December 06, 2008

Getting ready for Santa

Or, I could have titled this:
"Why I can't get really important stuff done"

First you must bathe:

whether you enjoy it or not.....

Then brush your teeth:
Because ONE of you has really bad breath...pssssst...Ozzie!

Then try to sit nicely.... well, the dogs, not the kids....

I hope santa brings them all something nice this year.

I will take my gift in a glass after this day!


  1. He he! I had conveniently "forgotten" that I have to do the dog's teeth this weekend... ugh. That video looks so familiar :-D

    They both got pedicures today, so that's progress. I don't even spend that much time on my OWN grooming!

  2. You brush your dogs' teeth? Really???

    Can't wait to see the photo:)

  3. If you didn't have video I wouldn't have believed it!

  4. you're entitiled to a double after all that suz.
    well done. :-)

  5. I'm supposed to brush Dixie's teeth. I can't seem to get it done tho'!!

  6. haha i didnt think people really brushed their dogs teeth!!!!

  7. awww, that is reallly cute!! You really love those pups!! Those pics are precious! LA

  8. You are so impressive. So So impressive : ). Those girls of yours are so dazzling! And of course the dogs are dazzling too!

  9. That picture is adorable!!

    After all that brushing and bathing did they give Santa some smooches?

    BTW, I never brushed my dogs teeth, but I did make him floss.

  10. valiant effort! i dread when I am the photographer taking family portraits that contain dogs, they just don't like to listen to me! it's a great photo though! Happy Christmas!!

  11. And the girls were wondering if Santa had a pooper scooper.

  12. "People are going to think we're crazy" said your daughter. Not dog people!
    I hope they get whatever they asked for from santa.

  13. seriously? you are nuts! i don't even go through that much trouble with my kids!!

  14. Our sweet Rosie boxer just passed away a year ago at almost 12 years old and watching that toothbrushing video just made me howl. I can't wait to show my college kids when they come home for Christmas. Those boxers make me so happy, I can't wait to get a new boxy puppy. Thanks for sharing yours!!!!!

  15. OMG he's such a good boy getting his teeth brushed!!! I love how at the end your daughter says, "People are gonna think we're crazy."

    Gonna think???

    Just kidding! We love any and all pup videos!


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