December 07, 2008

Say what.....

Yesterday, we were getting ready for retrieving our Christmas stuff out of the "big" attic....

The garage that we enter our attic from has higher than normal ceilings, so for some of us (me) who are scared of heights, it is a job.
A death defying job. I can get up there...but coming back down the stairs freaks me out.

It takes 3 or 4 of us to hand/pass to each other.

Coach: "C'mon Lo, I'll teach you how to get the Christmas stuff out of the attic. If something ever happens to me, you will be the Man of the house."

groans heard from Lo....

Linds: "Oh, then what if something happens to her?"

Coach: "Then YOU will be the man of the house."

Linds: in a whiny voice:
"Oh, I don't want to be the man of the house, why can't Mama be the man of the house?"

Coach: "She's tired of it already."

Sunday morning, Lindsay reading the sales ads in the newspaper.
Looking at possible Christmas presents for herself.
Linds:Oh, I want this...Oh, I want this...Oh, I want this.....
Me: How about you tell me what you need.
in a split second
Linds: I need these night vision goggles.
Yeah, right.

The girls don't call me Mom. They don't call me Mother.
They call me Mama.
Always have.
Even on the phone.
It is really funny and I am so used to it that I don't realize until other people bring it up.
Their friends find it particularly funny, considering their ages....15 and almost 13.

This morning one of the girls was calling me from another room...."Mama"
Coach says: "I wonder when they will stop calling you Mama? "
Me: "
I hope never."

Christmas morning 2001


  1. J. still calls me "Mama" and he's almost 13. S. calls me a very official "Mother". :-)

    Actually, I miss the days when they called me "Mommy".

    I hate the fact that they're growing up.

  2. I think that's about the sweetest thing! I love the picture from 2001!

  3. Man, I need a set of night vision goggles too!!

  4. I am betting on never, we still call my mom, Meis. it is the name my brother gave her when he started to talk and it has stuck. The oldest is 42 and the youngest is 28...

  5. I don't do heights at all anymore. Not even for Christmas decorations--I have no idea how my husband does it on his own.

    Never sounds good.

  6. You know, I'm pushing 40 soon and still call my mom "mamie". Why change a good thing that's worked your whole life, you know?

    Mama sounds fine to me :-)

  7. This is precious.
    You will forever be their mama.

  8. I love it when you post photos from the past. Memories that last forever!

    Funny what kids end up calling you. Mine have just always called me "Mom". Traditional, I suppose. Sometimes they referr to me as "ma'am". Like, "Yes ma'am" and so on. NOT my idea. Makes me feel old. Think they learned that in school!

  9. I still call my mother "Mommy". I miss her a lot these days. I'm hoping that she'll get over being upset about Beloved sooner rather than later.

    By the way, HOW FREAKING CUTE are your pups with Santa?! Did they get a final picture? Love and kisses to your anipals!

  10. My oldest daughter, 27, still calls me daddy. Ironic thing about that is that her oldest calls me Cliff, Her other two either calls me grampa or papaw.

  11. Who doesn't need night vision goggles. I mean, seriously, Suz. Go to the store this instant : ).

    That Mama story is adorable. Also love that you are the man of the house already : ) AND the picture makes me melty with happiness : ).

  12. I *love* it when my daughter calls me Mama. My son never has, though.

    I called my mom "Mama" most of her life. There's something so endearing about it...

  13. How going down memory lane!
    -sandy toes

  14. Yo, mama!

    It's ok. I still call my mother "mumma".

  15. Hope you got the house all decorated.

    From what we know, Roscoe is 3 years old. He was taken by animal control from his previous owners due to neglect. He had been hit by a car and did not receive proper treatment. Since being in rescue, he's had surgery to fix his hip. He has a very sweet temperment and loves to be loved on. He's also made himself right at home by climbing on the couch and going to sleep! He gives good kisses, too.

  16. oh... i hope never, too... you are such a good mama :)

  17. So sweet that they call you Mama! Hopefully they do not say it like Carol Burnett did to Vicki Lawrence in the sitcom MaMa's Family! Wasn't that the long drawn out MAAAMAAA!

  18. Love that picture !
    I call my mother "mummy"

  19. I used to be "mommy", then it was "mom". When my 16 y.o. calls me "mommy", I know something is terribly wrong.....she tends to revert:(

    I share that fear of heights with you. (I believe it's more of a fear of falling) The attic is NOT my happy place!


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