hey we all have day's like this and it's good you have a place like this to vent to. I hate when I have these negative day's too but I usually feel better after I express it. Sorry you are feeling like this and hopefully you'll feel better soon. Honestly, I think many of us feel this way around this time of year and it's often times the "little" things that get to us. Sending a hug to Negative Nancy!

  18. Feel better soon. Sorry about the Zit!
    Mista Jaycee

  19. i hear you! i am so funked right now that the world is getting on my last nerve.
    gawd knows why..
    xmas season?
    i am sick of looking in the mirror too so you're not alone there.
    i can't even be bothered to blog either.
    i'm at your pity party.
    get me a drink and move along the couch. pass that fattening dip, and some of those chips with garlic on them.

    and tell those girls of yours to smarten up or santa's not coming.
    sackcloth and ashes.
    that's what they'll be getting soon.
    little minxes.

  20. If you don't feed those starving b*tches a sammich, then I will! Gaaah they drive me nuts. They're not even human, LOL!

    So. Hair will grow back, skin will smoothen out, sleep will take care of the rest... you have your health, your family and a roof over your head.

    You may want to take daily doses of Vitamin D to push the SAD blues away (it really works) and some brisk walks will get those endorphins going... and allow you some hot chocolate guilt-free after that...

    Or maybe you just need some pamerping... make the girls give you a pedicure if their grades don't improve! LOL!

  21. Take a few deep breathes. Go get a massage.
    You must take care of you to take care of others.
    This advice was given to me works.

  22. This post SO resonated with me Suz! I think you are great, even when you are grumpy : ). The sun will come out tomorrow....

  23. I'll trade you...I have a week old pedicure that's lookin' pretty good still, 2 girls in college and a fairly decent haircut...but only drawbacks are 10 upcoming conferences and my master bath is demolished...

  24. Like these girls have ever seen a pastry platter...
    I hope you start to feel better soon. Sometimes things just pile up. Emily is struggling in school and it is so distracting and frustrating and the economy is scary right now. I'm feeling it all, too.


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