December 27, 2008

My Baby is 13 today......

Happy 13th Birthday to my Lindsay!!!!!

You have been a silly little sweetheart since day ONE!!!

You have always been my constant sidekick...and if you were not by my side, I would only have to look as far as your bedroom and you would be playing nicely by yourself or reading a book.
Or possibly falling asleep in a laundry basket.

We have had lots of fun adventures together as a family....

You have a unique sense of fashion....and YES, I usually question that.

I hope you never lose your fun and witty sense of will make life more fun.

The 80's called and they want their hair and clothes BACK!!!!

Please don't go and start acting like a have seen what this can do to your parents!!!

I love that you are not a are not concerned with what others think of you....

I love that you have a great love for your friends....

And most of all....

"I hope you Dance Forever"


  1. Happy Birthday, Lindsay!!!
    Here's Hoping this year is one full of dreams coming true...

  2. That is the sweetest baby picture EVAH!
    Happy birthday Lindsay!

  3. Happy Birthday Linds-Burger!
    Now the FUN BEGINS Suzanne.... you and your hubs have 2 teenage girls! :-)

    Seriously, though, you have two GREAT teenage girls! :-)
    Congrats on raising some awesome kids!

  4. Happy Birthday, Lindsay.
    Suz, they grow up entirely to quickly. My baby will be 37 next Thursday (or she would be until she started recycling birthdays).

  5. Happy Birthday to Lindsay!!!! She is so gorgeous!!! My son told me on the phone on Christmas Day (from Texas) that his oldest (age 15) has a boyfriend!!!! Yow!!! I asked him how he felt about that.. He said he sat by the door polishing his gun all evening!!! (Referring to the Rodney Atkins song, Cleaning my Gun. Heard that one?) Ha Ha

    They do grow up TOO DARN FAST, don't they???? My youngest is 37... Double YOW!!!!


  6. What a sweet girl you have! Such great pictures that capture who your daughter is. Happy 13th Birthday Lindsay! Hope she has a most wonderful fun day!

  7. Happy Birthday, Linds!! Hope you have a great day!!

  8. Wishing that sweet funky girl a happy day :) She always makes me laugh!

  9. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful teenager!

    Happy Birthday Lindsay! Pretty soon you will be driving, and dating, and Mom and Dad can hardly wait!

  10. Happy Birthday, Lindsay!! Wow, 13!!! Now, you can REALLY cause your mom some stress! ;-)

  11. What a lovely tribute.

    Not being a follower is what I love most about my baby girl, too. It's an attribute that will help them in life immensely.

  12. This was just the sweetest! I am crying! Doens't the time go by so quickly? TOO quickly. She was SUCH a cute baby! She looks exactly like you. So, that means she's gorgeous : )!

  13. Happy Birthday to Lindsay!
    You are a cool mom!
    I wish I had a daughter too.

  14. Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!!!

    Were you in Olivia Newton John's video "Let's Get Physical"??? You were my favorite:)

    Suz, I think you should have named her "Mini Me"!

  15. HAPPY 13! What a cute baby! And an even cuter teen!!

  16. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

    Suz - thanks for sharing the fun! Cherish every moment - they are grown and gone before you realize it... They are the very best part of your life!

    Jerry in Tampa

  17. firstly, happy birthday to your daughter.... a chip off the ole block i gather. she is so pretty and loved the tribute to her. awwwwwwww they grow so fast. my youngest is now 16 and i wish they were all little again. they were the best years of my life.
    secondly, i saw the link you sent me about your boxers lips getting stuck on things... mine does the same and i just love your doggies, they look so cute i could just kiss them. i am digging up some pictures of bella balloo and will post them soon. they are just so goofy i fall deeper in love every day with ours. have a great birthday with your daughter! 13 is special. right there in the middle between girl/young lady.


  18. Happy Birthday little Lindsay lady!

    I hope she had a great day. The pictures are adorable and very fun loving indeed. She looks like she'd be a lot of fun (as long as she doesn't turn into a typical teenager.)

  19. Awww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweetie pie! I hope she dances, too. :)

    Have a WONDERFUL vacation! I need one in such a big way right at this moment. Can I join you? I promise to be good. ;-)


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