December 28, 2008

Adios 2008

Some thoughts on exiting this past year.....

On the downside:We have had a less than stellar year as far as business is concerned.
Coach has had to let many employees go. He worries daily about the next few months.

On the upside: Our family and our day to day life is better than most. We are very blessed.
We have made many sacrifices and preparations for what the future may hold for us.

But for this coming week.....

He said:

Fuuuugggetttt about it....

Don't worry, be HAPPY!!!

We are escaping the hot, humid weather of Florida and heading to the gorgeous cool, crisp Mountains.....

A few days in one of our most favorite places with some of our most favorite friends!
Some pics from our favorite place:

The last time the 6 of us vacationed together...this happened:

Costa rica....volcanic ash mud bath.

Does N.C have volcanic ash???

Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Have a wonderful trip. Be safe. I can't wait to see what you guys get into!!

  2. Have a great time--it sounds like you know you will!

  3. Tooooooo much fun!!!! I so want to go to Costa Rica.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful time, and I hope 2009 gets a lot better for your business. Other half and i run our own business and these are challenging times. Let's hope for some bright silver linings soon

  5. Enjoy yourselves and throw caution to the wind so you have some yummy stuff to blog about. Me? Maybe a mud bath....ok, just a bath.

  6. Suz---Have a wonderful time in dem-dar mountains!!!! Hope the weather is good for you--and hope you see LOTS of waterfalls!!!!! Where in NC are you going???

  7. Yes, absolutely! Be happy! Ring in the NEW year.... 2009 WILL be better! :-)

  8. Mmmm costa rica! Wait, you,re going to NC aren't you? LOL! The fog in my brain makes it hard to look past the muddy volcanic smiles, LOL!

  9. OMG!! Too funny! Where will you be in NC? I may be traveling to Sunset Beach on Wednesday.....

  10. I don't have to wish you a good time on your trip -- it looks as if a good time is guaranteed. But enjoy the mountains of North Carolina.

  11. Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you! HAVE FUN! I think you better stay out of bathing suits though because it is going to be COLD!

  12. Jell.
    that's it!!
    but i hope you have a fab. time.
    yes i do.
    but i'm stil je.ll.ous.
    but i forgive you.

  13. How fun!!! I love that last picture!!! Hope your mountain trip is dreamy!
    -sandy toes

  14. Have fun in the mountains (I know you will!). Looks wonderful and I'm jealous!

    I have confidence that the economy is going to pick up! I know this because I stimulate it on a daily basis lately.

    How's the bathroom coming? I'm behind, you know.

    COSTA RICA! I have been wanting to go there forever!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on the MUD!

  15. Enjoy the mountains. Will there be any skiing?

  16. Hope you have a great time! Looks like you will. Happy 2009!

  17. NC seems to be popular!We just got back from the mountains there !Stayed in a cabin in the mountains in Franklin and went to Biltmore

  18. that coach of yours is a pretty great guy... put your feet up and relax... let the kids run wild :) hope you left your worries on the doorstep in FL...


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