December 13, 2008

Christmas Cards

This Christmas, may you find luxury in simplicity, light in the darkest places, and may you have blessings that endure times of change.

How perfect is that quote?
I don't know who wrote it, but it is one of my Christmas cards that I am sending out this year.....speaking of which, I was SOOOO pleased to find Eco-friendly cards at Target.
The cards are made with recycled paper
(50 % post consumer fiber and 50 % sugar cane or cotton)
and soy ink.

Most likely you can eat them too.
With organic butter of course.

Would it be inappropriate to add a note in the cards like this:
Send daughter needs pants without holes....


  1. That is a great quote, Suzanne. It's very appropriate!!! Love the picture of your gorgeous daughters... The holes in the knees is okay!!!! Kids have to be 'in style' you know!!!! I think back to some of the crazy things I used to wear in the 50's-'60's when I was her age!!!! (You don't want to know! ha)

  2. That card is hilarious! LOL! There's fashion and there's... well, when the dogs are dressed better than the kids... ha ha! Rebels :-D

    I love organic butter. mmm.

  3. That is a gorgeous photo of all of your kids! They are such beautiful girls, and the puppies are darling. What a blessing! Merry Christmas to you all.

  4. You don't need my help with cute pictures, that is absolutely adorable!

  5. What a great picture! Your daughters are so pretty and they look really sweet too...they must take after mom huh?! And I really love that quote for the cards you found.

  6. The girls are gorgeous and so are the pups.
    I love the sentiment on your cards, very in tune with the times.

  7. You got the kids and the dogs to look at the camera? Good work, Suz!

  8. good for you on the recyclable cards- mine have been posted so I can't check if I have been responsible and green ( probably not...) but I do recycle the ones we receive.
    I like the picture, and I am with you 100% on the message- you never know! A new money spinner?

  9. The quote on the card was great -- I wish we could have found such an appropriate card. If the hole in the knee bothers you, tell your daughter you know an 'old geezer' who wears jeans with a hole in the knee. That should get her to change!

  10. Your pic is adorable...yes, when you can get your pets to look at the camara at the same time that's awesome...
    I can relate to the holes in girls mom (age 88) has always given our girls $$ for jeans every Christmas. She does not get this concept...and in some cases, the more holes the more exspensive!!

  11. You got 4 squirming moving objects to be focused on you. Impressive : )

    I hope all of your super rich friends send some money so you can get her new pants : ).

  12. That card sounds perfect, Suz. I may have to plagiarize that saying and put it in MY Christmas cards!! :-) And I love the photo.

  13. I love the quote and the picture. What lovely daughters you have. They take after their mom.

  14. I think begging for money because of your daughter's holes in her pants, makes sense. Particularly because the economy is so bad right now. Problem is you might be up against thousands of other parents with the same problem.

  15. Great quote!
    I wish this for your family --holey pants and all.

  16. Love the picture! All 4 of them are pretty darn cute! The Christmas countdown in on. Hope you survive the next couple of weeks!

  17. Wait now. You know those holes are making a statement! She would have it no other way. I would be willing to bet she bought them that way.

    It' not like when we were that age. It took a lot of hard work and wear to get your Levi's to look like that.

  18. Ha! Roscoe will be making an appearance in our Christmas cards this year as well. I pick them up today. And, I had originally thought "no dogs on the couch", but he just crawls up there and cuddles up and looks at us with those huge puppy dog eyes and I just can't make him move.

    During your busy month, I hope you can find some time for a little downtime and peace. And if you find it, will you let me know where you found it, because I could really use some as well!

  19. I love that saying, can I borrow it?


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