December 17, 2008

Rolling along....

The bathroom remodel...feel free to skip this if you have better things to do...

It took 2 men only one day to destroy and remove all the old bathroom innards.

What we did find????
a lil' bit of mold. ewwwww....But we know why and where it came from so no biggie.
Just some smell and replacing of some drywall.

Moving onward and upward.

I picked up all the lighting fixtures today. One thing we have learned is to have a professional lighting person draw up a plan. We did not do this when we built our house.
But when we did a large addition a few years ago we had the professionals draw a plan.

There is nothing better than good lighting in your house. Like Night and Day, you could say.
I am all a twitter about the new bathroom. Even though, with all the other stuff going on, it is a mere afterthought. Except when I get up at 3:00 am to use the facilities and I have to instead walk across the house.
geeze, was that me complaining again. **smack**smack**

My, I mean OUR new faucets came in today also. I have made good choices so far.
In the a.m. our electrician and our flooring guy are here first thing to look things over.

Coach is still having trouble getting a plumber to call him back, you would think they would be banging down the door for work, but NO.

The new view into the bathroom. I wish I had smellovision, so you could smell what I smell...ewwwww....

I did not show this view prior....this is looking into the shower from the window. Before it was all walled in except for an opening to walk in and out. No door. New shower will be glass from drywall up and a door coming and going. In other flippin' privacy for moi. :)
Yes, it is a shower on steroids. Two heads. And a bit drafty. I tried to go smaller, but my other half would not hear of win lose some.


  1. I love seeing the progress! It's so quick; demolition is awesome, isn't it? Yes, a bit of a shower CHAMBER, one might say (with a British accent), but if it makes Coach happy, and you no longer have to wear a life-preserver in the tub, I say, Have fun!

  2. Even when you know it's going to be great, it's still a pain.

  3. Hmmmm... so I see some romantic showers-for-two in your future, do I????

    Sounds like fun. ;-)
    If you disappear from the blogosphere for awhile, we'll know what's going on down there in Florida. One of those LONG, HOT, STEAMY showers with Coach. ;-)

  4. Looks great already. Man, my whole house could fit into your bathroom! Now I'm even more jealous ;-)

  5. Sounds like he's wantin' some company in that shower - vavavoom!!

    I have joined your renovation club. I have had a 6*6 hole in my kitchen floor for the last 3 days!!

  6. I'd say it's coming along rather nicely. I look forward to seeing this bathroom progress to being finished. Now be careful when you get up in the middle of the night and are walking through the house to get to the bathroom...I don't want to see pictures of you on crutches or anything like that in the next few days!

  7. This is going to be great. Are you installing those surround sound squirters that dance to the music or is that something you and coach will do yourselves? The dancing I mean.

  8. Wooooo Suz----what a nice shower that will be... George and I would love that one!!!! You are gonna love it when it's all finished. Keep us updated!!!

  9. I hear ya on the shower! Ours is gonna be very similar, but not QUITE as LARGE! =)

    Gonna be BEAUTIFUL!!!

  10. Can I jsut remind you that most of us in the UK have tiny tiny tiny bathrooms with showers which are in the bath, and you need to climb into the bath to get going!!!!! No sympathy from the Lakes today about the big shower, just ugly green envy.
    When we have stayed in villas in Orlando before the best bit has been the size of the bathrooms, and how many there are per bedroom.
    Jealous me?

  11. i think it's going to be great!
    and i love watching the progress. :-))

  12. That's the kind of shower I would like to have also.

    And privacy? Don't you know that hubby wants to be able to see you in there? It's a man thing.

  13. How exciting...a new bathroom...I would be out buying towels and accessories! What color are you doing it?
    -sandy toes

  14. Oh, just admit it. You LOVE the idea of a shower for two!!!!! Or is that me?

  15. I have been without a master bathroom for almost a month...dry rot and a shower pan fall through the floor where the reasons....all I want for Xmas is my bathroom back!

  16. Suz, we remodeled our bathroom a few years ago, too. And guess what? We started right before Christmas! Now I can tell my husband I'm not the only one that does these kinds of things! (Only he didn't use those

  17. It's so much fun and such excitement to build/remodel and get exactly what you want. I'm anxious to see the end result and I'm with you on a professional lighting plan ...
    OK, so, Ron's eye surgery was 100% successful !!! I will write about it tomorrow for Sky Watch Friday. Thanks for asking ... Love you, Girlfriend !

  18. I give you credit for doing a remodel during one of the busiest times of the year! Can't wait to see the "after" pictures.

  19. Well, at least your bathroom remodel gives me something more significant to pout about -- right?! ;-)

    Seriously, though... it's gonna be beautiful when it's all done. Seems to be moving along quickly already!

  20. Wow! I am really starting to get excited now. So last night Gary and I were talking and he said something about the bathroom floor being wet and I was like "My friend Suz is getting a whole new bathroom remodel..." and I started to tell him all about your square tub and your glass shower stall blah blah blah and he said I am banned from blogging because he never heard me go into details like that about our real life friends : ). I thought it was funny! And clearly, I am NOT obeying the ban!


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