December 15, 2008

Let the destruction begin.....

Someone asked for before and after is the before. After will take about 4 weeks from now. This may be the most boring thing I have written about yet.....

Our master bath for the last 11 years.....

The view from the bedroom. The door on the left is le' toilet...door on right is closet.
Those are not going anywhere....
Ahead on left where the two towel bars are, that will be glass into the shower.
The privacy days are over...and just when I needed to be COVERED up while showering...
10 years ago it was a prettier picture. :)

My sink and to the right of the sink is a sit down vanity area.

Where I try to pluck, floss and exfoliate my stuff.

Yes a tv in the bathroom. And yes we really have a problem.....

Le' ginormous tub.
It really is TOO big, I sink when I try to bathe.....the new one is better sized for my shortness. Also, the motor on this baby sounds like
an 18 wheeler pulling into the driveway.

New tub=quiet and nice sized.

Coach's sink side.

In the future this will be my sit down vanity area and the other side will be the double sinks.
Yes, I get my very own side.
Oh, wait, I already have my own side, what am I excited about?
I suppose I get the other side now....Oh, heck, I get it all. He does not care. I love you honey....

One guess as to what was my favorite color 11 years ago?

What was I thinking?????

Below is my new tub and faucet....I mean OUR new tub and faucet....they have been sitting in the garage for a few months. I keep saying I am going to run the hose out there and light some candles to try it out.

I can have a calgon moment in the garage, can't I?


  1. Suzanne--you will love it ONCE it's finished. Can't wait to see the 'after' pictures!!!! I laughed at you saying "MY" tub, etc. My hubby gives me a hard time when I call everything that is ours, MINE!!!!!! (Wonder who is in charge here??? ha)

  2. I'm laughing at the tub.... we have a big tub in our master bath too, and I also sink in it... it is VERY irritating to take a relaxing bubble bath, yet have to focus on not drowning at the same time. :-)

    Honestly, I like your "old" bath pictures. But I know the "new" one will be absolutely GORGEOUS!!! :-)

  3. I love it! I can hardly wait to see the after pictures. I would love to hide away in a bathroom like that...soaking in the tub, a good movie on the tube(would drown out the sounds of children's, a glass of wine, some candles lit all over the place and some incense burning. Dear lord I wouldn't want to come out...ever! Can you tell I have given thoughts to this? Lol! Good luck with this project.

  4. Your bathroom NOW looks like the "after" pictures! I am jealous (or is it shocked?!) that you're remodeling THAT.

    *green with envy*

  5. I agree with Baby Favorite....

    Your bathroom is bigger than my house:)

    A TV - REALLY?? Don't tell Cool Breeze - it may give him ideas.

  6. Do you leave the blinds open? It's going to be gorgeous!

  7. This remodel is going to be such fun to follow. I love interior design (maybe I should have been a designer) and love to see design ideas. I think the present configuration is lovely, but do understand about the too-large tub (I'm 5'1", and have the same problem). Besides, you'll save water this way. Keep us posted! BTW, I'm curious as to what made Coach decide that it had to be done right now? Have a great (dusty?) week.

  8. I like the bigness of our tub, but I rarely use the jets for the very reason you gave--it does sound like an 18 wheeler. That's a great new tub you're going to have.

  9. I love it already : ). The new tub is COOL and I am glad it won't sound like a jet! Blue is a nice color if you are 80.

  10. OH my..that tub is just the faucet too...enjoy!
    -sandy toes

  11. jealous!
    of the before!
    my upstairs bathroom could fit in your bathtub.
    bonus is i can sit on the loo while cleaning the tub.
    can't sit in the tub without knees under my chest practically. it's too small for me i'm 5.8. wanna swop? i'll take your old one. can you deliver?
    merry christmas renovation. :-)

  12. I know just how your hubby feels.

    "Whatever you want honey".

  13. That tub is gorgeous. So clean and simple. It will feel like a spa day every day! Good luck with the destruction process. Hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

  14. I would pay rent to live in your bathroom.


    I promise me and the 18 wheeler driver would try to keep it down.

    Most nights.


  15. Oh you are going to LOOOVE it! You already have the space... lucky lady... and now soon a good soak to destress.

    AH! Thank you for the pictorial, I love these kinds of posts!

  16. And for the record, blue is STILL my favorite color. Harumph. ;-)

  17. I'm a bit green myself right now. I would love your old tub, as mine isn't deep enough. I can't wait to see the "after" pics.

  18. The before looks pretty darn nice!

  19. Cannot wait to see the finished result. That bathroom is huge!! Happy destruction week!

  20. Oh my gosh... LOVE the new tub. Yes, I would have had a moment in the garage...

  21. Boring? I think not! That is soooo exciting! LOVE the tub!!!

    I'm getting a drop down vanity in my new bathroom too! I can't wait!


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