December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with all of Coach's family here..
my BIL, his wife and 2 of the 4 cousins, Coach's Mom and Stepdad, Coach's Dad and StepMom.
Yes, one big divorced, remarried and happy family.
We had our traditional Italian feast. YUMMO. Lasagna, antipasto, fettucine alfredo and FIL brought over a pork roast that was good enough to slap your Mama. (sorry Mom)

The girls knew the gift list was not going to be long; but full of quality stuff.
They loved it all...the Dolphins Jersey, The skinny jeans that she has wanted forever...a new camera from Grandma (I think it takes better pics than mine!!)

Lindsay made me a lovely gift that only an insane and crazy Mom like me could appreciate:
My very own SHANK!!!!! It is decorated in heart rhinestones and green has my name all over it too. She is so funny.

Lindsay asked her dad what he wanted for Christmas, he told her Peace, Love and Happiness.
That is just what she gave him!!!

The joys of having kids that are older now?
We slept in till 7:00 am.
opened gifts
ate breakfast.
I went back to bed at 9:30 and napped till almost 12:00.

Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. I came over to say Merry Christmas and I wasn't expecting an ABSOLUTELY delightful post like this! I guess I better do my Christmas post. Food is baking, the house is somewhat clean....and I only need to take a shower and put on clothes before 4. 2 and a half hours means there is PLENTY of time for a Christmas post, right : ). I love being your blog friend!

    Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the girls gifts. Aren't they the funnest. So sweet.

  2. OK, inspired by you : ) It's done! Someday you can teach me how to do the big cool mural. And someday you can get me to completely stop using plastic bags. I was thinking of you last night when I was 'wrapping' with them...

  3. It sounds as if you had a perfect Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Isn't it great when the children get a little older?

  4. Aw, those girls are a riot!! I hope your shank will be prominently displayed in the house somewhere!

    It's after 2 pm, and my "baby" is STILL sleeping!! Yeah, the joys of having a teenager! ha! In all fairness, I didn't get up myself until nearly 1:30, when the ex called and woke me up. What can I say? We're late-night partiers! We actually do the traditional Italian celebration on Christmas Eve (The Feast of Seven Fishes) and we do our big partying then. We usually trickle home from my parents in the wee hours of the morning (like we did this morning). I suppose I'd better go wake him up, since his father is looking for him....nah!

  5. Looks like the PERFECT Christmas, Suz. We still 'have' to have the traditional meal of turkey and the trimmings. But your Italian meal sounds wonderful.

    Your kids are quite creative--like their mama.

    Merry Christmas.

  6. Merry Christmas! A nap afer breakfast? Sounds perfect!

  7. Your kids sense of humor? My kids sense of humor? Same-same. Love the shank--I might ask for one myself next year.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. LOVE the shank! And the photos! AND the sleeping in (our kids surprised us with this too.... they slept in until 8 AM - we were shocked and thrilled!) Merry Christmas, my darling friend!

  9. I am SO with you on enjoying having older kids at Christmas!!! My daughter actually went shopping for me this year....alone!!!

    Hope your Christmas was the best one ever!! I believe your daughter should open a little ETSY store and sell those shanks. I would like one with purple rhinestones, and silver glitter writing. Thanks. How much do I owe her??

  10. I'm glad it's been a good holiday!

  11. What a great time for you and your family. I think it's awesome, that even after divorce, the adults were able to act like adults and all get along. Makes things so much nicer for everyone. Love the gifts your girls made you and the coach. A nap after breakfast does sound like heaven! Merry Christmas once again!

  12. that looks like a lot of fun! and love those girls' gifts. hilarious.
    you got to go back to bed and NAP???
    now that's a merry christmas.
    and you blogged Christmas Day!
    what a woman.

  13. It looks like such fun. Love the photos, and especially your "shank." God bless you all!

  14. Glorious!
    I made lasagna for Christmas too-that's our new tradition and no Italians are in our house. :)
    Your girls are adorable! Enjoy.

  15. Your kids' gifts ROCK! Love the shank. Sounds like a wonderful christmas - so glad. You Deserve it!

  16. What fun, happy pictures! Ok, what is a shank?

  17. oh my god i just saw that you have BOXERS! they are gorgous!!! i have one too, she is a mix we rescued from the humane society. she looks just like cocoa baby! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I LOVE boxers. they are my fave. are yours goofy? bella (my boxer) is very goofy, and makes us laugh all the time. sometimes she gets her lip stuck behind her tooth and will have the funiest looks on her face. she is almost human, i tell ya. she understands everything we say. have had her for 5 years now. will never have any other kind of dogs after her....but boxers!

    caninely yours,


  18. our teenager was still asleep til nine... he always is the last up


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